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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42 Litre $19.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $99 Order) @ Supercheap Auto


Mods please be gentle-not sure if anyone else has posted it yet.

Ran out of soap and have been looking fervently online.

Back to $19.99, still $1 more than normal but I've run out completely so bought 20.

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    20 bottles?

  • You bought 20 bottle's? What!

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    I have also run out of hair conditioner. Figured this would suffice.

    • Ok now your trolling! 🤦‍♂️

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    Lol. :) I have 2 cars and we do a weekly country drive each so lots of kms, lots of bugs and lots of dirty cars to wash.

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      You dirty boy.

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      @toodlesnoodles Get your car real clean and then wax/ceramic coat it. The next time you wash, the bugs will come off effortlessly.

      Waxes I like:
      1. Collinite 845 is amazing and lasts ages
      2. Any of the turtle wax ceramic spray stuff. Good value, on sale here often and easy to apply.
      3. Ceramic coating. More complex to apply and expensive but lasts long.

      Use a pressure cleaner and foam cannon to help loosen up everything if you have one.

  • Use about 2 bottles a month.

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      Maybe try adding water. This (like cordial) shouldnt be used straight up.

  • Yeah I was actually going to ask. Trolling aside, I usually put it straight on a sponge neat, and have a running garden hose. Because of the amounts of bugs and Super dirty buckets I used to get I figured this was the quickest easiest way to clean the car. Does use a lot more soap though.

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    Oh but it doesn't wax the car at the same time which is what I want.

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      Do proper waxing, it will be more smooth.

      Half baked solution can get prickly.

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      As stated above, a pressure washer is your best bet to get off deep seeded bugs.

      More importantly this does not wax your car. You need to do a manual job of that. Doing a proper detail with good products will add a layer of protection to the top of the car which makes bugs easy to come off. I’ve done loads of driving through rural Australia and fully know how crappy getting bugs off your car is, especially in summer after they’ve had days to bake into the paint. A proper wax job will make your life easier (but even then a freshly waxed isn’t a guarantee against those big ones that have baked into the paint in summer heat)

      Also, this is really crappy car wash. Meguiars makes one good product which happens to be their cheapest the pink soft wash gel. Everything else of theirs is a hunking pile of crap. Especially their gold class stuff

      • what's the best car shampoo/wash you recommend?

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          This is what I’m using at the moment.

          Best one ive used that didn’t cost the earth was Mint (it was an organge coloured car wash)

          In all honesty though a ph neutral car wash is the one to get because it is gentle on the paint, especially if you wax your car regularly (I do mine once or twice a year). For most car products Duragloss is a brand that has fantastic BFYB

      • this does not wax your car

        it does a bit

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      As there is a caps lock button on your keyboard….

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        Is there a jv bold button?

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      There’s a belly button under my nipples

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    SAME Price on their eBay Store as well: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/201663141627

  • This is the beez neez if you can't be bothered ceramic coating and waxing everytime

    • are you serious? What car wash/shampoo is the best that you would recoomend?

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    If you seriously bought 20 bottles you'd be far better off buying Bowdens Own Wax Wash 20l container. Normal price for Bowdens is cheaper per litre than this special price and it's a better product.

    • Thanks

    • OP will buy 20 of those too.

  • Thanks OP, great timing…used my $30 credit from the recent Penrite Oil promo, $9.98 for two bottles plus 2.1% cash rewards

  • What’s this stuff like in comparison to this? I’m currently just about to run out of my turtle branded wash and thinking of trying one of these two?


    • Nowhere near as good IMO. Far less wax content in the Megs. I'm using it on my wheels just to get rid of it.

      • What iso proply alcohol mix would you guys recommend? I'm trying to source some for my next car detail and don't want to break the bank. I have two BIG car details coming up (1 hatch and 1 sedan) so will need a decent quantity.

        • What do you need it for? I very rarely use IPA for car detailing.

    • I have used both; Bowden's is more gloopy which makes pouring out a cap have a higher chance of spillage, a little more waxy residue and a slightly less gloss. The banana scent is average - not pleasant but if it can get a little much. It will do the job.

      Meguiars is my favourite wash and wax. I find it more slippery as well as both faster and easier to apply. It leaves less residue on windows. It also foams nicely - not as good as a dedicated foam shampoo but better than Bowden's version. The scent is nice. It is my go to for repurchases.

      You can't go wrong with any of the Meguiars products and I recommend them for beginners or those who are time strapped as they are quick to apply and works well before getting into the more boutique products.

      • My experience is pretty much the polar opposite of yours. Bowdens has more wax, more gloss, feels slicker, cleans better, leaves no residue etc etc. Only thing I agree on is it is more gloopy if you don't really shake it up (no doubt due to the much higher wax content) but I don't see how you could spill it when you do it over the bucket then dunk and rinse the cap.

  • Pressure wash car
    Use this with water
    Brush with turtle micronoodle mop (faster imo)
    Pressure wash car (rinse)
    Dry with bowden own big green sucker
    Apply ceramic spray, etc (if you don’t have the ceramic coating)
    Spray tyre shine when dry (optional)

    • What's your mix ratio? Use 1 cap in 5L water?

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    Quote "Also, this is really crappy car wash. Meguiars makes one good product which happens to be their cheapest the " Unquote
    Not true,this is a good product at a good price.YMMV.

  • Mods please be gentle

    geez, imagine being a grown man and typing this out on an internet forum

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    Get these for free, just make sure to collect with a pram

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      Don't touch my baby!

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        Lol, took me a minute to get this reference, but then had a stupid big grin on my face, haha!

        He got a new job!

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