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PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller + NBA 2K22 Jumpstart Bundle $89 ($79 with Perks Voucher) C&C / + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest PS5 controller you can find stacked with $10 JB Hi-Fi voucher


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    I'm really baffled why they didn't include the game as well.

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      I remember seeing some Gears of War Xbox controllers that came with bonus digital content. There was a couple of designs so I can understand if you got both you wouldn’t want to double up with two copies of the game.
      I really don’t understand the point of this bundle, it’s just the standard white controller with DLC for a random game.

  • Is this the new or old controller? I heard something about issues with the original controller versions

    • It's white colour so there is definitely some lottery involved (i.e. could be older version). Would like to know as well….

      • I think the only way you’ll know definitively is to check the serial number on the controller once it arrives. Unless the number is printed on the outside of the box now?

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        Well this game has been out for a year so….

        • Thanks for this, no point wishing / dreaming it will be the new batch.

          • @netsurfer: Are the coloured controllers the good ones the good ones then?

            My original controller the spring in R2 keeps breaking.. but I would like a second controller anyway

  • Does the controller work on ps4?

  • I've replaced two controllers, and the latest one I opened has stick drift worse than the other two straight out of the box

    I can live with stick drift, but after a while it starts moving at a rapid rate itself.

    It looks like until they fix it, I'll be claiming warranty every year.

    It's a known problem.

  • it's so sad that the PS5 stocks are so pathetically low that they have to do special bundles with controllers

    • They need to clear the problematic white controller.

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        what's the issue with the white controller?

  • So, I read in this article that the FCC ID number s differ between the old and updated controllers with the old ending in ’1’ and the new ending in ‘A’.

    Can anyone confirm that this is accurate?


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