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Join JB Hi-Fi Perks and Get $10 Voucher (Valid for 28 Days, No Minimum Spend, Exclusion Apply) @ JB Hi-Fi


You get email invitation from JBHifi Perks and when you join, you will get $10 voucher to be used within 28 days. Check your email folks!! Reported to work regardless of email receipt.

From the email:

You're part of a select group of customers that we're inviting to help test our new membership program, JB Hi-Fi Perks. This is a pilot so it's not available to everyone. Join now, and you'll start receiving benefits straight away.

Your JB Perks benefits:

  • $10 JB sign up coupon
    When you join, we'll send you a Perk Alert with a $10 coupon which you can use in-store or online and is valid for 28 days.
  • Extra member discounts
    Get it for less with Perks member only discount deals. Extra discount coupons can be used on top of some of our hottest deals.
  • Hot Perk Alert offers
    Get hot products at hot prices with weekly Perk Alert offers.
  • Go receipt free
    Take the hassle out of returns and warranties with all your receipts stored in your account.

Coupon redeemable on purchases excluding Telstra & Foxtel Services, Miele & Asko, Dell & Apple Built To Order, Prepaid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties & Delivery

Mod: Mobile phone number verification required.

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  • +10

    Nice - was wondering when they would create some form of loyalty program.

    • +1

      I spoke to one of the JB hifi guys and he said it was not a Loyalty Program, in fact he could not tell who I was in the system, even after I used my unique $10 voucher for my purchase. I had to tell him my mobile number to get my electronic receipt.

  • +23

    I didn't get the email but I was able to activate it anyway. Thank you.

    • +1

      Me too.

    • +1

      Same here, cheers OP.

    • did you get the voucher?

      • Yes.

        • +1

          got mine to thanks.

        • Isn't the voucher in the email?

          • +1

            @superforever: Not in the targeted email that’s quoted in the OP. Voucher is in the email that’s received after joining.

  • +1

    nice, will grab some earphones for teams meetings

  • +3

    Redeem online or in-store by Friday, 3rd Jun 2022. One month only for the voucher,sign up wisely

  • +1

    No email but joined, thanks.

    • Signed up a few days ago
      Never received the email for joining
      Is there any other way to access the voucher?

      • I dont think so, the bar code is unique.

      • You wont receive email in your primary mails section, check your promotions section for the welcome gift.

  • just bought Samsung galaxy watch now probably don't know what to spend the coupon on

    • +18

      I get it, seeing as how that's the only product that JB Hifi sells.

  • +1

    Got the email, doesn't state anywhere in T&C of
    a minimum spend.

    **This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for online & instore transactions until the close of trade Friday, 3rd Jun 2022, offer cannot be extended. Redeemable coupon discount value of $10 is calculated off the current ticket or promotional price. Coupon redeemable on purchases excluding Telstra & Foxtel Services, Miele & Asko, Dell & Apple Built To Order, Prepaid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties & Delivery. Coupon redeemable at a www.jbhifi.com.au or JB Hi-Fi Australia stores as a single transaction only. Coupon can only be used once and must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.*

    • +4

      no min spend, just picked up a pair of headphones and it went through

  • +1

    Didnt get the email but was able to sign up :) Cheers

    • +3

      It was in spam for me, maybe check that

      • +2

        Correct it was!

  • +4

    Signed up and got the email with $10 coupon straight away. Thank you OP!

  • +4

    You can opt out of receiving marketing communications in relation to JB Hi-Fi Perks which will end your JB Hi-Fi Perks membership at any time by texting STOP in reply to a SMS from us

  • +1

    great thanks! needed to create a new account.

    • +2

      i was able to join with my current account

  • +4

    Had to create a new account but was relatively painless.

    seems to be no min spend requirements.
    Anyone got any ideas on whats good to blow the voucher up on?

    • +3

      was relatively painless.

      relative to what ?

      • +57

        Reading a jv comment?

        • +7

          Which one?

          • +2

            @jv: Ouch… sorry, what was the question again?

          • @jv: They're interchangeable

    • +1

      Getting that stupid little usb airblower lol+

      • +2

        Sickening deal

      • That's what I call a s*it deal

      • Holy Sh!t

      • My 8 year old niece loved this for Christmas!

    • +4
      • +6

        1/2 my yearly salary, sounds good to me

        • -5

          If $34,000 is your yearly salary then you are underpaid. Minimum annual salary is $40,175.20.

          You need to have a chat with Fairwork.

          • +17

            @ice666: Thank you for the concern - it was a lighthearted joke.

            That being said - compared to the usual average ozbargainer salary of 150k plus, I might as well be being paid under minimum.

          • +1

            @ice666: Part time. Or cash in hand job.

          • +4

            @ice666: Not everyone works full time or for others. Plenty of people earning much less than that in this country.

      • Not even oled damn!

      • Prefer to put it towards the LG rollable tv

      • That's old tv. Last year's model. No one buys. 90b is way better

      • Yeah, I need one for every room of the house.

    • +2

      ok im thinking SanDisk Ultra Plus microSDXC 16GB 130MB/s Memory Card - $10 neat

      or The castle, on blu ray for $12.78

      • +1

        Just add $3 and get 32GB SD card or add $5 and get 64GB

  • nice find

  • +2

    Keep getting this error "You are not authorized to use Multipass login" ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • +7

      Maybe because you recently lost a virtual limb in a terrible gaming accident

    • +1

      are you using VPN?

      • Username checks out

      • No, but on a corporate network. I'll try again on my home network.

    • +14

      Leeloo Dallas Multipass

    • +2

      same. corporate network. maybe thats why

    • Mine says the same, 4G
      Edit: nvm worked after a while

  • +5


    free mouse boys - my wfh mouse is looking a little worse for wear

    • +10

      Is wfh like WFH but you’re just pretending?

      • +3

        Probably worse for wear hence why it looks like a deflated WFH

    • Thanks. My small wired mouse just started to play up; the middle click doesn’t work all the time.

    • I'm spoilt now having gotten used to having forward/back buttons. But a wired spare is always a good thing!

  • Thanks Op, how many accounts can you link your mobile number to before they get suspicious? 😅

    • +1

      ummm… one?

    • +1

      4 apparently :p

  • +8

    "In the meantime, your ready to use sign up coupon has been emailed."

    Sorry, the inner grammar nazi in me has me triggered.

  • +3

    The new in-store receipt system still needs fixing. Got someone else’s in-store receipt loaded into my account lol

    • +2

      That’s called paying it forward

      • Get a broken version of x item from gumtree and hit a warranty claim.

    • The cashier probably misheard or typed in your number by mistake for someone else's purchase in store. Definitely happened to me a couple of times since I never got my email receipt.

  • Cheers OP! Didn't get the email, but no issues signing up.

  • +1

    Here's what I'm thinking of getting
    The mini desktop blower, a few $1 popsocket cup/can holders, and a 3.5mm- 2 x 3.5mm adapter. Might as well also chuck in a $1 Xbox game too/ the remote control poo

    • Will be out of stock for most of those. I got cancelled on mini blower already.

      • so your voucher went to waste??

        • +3

          Got offered a giftcard

  • +1

    Nice find OP

  • Already got a call from JBHIFI "Sorry it seems the like xx is out of stock for C&C".

    • really, both my orders have "online order ready for pickup"

      • Getting it ordered in to the store as a work around now. 1 week wait.

  • Sweet going to JB on my way home see what I can get.

  • +1

    Nice bonus to go with the recent Zip deal.

  • where is the voucher? can't find it anywhere in my account

    • +1

      Happy to do my civic duty to spoon feed you..open your mouth wide and say AAAHHHH…

      When you join, we'll send you a Perk Alert with a $10 coupon

      • checked my email. none there either

        • -3

          found out existing account won't get the voucher even if the webpage told you it's sent.

        • Long time account holder, no joy for me.

          "Good news! Looks like you’re already a JB Perks member.
          Keep an eye on your inbox for your JB Perk Alerts."

          "Perks membership PILOT
          Joined 5 May 2022"

          No email, no text.

          Am I missing something?

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