nbn 50/20 $2.50/Day ($76.04/Month), nbn 100/20 $3.00/Day ($91.25/Month) (Select Areas Only, New & Existing Customers) @ Launtel


This is for premises that are on the NBN network. It is not available (at least for now) on the Opticomm network.

It also currently applies to 78 of the 121 POI's on the NBN network (List here: https://whrl.pl/RgqJ6w including further discussion on the topic if you want to have a read).

Check your address at https://residential.launtel.net.au/signup/residential/ to see if the discount rates apply to your location.

Discount rates from 11th May - 8th Nov 2022
25/5 = $2.25 per day ($68.44/mth)
50/20 = $2.50 per day ($76.04/mth)
100/20 = $3.00 per day ($91.25/mth)
100/40 = $3.50 per day ($106.46/mth)
250/25 = $3.80 per day ($115.58/mth)

Launtel have a 7 day free trial period and you can "Pause" your connection if you go away. Simply "Un-Pause" the day before you return and you don't pay for internet whilst you are away.

{Edited to include monthly rates next to daily rates above}

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  • +2

    Would be good for people who travel a lot for work and/or lease their place on Airbnb. But for those who work at home, or are hermits haha it’s not really worth it 😀

  • Are you affiliated
    Seems a bit shonky to me to change per day, deliberately making it harder for users to compare to other plans under the guise of you can pause any time I wonder what the fine print actually says

    • +3

      No, I am a customer.
      I have 2 of our 4 home and business premises on Launtel and will likely move the other two over in the near future.
      They are not the cheapest RSP, but so far they have far better service and response than anyone else I have come across at this price point.

    • yeah I was a customer for over 12 months, had a good experience. Their tech support are great.

      • Yep their tech supports are really helpful. But you pay for it, quite expensive once the discounts are gone.

      • +1

        Shouldn't need tech support if their connection backs it up. Not saying it doesn't but why need tech support if things just work always been curious about it seriously

        • The guys at launtel contacted me out of the blue telling me that I had bridge taps in my house, and lots of back-and-forth & testing, we got them removed and saw good speed increases. Telstra, Exetel, and all the other ISPs I'd been with definitely didn't take the time to help with that.
          Of course, once everything is running smoothly, you don't need to contact them much. But at least you know they'll be helpful and easy to contact unlike the cheaper companies.

  • +2

    As expected. I'm in Tas and discount doesn't apply. I totally understand why but it's stupid for me to pay extra when there are other providers out there who can offer a more competitive price, including Telstra. I've nothing against Launtel. Trialed them in the past, support is great and network is good, back then at least but as a consumer I can't justify their high prices.

  • How do I get these rates as an existing customer?

    • Damn, I wouldn’t recommend to get these if you were on the older plans. Once 6 months is up, you’ll be stuck on the more expensive tier.

      Eg. I was on $2.86 50/20, it’s $2.50 for 50/20 for the promo, after the promo it’ll be $3.50.

    • When you log in to your portal, go to the Services tab and then click on the Modify Service button.
      If the discounts are available to you then there will be a "Show Latest Options" button above the list of all the options.
      Clicking on that will bring up the discounted prices.

  • +3

    Where's the bargain?

    • +2

      The thing about Launtel is that you can pause and restart at any time.

      For example, if you aren't home on weekends you can pause it for 2 days a week, 8 days a month - so the internet charge would only be $2.50 x 22 days = $55.

      Or if you're lucky enough to have a holiday pad etc it provides much more flexibility than a month-to-month commitment.

      Personally I only use launtel when I'm moving internet providers (to take advantage of the discounts), and it works for me because I'm not paying internet for an entire month for a day or two of down time, otherwise I agree the regular price is quite high when compared to other providers.

        • +8

          Wow nice, you took one example I provided and spoke on behalf of the entire Australia.

          This is some r/confidentlyincorrect material

  • Launtel is good.
    But I don't understand why they always limit the days for discount…After these discount date, the price is too high and people will move to another provider.

    • +1

      A lot of NBN providers do this, offer discounts for the first 6 months. Some internal NBN promo.

  • +5

    Possibly the best service compared to any provider

  • Signed up with southernphone $105 and getting 400mbs down 40mbs up. Happy for now.

  • +1

    Not even a good rate?

  • +1

    Great service and support. I use a cheap 50/20 NBN service for $55 and Launtel connected without any service so that when I need to download/upload a lot of data I can enable Launtel 1000/200 for a day (I have separate WiFi router for it). Not sure if it is available everywhere or only in new apartment buildings, but you can have 4 NBN services connected simultaneously.

    • Nice. Does it cost you anything to keep them on standby?

      • No, it's free

  • Vocus network?

    • depends on your POI

      But currently not many that are Vocus, if any at all.

  • +2

    I don't understand why Internet expenses are increasing these days.

    • +1

      Gov thinks it is a business. These days, most people sadly agree because their TV told them so.

  • I'm paying $2.28 a month for 50/20

  • -1

    Not in my area

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