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Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB Hard Drive $69 ($59 with Perks Voucher) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi / Amazon AU


Seagate 2TB is down to $69 and you can take a further $10 off with the Perks Voucher to make it $59. Previous popular deal at Officeworks was $68, which is now up to $79.

Delivery was $5.99 for me, or it's free click & collect.

Amazon AU are price matching the JB $69 price if you didn't have a perks voucher, it comes with free delivery at Amazon AU.

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  • It's the same thing as "game drive" without logo for console right?

    • also want to know this to see if I can games on it to copy across for series s

      • +1

        On the series s/x externals will only hold games that are s/x as storage to play it you'd need to copy it back into the console itself, the made the solution the very overpriced expansion card

    • Yes, it's just a drive, just like the game drives are…. don't fall for that crap. They won't act any different.

      Sometimes the game drives including some DLC or something, but yeah….

      • +2

        "gaming" or "ARGB" - better increase the price by 30%.

  • Anyone know if these are shuckable?

    • +5

      According to this description, yes

      This external HDD is shuckable, tutorial on YouTube goes here

    • Yes, I've shucked a few of em

      • +3

        Thanks you shucking much for confirming this!

        • +5

          They are delicious with a bit of fresh lemon and rock salt

        • On behalf of xyron:
          Awww, shucks!

    • What do you do with a shucked drive? Put it in your PC?

      Aren't the 2.5 drives more slow/less cache etc?

      • Yep, just used as a cheap storage drive for software on a business laptop.
        There's regular new version releases of a software I use for work so I don't really want to be consuming TBW's in a more expensive SSD, just for that.

        I do have an SSD as a boot drive though, so it's a "best of both worlds" thing.

  • Nice.

  • Thanks OP been waiting for a 2TB special and bought one

  • Dis any good?

  • Are they Rosewood drives?

  • +3

    If JB is not convenient you should be able to price match at Officeworks, get 5% off & free delivery.

  • Does this work with PS5?

    • Yes don't see why not

    • +1

      Yes, but external drives can only store PS4 games. PS5 games need to be stored in the internal SSD only.

      • Thanks for the information.

  • Reasonable price, normally 4TB $100

    • Where is this normal $100 for 4TB? I’d like to purchase one. Cheers

      • At the moment, don't know but regularly during sales

        • What was the last sale? Looking for a reference.

          Edit: Found $104 at Amazon. All good.

          • @TomGum: Canshare the link? Been waiting for 4tb for a while

    • +1

      Its not very common nowadays, they are usually 120

  • Honestly I'd just spend a bit more for the 2tb WD drive. Cause Seagate drives are always notorious for failing

    • matter of opinion and personal experience

      for me i favor seagate more than WD or toshiba

      • https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backblaze-drive-stats-for-q1-...

        Drives by average failure rate:

        • Hitachi 8TB (24.31%) (76 samples)
        • Seagate 12TB (5.86%) (1,305 samples)
        • Seagate 14TB (4.30%) (1,593 samples)
        • Seagate 10TB (2.73%) (1,186 samples)
        • Toshiba 14TB (2.59%) (479 samples)
        • Seagate 4TB (2.56%) (18,495 samples)

        Drives with 0% failure rate:
        - All 3 WD models
        - 1 Seagate model
        - 2 Toshiba models

        May I dare to say this data suggests a certain one manufacturer has issues with reliability?

        • The amount of WD drives I've had issues with over the years, however in recent years I have shied away from them, so hopefully their quality has improved. I had a dead WD a couple of years ago, and when i opened it up, bloody proprietary interface!

          Quantum were also pretty bad, as was Connor 20-30 years ago.

    • +1

      Time for the obligatory "Seagate drives fail", closely followed by several other comments "WD drives fail."

      Always? False. I've been running 4x 2TB portable Seagates on my laptop dock for several years now. These specific model drives fail? Perhaps. I've been told newer 2TB are not as good as the ones I bought. So I contacted Seagate, repeated that claim, and asked if true when could I expect them to lift their game so I could buy more and how would I tell the difference. They replied they weren't receiving a higher rate of failures than previously.

      Not that I trust every reply I receive like that, but "always notorious" if true needs to be qualified, because it doesn't apply to ones I own. Plus in the past I've had terrible luck with 3.5" drives of both brands.

  • Picked one up. Thanks Op!

  • Has anyone tried Officeworks price match?

    • Of course, it should match, but based on $69. Since JB HF GC can be usually sourced at more discount, it is probably still better to buy it @ JB.

  • OK Officeworks price match at $65.55 and it saved me an extra 15min drive to nearest JB
    Thanks OP

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