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Google Nest Protect Wired Smoke and CO Alarm S3003LWAU - White - $155.47 Delivered ($0 NSW C&C) @ Mobileciti eBay


Been getting heaps of annoying false alarms so been checking these out for a while. Was almost going to do the officeworks price beat ($188 vs $187 at bunnings and amazon. Came across this deal on Ebay and stacked with discounted Ebay gift cards to get 3 at sub $450 total!.

Battery version also available.

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  • Sweet. Any deals on battery/wireless?

  • These confuse me, doesn't CO2 sink to the ground, then builds upward, while smoke floats up and builds downward. wouldn't you want a CO2 alarm close to the floor, not high up where smoke detectors go? Or am i thinking wrong about it?

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      I think air is a mixed substance so not sure if concentration would be much at height different levels.

      • thanks

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      Carbon Monoxide, not Carbon Dioxide.

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      Well, the theory/myth is that a carbon monoxide (not CO2 ie carbon dioxide) alarm should be on a wall at about head height ie about 1.5m from the floor because it is heavier than air. In fact it is slightly lighter than air….. not light enough to make a huge difference either way, but in general it does mix really well with the air in a normal room so (as far as measuring CO is concerned) fitting a detector on the ceiling is fine so with these combined detectors the ceiling is probably best so it can also catch smoke early. Check out https://support.google.com/googlenest/answer/9259392

      • thanks. yeah lol I typo'd just use to writing CO2 lol

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        …and FWIW I have three of these (all hard wired) at home - over a year ago I replaced the ten year old detectors that came with the new house. Unlike the ones they replaced, if something is detected in one then they all send out alerts plus I can now monitor them via Home Assistant. Definitely worth considering.

        • Yeah I had the linked alarms installed a few years ago and with high humidity always get false alarms when away at work and neighbours have to come and try to silence them. Figure this was it won't annoy the neighbours but they can still check it out if they go off.

          • @Davbar24: Your will get instant alerts via the Nest app, and should be able to silence them yourself from wherever.

        • Wow, thats a good selling point, thanks for all the info, now I got to think about these lol

        • FWIW I have three of these (all hard wired) at home

          How much would one expect a decent sparky to charge to hardwire one of these units?

          My current home setup - two downstairs, with only one hardwired. One upstairs (9V battery).
          All three of them need to be replaced soon.

          Not sure how easy will it be to hardwire the other two. I imagine the electrician will need to break into the ceiling to tap into a 240V line somewhere, and then I will probably need to hire a plasterer afterwards.

          @PlasticSpaceman How easy/difficult was the installation in your case when you had them done last year?

          • @DoctorCalculon: In Perth I had 6 wired in, and an old unit removed from nearby. Total cost was $600 and they submitted the legal form too, to register them or something.

            • @cynicor: Thanks for the reply.

              Just out of curiosity, how did they tap into the 240V (for new setups)?

              Would I need to hire a plasterer to fix up the walls / ceiling after the electrician has done their job?

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    I love mine! The built in sensor night light is also fantastic :)

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      agreed - the light won't blind you, but late at night it's more than enough to stop me from hitting furniture

      • 100% agree, love the night light feature, especially for the kids!

    • Yeah, this was the reason I bought it. Toddler and a staircase as a precaution at night now that we've removed the gates.

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    Just beware of the expiry date. Got some from TGG last year and they were over 3 years old

    • Thanks didn't even realise they just stop working altogether when they expire. That's not great.

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        Don't know if they stop working but the sensor is only for 10 years I think. So if you get them and they are already a few years old then bit annoying. Was on one of the previous ozbargain threads/posts. There's a way to check on the barcode on the box (month and year)

        • Thanks yeah I'll check it out when I receive them.

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        I wouldnt trust Google to still support them in 10 years anyway, they kill almost everything off. They already done a bait & switch and killed off "Works with Nest" with these detectors so they don't work with other smart home products.

    • presumably the sensor useful life is only when its being used - if its in a box with no power it could be 10 years old and still run for 10 years right?…

      • While that might be the case, these stop 10 years from manufacture no matter what. I think they have radioactive material so it’s continually decaying whether in use or not. Maybe that’s why there is a limit?

        • From what I had read in a review (will post the link if I find it), the expiry date is baked into the firmware at the time time of manufacture.

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      Yep - good point. This initially caught me out when I bought my first two in mid 2020 from The Good Guys - they were manufactured in late 2017. I ended up taking them back and initially a Manager there didn't want to swap them (as I had opened them) but a staff member saw my point and managed to convince them. As you've pointed out below, best thing to do is to check the Serial Number sticker on the outside of the box or at minimum, don't touch anything that uses the old box design (no Google branding on it but then what they later did for awhile was stick Google stickers on it). The Google stickers appeared on 2018 manufactured models and then in 2019, I'm fairly sure they swapped to 100% Google branded box designs.

      One of mine that I purchased in mid 2020 from Officeworks (manufactured September 2019) died during the week (beeping every 60 seconds, then when you tested it, it reported the sensors had failed and to replace the item) so I swapped it over yesterday. Luckily the only one they had in stock was manufactured in December 2021. Serial number format is xxxxxxxx4921xxxx. 49 = week of the year, 21 = year of manufacture. BTW there's only a two year warranty on them - at first Officeworks were saying it was 1 year based on their system (not in warranty) until I pointed out I could show them Google's warranty terms on Google's website and then when they checked the listing on the Officeworks website, they saw it was listed as 2 as well. Just worth keeping in mind as I suspect even if it was just over the 2 year mark and it died, Officeworks would've rejected a replacement/refund (even if I mentioned ACL and that the item is marked as having a 10 year expected life).

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        Received them yesterday, not too bad, all 3 4th week Aug 2021.

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    $168 every day Officeworks price

    • Never in stock in WA!

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      No discounted gift cards/cashbacks at OW that I know of.

      • You can't even pay using your FlyBuys points directly.

        This is a better deal by miles.

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    Battery ones are great, put them anywhere….batteries last over 12 months, amazing endurance and gives you test reports and all that jazz. Great units - preferred the wireless personally as they can be moved.

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      It takes 3x AA batteries. Can use Eneloops. FTW!

      • I think the battery version uses 6 AA batteries?

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          You are correct. I must have read the spec for the wired version which requires 3x AA backup batteries.

          LINK: https://support.google.com/googlenest/answer/9218291?hl=en

          Both battery and wired Protect require Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (L91) batteries.

          Don’t use rechargeable or alkaline batteries. If you do, they will quickly drain and will need to be replaced soon after installing them.

          So, I guess no Eneloops then. :(

  • Thanks OP. Managed to snag an extra few bucks off by buying 2. Came down to $153.17ea delivered.

    • Yeah I got the extra 5 bucks plus 3% discounted gift cards and clicked through shop back. Not sure if will get the 4% cashback as paid with gift card and used code.

      • The sale will track but you will see a message that reads: Calculating (meaning cashback is void).

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    Use by date is the biggest issue with these. Always at least 6 months old minimum and as bad as 3yrs old. I got a bunch from The Good Guys during lockdown and they wouldn't compensate me for selling me 2yr old alarms. Couldn't get to a store and finally just accepted that I wasn't going to get them swapped over.
    Nest app is shit. Never alerts unless you open the app. No Google Assistant integration so you can't just yell at Google to silence the alarm.

    • Never alerts unless you open the app.

      Then what is the point of buying them? Sure, they have got better sensors including a CO sensor.

      Are you saying you do not receive a notification on the Nest app if there was an incident / alarm?
      This feature is even highlighted on their main promo video.

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        That’s strange I even get a notification when my nest cam goes offline due to loss of wifi. I’m sure it would be mentioned in a lot of reviews if it was a common issue.

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        App is crap or something is. Not a device specific problem either as I have tried my old S21 Ultra and my current Fold 3 without any difference. Sometimes notifications appear after the fact and tell me smoke is clearing. Nest app is set as Unrestricted from the battery settings as well to prevent it being closed to save power.

    • I get notifications

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        Yeh same. Sounds like user error above.

  • Thanks, got 2. .Anyone knows how well the CO detector works? It's my main concern as we use gas heater a lot.

  • Title is little confusing for me whether it's delivery or free for NSW, cause you can actually get smoke alarms free and installed free.

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    AU $155.23 if you use PMAY12 (12% off) here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164471904133

    I know it's just a few cents cheaper but it's ozbargain after all. Battery version same price.

  • Does anyone know the rules around strata managed apartments and if it's possible for me to organise a licenced sparkie to change over the fire alarm to a Nest one or do I need to go through their sparkie?

  • too late. sold out.

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