86400's New Name?

I always thought 86400 was a crap name for a bank as it's hard to remember.

I see they are about to rename, any guesses on what it'll be?

I'm guessing it'll just become UBank?

Update: 17 May - became "ubank" as many people guessed https://www.ubank.com.au

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    86 401

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      x86 420

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        420 69?

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            @watwatwat: Guessing the bank's new name, not Elon's next baby.

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      1000 0110 0100 0000 0001


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        (1000)₂ (0110)₂ (0100)₂ (0000)₂ (0001)₂ = (8)₁₀ (6)₁₀ (4)₁₀ (0)₁₀ (1)₁₀ .
        It should read (10101000110000001)₂ = 86,401₁₀ .

    • 400 86

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    365 24 7

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      Hey, that's Jenny's number!

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        ScoMo's dial in case of emergency

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          ScoMo keeps dialing it and it is engaged. lol

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    Tictoc? Owait no that's Adelaide and Bendigo Bank.

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    How about… ghost mutt?

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    Serious answer:

    When it became clear UBank couldn't compete with 86 400 (they both had similar accounts, deposit $x, get bonus interest rate), NAB just gave up and used their deeper pockets to buy 86 400 instead.

    The plan from the very beginning was to absorb 86 400 into UBank. 86 400 technology, UBank branding.

    86 400 has terrible SEO, UBank and NAB have been around for much longer and have much better brand recognition. UBank's technology is horrible and almost as bad as traditional legacy banks.

    Obviously, UBank's "digital division of NAB" branding is only skin-deep if it's taken this long to fully assimilate 86 400. It smells of legacy cruft you'd typically expect from big banks.

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      that's the usualy model for start up, grab a customer base then sell sell sell

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        Built for sale not for scale.

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      Ubank is pretty closely tied to "legacy" NAB according to a software engineer colleague that worked there. It runs very differently to other neobanks, partially because they didn't exist when it was created.

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      Didn't NAB also buy citibank, on a bit of a spending spree.

    • From past experiences with UBank I would have said their online banking was far worse than CBA.

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      UBank's technology is horrible and almost as bad as traditional legacy banks.

      Yet they are the only bank I know of that has auto sweep between accounts.

      • other banks like to profit off your dishonour fees

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  • :24x60sq

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    i86 400

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    It changes every five minutes with a randomly generated number for maximum security

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    86400 V2.0

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    Screw U bank

  • Luna00 ??

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    U Bank is a pretty, um, not-quite-the-full-bean kind of name. They had a better platform with a catchy but quirky / obscure kind of name, so of course they went with the dumb name that is not at all cool.Besides, it's boring.

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    Just came here to agree about the stupid name. I sometimes switch the 4 and the 6. And it's the only bank I can derive a log or cos from in Google Search.

    So anyway, my answer is 62616e6b.

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    X Æ A-12

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      Sorry I didn't quite get that. Could you please pronounce that again.

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      I didn't think it was possible to feel sorry for the richest rich kids on the planet… but with that name… son X and daughter Y …

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    481 1111

    • Been at least 25yrs since they popped a 9 in front of that. No idea how you have been ordering your pizzas all this time.

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        Internet killed the Telephone order.

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    86399, because you know there's downtime.

    • Probably more than 1s of downtime per day though.

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    It was a perfectly cromulent name as long as a large percentage of the population enjoyed basic multiplication.
    60 x 60 x 24, the number of seconds in a day.

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    A four letter word

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      I also pay cash for online shopping. It's easy, just insert the notes into the cd drive.

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        I insert mine into floppy drive because I don't buy anything over 1.38 MB

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    It's simple to remember. It's the number of seconds per day 86400…

    I'm pretty sure they yelled out into the tech room "hey what's a good number to call this business" - random software guy glances at screen and sees

    #define SECONDS_PER_DAY 86400

    we know how this ended…

    pro tip - techs don't make good marketers.

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    NABstar (like jetstar)

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        heheheh of the big4 they have never been a banking super star but they can aspire to be!

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    To the moon bank?

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  • 1440

  • I'd call it 40404040. We've all seen it.Technically, it's hexadecimal packed blanks. It meant the program wasn't properly written or tested. Now, companies release 'pre-release' software and invite suckers to use it and bellyache about it. The good-ish companies would then use the complaints to fix the program. The company saves lots of development work. It's also the number of seconds in 4.6764 days!

  • 00468

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    0118 999 88199 9119 725… …3

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      Damn, you got just one digit wrong and now you have to type the whole thing in again…

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    NAB-ed your bank
    86400 problems but competition aint one
    404: customer service not found
    WOW many numbers much bank

  • Oh, I always found it easy to remember. I used to be a PHP (web backend) programmer. Often hard coded in 86400 in calculations involving Unix time because that’s the number of seconds in a day.

    But I’m no 86400 customer.

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      yuk, use a const aye

  • Intel 80486

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  • 420Epicbank69ACAB

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    They could put it to a public Vote on the internet, that's never ended badly before:

    i86400 2.0
    The Harry Baals Bank
    Banky McBankFace

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      86400 Mc86400Face

  • USTBank Or LunaBank

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    131 888

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  • Homestar finance

  • scomo v2 = 72666 82
    (dunno why the 666 is there)

  • Sounds like some kind of new battery

  • i84600

  • 58008

  • nab

  • New 86400 XL Deluxe All Stars

  • 69-420 would be very easy to remember

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    their FAQs say it will be going under the UBank branding but on the 86400 platform

    TBH i actually think the UBank branding looks terrible and dull. 86400 whilst having a strange name looks a lot better IMO. I hope they don't adopt the ugly UBank colours.

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  • 86400 Plus. ‘Everybody’s doing it why not us’

  • WeSave

  • I agree never liked the name & hard to remember even tho, i guess they heard

  • 86450XT

  • uNABk

  • If is it Ubank, then that means that for those who had accounts with both, they'll probably have two Ubank Apps for a while until they shut down the old Ubank Infrastructure which could be very confusing… The more important thing to worry about is will all the benefits, terms and conditions and most importantly savings interest rate stay the same? Rates should be going up but no movement… yet.

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    13 11 66

  • 96 XXX

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    If they're thinking of sticking with a numerical theme - they could go with 9,547,000. Instead of seconds in a day, it's dollars loaned to fossil fuels globally since 2016 by NAB.

    • Damn that's grim. Literally screwing our kids. Great!

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      If that number is accurate then it's not an issue. $9m is a rounding error to a business like NAB.

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      9.5mil is very small compared to 9billion across bug 4 banks

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