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[SA] Reuben Solo Comedy Show Saturday (21/5) at Rhino Room (Adelaide) $7 (Was $35) + $0.95 Fee @ Ticket Tailor


Hey Adelaide OzBargainers!

I'm a comic from Melbourne doing a national tour of my comedy show. I'm coming to Adelaide this Saturday May 21st at 7PM - and I'm selling some last minute tickets at 80% off to try and sell it out. ($7 down from $35) The access code is OZBARGAIN, which should give you access to a new ticket type + price. There's only a limited amount at the discounted price so be quick!

I've gained a bit of an online following for my sketch comedy so I'll put a link to a compilation below if you want to check it out, and you can also see a few stand-up clips I've posted over on my Instagram @reubensolo. If you enjoy any of the stuff there you'll probably love the show!
It runs about 60-70 minutes with an opener (Fergus Neal)

It's also election night so I think the show will be especially fun. If you're looking for something to do, come on down!

Thanks for checking it out, let me know if you have any questions and hope to see you there!

Sketch compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp30C2DigT4
Instagram: www.instagram.com/reubensolo

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  • +1

    Best of luck Reuben!

    Big supporter of the arts. You have my +1

    • Thankyou mate!

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    Thanks, needed a laugh :)

    • +1

      From your youtube that is.

      • +1

        Glad you enjoyed!

  • +1

    Saw one of Reuben's Melbourne shows. Great laugh, would recommend even at full price :)

    • Also watched the melb show. Can vouch was very good

  • Reuben is great. As a fellow comedian and Ozbargainer, I wholly recommend seeing him.

  • As an ex Rhino Room performer, did you need to clear this with Craig or are you just hiring the venue?

    • Just hiring the venue

      • At this price, would it be better value using Lasttix or Promotix? I've heard that they cost a lot but you might get more people

        • Yeah might look into promoix at some point but don't really need it right now, this is just a good way to fill the space a bit more

          • @reubensolo: Adelaide is notoriously hard post Fringe, maybe try contacting some places like radio stations to promote the gig? Craig might have a better idea of who's receptive

  • cool

  • Anyone have any um heckles?

    • +1

      Nice watch

      • +1


  • Logged in just to support this guy, well worth a visit!

  • The sketch compilation you linked was so good. Very funny and the very well acted! Good luck with the tour!

    • +1

      Thanks mate! Come down to a show some time!

  • Have the tickets been brodened yet?

  • 80% off

    Is that a joke?

    Kidding. Good luck

  • Anything for Sydney?

    • Probably not! Demand is high in Sydney, I'm adding a third show

      • Great stuff.. good luck

  • +2

    Good Boy

  • +1

    Welcome to Ozbargain OP. The quick compilations are cool. Hopefully can join one of your shows in Melbourne.

  • LA Ice.

  • yasssss Reubon queen slay .

    I would like to see you do more of your longer format videos like the text messages to 800 people stuff.

    Harmless yet entertaining comedy while messing with people is the best.

    • Thankya! Trying to get some more youtube stuff out, stay tuned

  • Spontaneous buy.
    See you in an hour :)

  • Mate - great stuff last night!

    Hopefully see you at the fringe 2023

    P.S don’t go to Elizabeth

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