86400's New Name?

I always thought 86400 was a crap name for a bank as it's hard to remember.

I see they are about to rename, any guesses on what it'll be?

I'm guessing it'll just become UBank?

Update: 17 May - became "ubank" as many people guessed https://www.ubank.com.au

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    On a side note. How do you deactivate your account?

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    “Seconds In A Day”

  • 1300 6555 06

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    UBank + 86400 = UB40

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    Simple as that and that way your competitors are also mentioning your name in their own brands

    • Bank bank

      Then their logo can can bank^2 (as in bank squared)

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    It's 100% becoming uBank. Google cached the FAQ on their FAQ page before they took it down.

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    What's that? Seconds in a month or something? Doesn't sound too unfamiliar.

    Apparently seconds in a day. 29 days too late lol.

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    Hard to remember??? I'm amazed that people refuse the opportunity to learn even the simplest facts… we are following America down the ignorance path

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    It will change tonight to… UBank.

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  • I saw the number and immediately thought the post was about that torch battery - 18650.

  • Now it's confusing. There're two ubanks, original and current.

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    How about 5318008?
    I guess it looks better on an old lcd calculator….

  • Change to "ID 10 T"

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    I now have two ubank apps…..

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      They'll just make it Ubank and ubank for simplicity. lol

  • Annoyingly they haven't addressed / given consolidation options for customers that have existing 86400 and UBank accounts.

    From today's email from UBank it looks like all accounts will be migrated to the 86400 platform and we'll be issued with new debit cards and have to use new BSB/Acct details.

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      Yeah, it looks like 86400 won on this merger. UBank's tech offering was industry-leading when it launched, but has been falling behind since the neobanks came long. But it already has an established customer base and decently sized deposits, so NAB C-Suite/Board must've decided that it's easier to transfer licenses and migrate users, than to overhaul the tech. It feels like letting them keep their name was a consolation prize…

      Main thing to look out for is that the $250,000 deposit guarantee spans all 3 banks, so if you were under with each but over in total, might be safest to move it some of it. NFA.

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    What’s funny is my email from UBank didn’t make a single mention to 864. The only indication it wasn’t just a general business overhaul and actually merger/acquisition influenced is the new purplish colour scheme and colon : next to the UBank text LOL

    Interesting uBank’s 082-991 bsb is being replaced with I’m assuming 864’s. Would love to see the breakdown of who gets to retain and concede what. Like a federal budget winners and losers list 😂

  • Anyone thinking moving their saving out of Ubank? I'm thinking of AMP but they don't have any of the goodies like Osko or PayId.

    • Yeah they completely (profanity) it.
      1) There are now two uBank apps which we do not know which one to use.
      2) The upgrades won't happen at the same time for every customer.
      3) BSB + Account no. changes will be an absolutely nightmare. People who get there pay regularly into their uBank could be hosed if uBank decides to "upgrade" them without prior and adequate notice.

      • 1) ":ubank" - magenta icon with the ":", is the new 86400/Ubank. Old one still same with green colour icon
        2) it's to mitigate problems for everyone - rather problems happen to small number of customers rather than to all.
        3) Yes, this is the pain for everyone on the old Ubank account. That why some people preparing to move their money out of Ubank to somewhere else.

  • Will UBank(Old version) now require the mobile app?

    That's crap.

    UBank really screwed this whole migration thing. They killed BPay too, so you cannot transfer large amounts to UBank anymore.

    • There will be no requirement for the mobile app Internet banking for the :86 400 former Tech platform which you're getting moved to is in development and will be launched before migration.

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    I struggle to see what's so much better on 86400 apart from the better savings rate. IMO Up Bank is a far better neobank that is more upfront and transparent. This migration is a sloppy mess.

    • Agree Up is better and less likely to have this happen

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        Yeah I use UP for my daily transaction account, it's fantastic.

        Only thing good about uBank was its rates and being owned by Nab.

        But this merger process with 86400 is a mess. There are now 2 uBank apps in the playstore. Which one are we meant to use? Will the original classic one be taken down eventually? Why is the uBank classic app still showing 1.05% interest when the uBank website now says 1.20%? What happens if you both have a 86400 and uBank account? So many questions to ask that uBank failed to properly address.

        Says a lot of how much they can disrupt previous users who were perfectly happy with uBank classic. On the plus side, we now get slightly better rates if they ever properly "upgrade" us.

        • But this merger process with 86400 is a mess.

          Yep communication with legacy Ubank customers really suffered specially when they're the ones that are mostly affected by this where the 86 400 customers really only experience a name change.

          There are now 2 uBank apps in the playstore. Which one are we meant to use?

          For most customers that had them installed nothing really changes they continue using the apps they had installed.

          And you continue to use the apps into the migration has completed that you have installed.

          The new app is the one that has the :86 400 branding slightly changed on it labelled :ubank, this is to be used only by :86 400 customers currently and new customers.

          The app with the original Ubank branding on it and currently in the App Store released by NAB it's for legacy customers just for a little while longer now.

          Will the original classic one be taken down eventually?

          Yes once the migration is completed and no one needs access any more.

          Why is the uBank classic app still showing 1.05% interest when the uBank website now says 1.20%?

          Because those products were marked legacy and all rates were grandfathered, as of the first of this month the rates of the same with slight difference in the requirements.

          What happens if you both have a 86400 and uBank account? So many questions to ask that uBank failed to properly address.

          From our understanding data matching will occur and they will eventually get moved to the new platform under your existing former :86 400 accounts some questions have been already answered in their email like that you will be getting new account numbers and a new debit card if you're on the original legacy Ubank.

          We expect another email will be going out in the next week or two to legacy Ubank customers with the rest of the migration related information.

          From our understanding lack of communication was from the legacy Ubank not the 86 400 team and hopefully this gets resolved with the next round of emails.

  • Very sloppy work. Lack of communications and now the old ubank internet banking doesn't work anymore.

    • The old Ubank Internet banking should definitely be working for legacy customers. Before your migrated the new platform will have Internet banking roll out.

    • Legacy Ubank IB is working fine.

  • I have both 86400 & original Ubank both are working OK The savings accounts are called Ubank Usaver & 86400 now also called Ubank is Usave. 86400 now pays bonus interest of 1.35%% on $250,000 previously the bonus interest was on a maximum of $150,000 Original Ubank also pays 1.35% bonus on up to $250,000

    Info on original ubank products

    Hope this helps!

    • Tried and it says it's not ready for me. I used the same email for both so not sure if that has an impact. But thanks for the link.

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        Here's a direct link for legacy Ubank https://www.ubank.com.au/ib/#/login looks like they've reverted back to their login detection thing that clearly doesn't work if your customers with both.

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