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[Android] Free - Network Cell Info & Wifi (Was $2.99) @ Google Play Store


I've been a long time user of Network Cell Info Lite, and today it popped up a notification that the full version was free. Really useful app for looking at the your network signal strengh. First bargain post, be gentle!

Network Cell Info is an extensive mobile network and Wi-Fi monitoring app with measurement and diagnostic tools (5G, LTE+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM). Network Cell Info can help troubleshoot your reception and connectivity problems while keeping you in the know about your local cell carrier radio frequency landscape.

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    Nice one, thanks OP. This might actually be handy for me and my partner who recently moved and have been testing our mobile carriers and data tests.

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    I've installed the app but tbh I've got no idea what I'm looking at or what that gauge thing means.

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    Or if anyone dont want to have this application can look same information go to settings -> about phones -> phone status-> Simcard status.
    But obviously that doesn't compile the information like application.

  • Thanks OP. A great share

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    Judt use Ubiquiti WifiMan app, also free and has and AR signal tracking mode

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      Ubiquiti WifiMan doesn't provide mobile network data.

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        It does.

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          I couldn't find any evidence that WifiMan provides information on mobile coverage including signal strength and base station data.

          This is distinctly different to running a speed test.

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            @mathew42: Did you even bother check the app? It would've been a lot easier.

            If you go to the status tab it gives you mobile coverage information, right under the wifi info.

            Granted not as detailed (i.e. no base station information), but it is there.

            • @wintermadness: There is no mobile coverage information displayed in the Signal tab on my device. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 9.

              Maybe the information is device specific.

              • @greenie4242: Could be that Android 9 didn't report that info - unsure. My Pixel 6 Pro shows it, as did my S21 Ultra iirc.

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              Did you even bother check the app? It would've been a lot easier.

              No. I'm not going to install an app just to check it's features.
              If it doesn't turn up in the pages that I found in a quick search, then I'm not expecting the feature to be there.

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                @mathew42: Time spent searching and posting back here would take longer than downloading app to check. Just saying.

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          I've been using wifi man for ages. Where?

          • @Hahuh: At bottom of app: Status -> swipe down, toggle between "WiFi Signal" and "Cell Signal"

        • Don't worry about the downvoters, it certainly does and is a nicer app.

          Network Manager Pro is even more comprehensive if you grab when free.

    • Thanks mate, I've been using "Wi-Fi Analyser", saw your comment and switched to "WifiMan". Looks like a neat app.

  • I think if you use a vpn, it won't help much?

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      This app is for monitoring wireless connections. It would be particularly useful for people with poor service quality (e.g. regional people) who could use it to map mobile network coverage and possibly use it for location of an antenna.

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      What do you mean? You still need a wifi connection or mobile network to connect to your VPN

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    Why can't iPhone have this

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      Apple don't want you to know all this details

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      "It just works."

      Only just.

      • Take out just… “it works”

  • It has a $3.99 subscription. What is that for?

    • To Upgrade to Pro with extra features.
      Don't click the popup when first installing!!

      • I did but it just redirected me to the Google Play store

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    maybe just me but finding it very buggy, keeps shutting down when i hit 'Speed', 'Readings' & 'Raw'.

    Buggy AF, deleted.. Not giving fullt-time location access to any app for tracking either.

    Sorry OP, revoked my + due to these reasons.

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      I had the same experience. It wanted me to download a second different app after I tried it out, and I don't want to give it the permissions requested. Some app feedback comments worrying too. Uninstalled.

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        Lol Must be hard when you order a delivery but refuse to give them your address!

  • Is this app a good way to collect data for a Telstra LTE black spot report? The best signal strength I can get anywhere inside or outside my Brisbane metro house is -114dBm (which is almost in the red range). 200m away though, the signal improves to -44dBm.

    My phone chews through battery because of this. Meanwhile, my partner's Optus phone never has any LTE issues.

    • I've used Aus Phone Towers for this purpose, to report a poor coverage issue between Aratula and Clumber. Context - Optus is on same tower and has much better distribution.

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    Pro is not free… Its free only for 7 days.. if u select pro… Be ready to pay $3.99 starting 21 May. Check from 3 dots at top right.

    Bit misleading info here…

    • Saw this also, app looks ok but I'm not paying ongoing just for something that I'll hardly use.

    • is this true?

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      This version of app is now FREE.
      No need to pay (to upgrade to Pro).

      3 versions of app:
      Lite (free)
      this (normally $2.99)
      Pro (additional $3.99)

      Manual outlines some extra features of Pro.

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    Opensignal from the play store measures your mobile connectivity and signal strength, 5G, 4G, 3G Internet & WiFi.

    I've used it for a while. It's completely ad-free, and is a cost free without expiry date apk.


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    It's not free. 7 day trial for full version.

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      This app is FREE.
      That annual payment is only if you want to upgrade to Pro.
      Just don't click Pro popup to buy $3.99/yr subscription!

  • In the app it says, starting 21 of May i will be charge $3.99/year, but i can't see it on my google play (manage subscription) how do i cancel? can anyone help? Thanks

    • Why did you upgrade to pay $3.99 extra for Pro? This app is FREE.
      Best not to click popup to upsell.

      • I clicked by accident, I thought this was a free app.

        • It is free app (for limited time).
          Clicking popup to upgrade to Pro is unnecessary & costs $3.99/yr starting !

          • @Rather be Travelling: Yeah i totally stuffed up, i just want to cancel it now.

            • +1

              @WIND: Ba$ic upselling trick to fleece the unwary
              Saw the popup & said NO to paying extra - I'm an Ozbargainer.

              Contact them or Google, before they charge you in a week & then every year!!

              • @Rather be Travelling: This cannot be true, must need more than a click to agree to an ongoing subscription. If it is true they are s#!es.

    • Was there a confirmation screen to pay for the subscription on the play store or in the app? If not, then it should not go through as you did not authorise the transaction.

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    Aus Phone towers is a good free app for checking tower signal for the 3 carriers and also which frequencies they use. Good for picking a carrier based on where you live/work.

    They also have an iOS version

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      Aus phone towers is a superb app!

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        Yep Aus phone towers is the go for Australia,

    • -2

      Tried it. A fail!
      Very wrong info at my location in suburbs!

      Shows am connected to tower 5km away, straight over nearby mountains & then hills! Not even possible! Or it shows another tower 5km away…
      It ignored numerous local towers with known good signal strength. Tower I am actually connected to isn't even shown!!

      If it can't find numerous towers in a capital city, wouldn't trust it anywhere!!

      Other apps including this one show the tower I'm connected to is a short walk away - within line of sight! And show plenty of other towers within 1km with good signal strength.
      That other tower doesn't even show for my location.

      Based on that inaccurate & incomplete information about towers, Aus Phone Towers app can't be trusted.

      • Disappointing that factual information about operation of app is negged.

        Closest "good" tower in city was 4.7km (over 15min drive) away.

        Other apps showed towers surrounding my location, have "good" signal strength. But as located behind mountains, don't have a choice of towers (only 1 accessible) without moving.

        This app's suggested tower can't be used from my location due to topography. Direction to tower is mainly useful if tower can be accessed. I've used direction info when installing antennas.

        Local tower that was missing - showed up with next download of data. That's basic info other apps show immediately.

        Positive comments are all from NSW / Sydney, so may work better there. But use outside that area may not be accurate. Important to note if travelling.

        • To be fair, I don't think it's certified to work on the moon.

          • @McFly: Great view from up here🌛
            But no signal from any 4/5G tower ;-(
            Distance to nearest Tower: 384,400k

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    Got excited>Dloaded>looked at some numbers>wondered why I need it>uninstalled… full ozb cycle complete. Off to buy my next gizmo I didn't think I needed until 2mins ago.

  • For the members wondering what apps like this are for, scenario:

    You're installing a cell fi go device in a building for better connection in a poor area. The phone defaults at picking strongest signal, but that could be optimal for data, not voice. This allows you to identify which band to lock the cell fi go to so that users in the building will have optimal voice services while there without changing default settings in phone which would upset usage after leaving the building and watching YouTube at home etc.

    Thanks OP. Good find.

  • Awesome app thanks for the tip can now find the best location for reception had no idea where my LTE tower was until now

    • Next on sammy61187's list of things to find: full stop on keyboard. 😛

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        I'll get there eventually…. oh look i found it

  • so many upvotes pulling me to buy an Android phone to install this app ( an iPhone user), buy first think later 😛

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