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Quilton 3-Ply 180-Sheet Toilet Tissue, Pack of 45 $21 ($18.90 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Back in stock and $1 cheaper than last time this deal was posted for both OTP and SS but you get 3 fewer rolls. Do your own math.

It's the 3 ply version, so it's 3 x better than that 1 ply tracing paper they have at work, but not quite as indulgent as the 4 ply bought by those bourgeois buttock types.

Alternative deal: 48 pack

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +22

    bourgeois buttock type reporting for duty.

    • +5

      Hahahaha…he said duty.

    • +2
      • bourgeois buttock type reporting for booty
  • +13

    Perfect! Inflation is really giving me the shits.

    • -8

      Geez, don't mention inflation on OzB. I did a couple of weeks ago and got slammed as a boomer, which I'm not even. I have studied the trends going back more than a century so buckle up, cause as that great boomer song by the Capenters goes, 'We have only just begun'

  • -7

    Great. I had a coupon 15$ for some reason. So got it for 6$.

  • +1

    has ANYONE EVER gotten in trouble for setting up a subscription (SS) for an Amazon purchase and then immediately cancel the subscription after the first order, hence getting a 10% discount without "honouring" the subscription?

    Asking for a friend

    • +25

      No. When you cancel a SS they actually list “wanted the initial SS discount” as a reason lol

    • +5

      No lol. I've done it more times than I count, and they're very aware it's done regularly. They don't care.

      • +10

        Probably just bank on you forgetting as well. Besides, you're likely to order again anyway

        • Yep, this^

          I have forgotten precisely one time out of dozens of orders and realised when I went to cancel the subsequent S+S purchase.

    • +3

      I always pick I’ve too much needed already for the reason

      • +1

        lol - as soon as you've ordered, you do have too much as of that moment !!!

    • +1

      My last purchas was six months ago which is subscribe and save

    • Lost count the amount if times I have cancelled. The main thing is you won't be able to d9 the subscription on that next time (that's what happened to me lately)

    • No : )

    • +1

      Keeping it subscribed is stupid, the price isn't locked in for the reorders and can fluctuate to anything then you are paying $100 or something for toilet paper when it goes out of stock then comes back at stupid price.

      • Learnt this the hard way….Bundy Ginger Beer went from $18 for a 24 pack to $37 😥😥

  • +10

    Is it thick enough to reuse (both sides)? (Trying to save the environment.)

    • +1

      Candidate for OzBargainer of the year right here!

      • -6

        I would argue for: Candidate for Disease Spreader of the year!

        Next question: can I reuse condoms?


    • +6

      Split the 3 ply apart, use both sides of each ply = 6 wipes for the price of 1.

    • +1

      Wait, you wipe then flip it, then wipe? I'm in shock

    • Grab the washing up gloves

    • +2

      Actually it is possible. Take 2 sheets and wipe the initial bit and carefully fold in half and wipe the rest. It surprisingly works. found this way when situation demanded dur8ng those toilet paper crisis days.

      • +1

        Yeah I do this all the time.
        Another tip is to get rid of the hair around that area. You'll save paper :)

    • +1

      Just rinse & repeat

  • Thanks, needed some

    • You need sum for your bum

  • Noticed that multiple AMPOL servo's selling the 30 pack of these for $15, not bad if you need it there and then

    • Is this in Vic ?

      • +1

        Yep, got 60 rolls for $30, can't complain too much (near highpoint shopping centre)

  • -1

    How quickly do people go through this pack?

    Trying to see if my household is using too much or not

    • I still have ~30 left but it’s just two ppl using it (bought in mid Jan)

    • +5

      1 roll a day for 2 adults. My Mrs must shit a lot or she's eating them.

      • +1

        Really?! A roll a day?!

    • +1

      It would take me maybe 4 years 😂

    • My household of 2 will probably go through one roll per week? It's myself and my bf and I'd say I'm the one who uses the most (especially during the time of the month).

  • I Got hairy bum that one is a treat.

  • +2

    Pro tip from an experienced wiper:
    How many sheets do you need?

    For 3 ply or 4 ply loo paper

    Use 3 sheets.

    If you are on a budget, use 2.

    • a saying in our house on number of sheets needed:

      "Three for a wee, four for more"

      PS - we still go through a roll a day :(

      • use water maybe?

      • you're not meant to pee into the TP, you know?

      • Safe to say… gals in that house

    • I use 2*2 and go to shower and wash to be extra sure

  • +1

    For a true OzBargainer, this is actually 540 sheets.

    • +4

      A real ozbargainer would count the number of sheets and request a full refund if it's different

      • +1

        To be honest, its probably: not bothering to buy toilet paper at all, and instead using the free tap water at their local park/public BBQ facility to clean themselves after taking a dump.

        I await the inevitable forum thread.

        • Better option is use the nature available resources (e.g leaves from trees) to clean yourself after taking a dump

          No need to waste water :P

          • @BargainsGrabber: Can always just use a dark brown face towel and just put it to wash

  • +7

    NOTE - the 45 pack is actually 5 x 9 packs
    The 48 pack is ONE pack of 48 rolls.
    As such, we much prefer the 45 roll package - easier to use and store

    • I got the 48 rolls last month due to it being a few cents cheaper per roll. Back to the 45 rolls as well….

      • Well, now the difference is only $0.01 per roll..

    • +2

      I get the easier to store, but easier to use?

      • I stand by my claim :)

  • +2

    This might sound stupid, but I have been buying from coles 20 rolls for $10 all the time, without sales. That ends up 50cents per roll.

    Assuming people are paying $21 for 45 rolls, that equates to 46.67 cents per roll.

    Is that really a massive saving? Did I miss something?

    • +2

      Free delivery with prime, I guess it’s more of the hassle free

      • yep I don't need to drag a gargantuan sack of TP around the supermarket or carpark.

    • +3

      I buy it when I need to buy something else that is cheap on Amazon and I need to get to $39 for free delivery.

    • +1

      It's nice to use an item like this to get you up to $39 for free delivery on another small item ur buying.

    • +2

      It used to be 38 cents a roll when it was on sale before COVID. Now even with S&S, it is 42 cents.

    • Coles reduced from 24 to 20 rolls?

    • -1

      Yes but you will waste more sheets easily with coles brand. Quality difference is there

    • Wrong assumption. It is $18.9 so $0.422 per roll. And some supermarket stores still have empty shelves..

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Was $20 when I last purchased, but need more as we are getting the runs.

    • Gee I checked last time I bought this was $16… and had S&S on top of that.

  • Thanks OP got 2 and will cancel S&S later.

  • It was $21 the last time I ordered too. Don't need but will need as my local Aldi had no TP this week. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks I start getting nervous if I don't have a spare pack in the garage! 🤣

  • +1

    Last few orders the tissues have been somewhat prickly. Where the branding is on the toilet paper

    Just a bad batch?

    • Same. Very inconsistent quality since the panic buying started. I noticed the company has been slammed on Product Review.

    • username checks out

  • -2

    How do you feel about lot of cardboard coming up with these orders. 6-7 orders a month leave me with lot of boxes. Doesn't it bother anyone or its just me ?

    • +1

      Oh this reminds me, A couple years back I ordered baby food pouches (all the same Brand) on Amazon. I had to order the flavours all separate for subscribe and save, the orders were placed within 10minutes.

      I ended up with so many separate packages in the same delivery. I think there were 8 separate small boxes (one for each order) and one of those had only 1 baby food pouch. I think that one might have been in an envelop bag but I can’t remember. I’m sure they were all sent from the same warehouse.

      The driver probably thought I had an Amazon shopping addiction. I was glad I didn't have to pay the postage for them all!

  • I am finding a few rolls with just two ply in these Amazon packs lately

  • Good price for Poo tickets. Ordered. Thanks

  • -4

    24 pack at woolis for $12.60 works out alot cheaper then Amazon.

    • +5

      $21/45 = 0.46666 each
      $12.60/24 = 0.525 each
      So cheaper = Amazon

      • Thanks for that.
        Funny thing is the woolis app says per 100 sheets it's $0.29 for the 24 pack
        Bought some off Amazon so no biggy anyways.

    • *than

      • Thanks lolll

  • +1

    Still waiting for facial tissues to be on sale

    • Yes

    • My (ethnic) dad thinks this is the same thing :(

      • +2

        Rest assured craziness doesn't have to do with his ethnicity. My white dad is bonkers.

    • *fecal tissues

  • -1

    Has someone worked out what the costs per 'session' is?

  • +1

    It's not bad value. When Woolies has the 36 pack for $14 available (instead of always showing as out of stock lately), then that's the ultimate value.
    This deal will have to suffice until COVID stops and panic buying goes with it.

  • Arriving Monday June 6th?!

    “Recurring delivery day is 6th of each month”

  • Thx ordered 2 days ago and received it today.

  • Available again

  • The 48 pack works out cheaper

  • +1

    Perfect! Not sure what's happening but the toilet paper was nearly empty at the local supermarkets.

  • FYI
    This works out to be 25.92 cents
    /per 100 sheets
    Which is the benchmark calculation rate for toilet paper

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