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[VIC, NSW, ACT] 25% off Selected Chairs: Steelcase Series 1 $495, Gesture $1,236.75 + Shipping / C&C @ Steelcase

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Received an email to enjoy 25% savings on selected Steelcase products for one day only, the Gesture and Leap chairs seem to be included as part of the sale.

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    To save you all the hassle, with code MAYVIP25:

    • Steelcase Node Stool - Not Valid Code
    • Steelcase Series 1 - Was $660 - Now $495
    • Steelcase Gesture - Was $1,649 - Now $1,236.75

    With code MAYSPECIALS:

    • Steelcase Node Stool - Was $687 - Now $480.90
    • Steelcase Series 1 - Was $660 - Now $462
    • Steelcase Gesture - Not Valid Code

    Based on store pickup. Does not include delivery charges.

    • MAYVIP25 works on the series 1 for me but MAYSPECIALS doesn't. 'MAYSPECIALS discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart' Help

    • The MAYSPECIALS code give series 1 with 1d arms and gesture with fixed lumbar support. Better go with the 25% discount.

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    The leap and series 2 do not work for me ;(

    • Their rep in the other thread, already said leap would be week 2

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    Apparently doesn't ship to WA.


    Deliveries are currently limited to NSW, VIC, and ACT

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      How hard is it to ship to other states ffs.

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    I was all ready to purchase but then realise that the white Gesture chair is not available for pickup in Melbourne.

    Steelcase really doesn't want to sell me a chair. Already for years, we have had limited colours, so the nice new videos about Steelcase Karman marketing wank talk about "creating a platform for diversity and expression" is in direct contrast to how Aussie consumers are treated because we don't even have an option for adjustable lumbar support on the Gesture:

    Yet we are just limited to black and white. No sorry, white or black or black or black. But if you want white, then you can't pick it up.

    Tell me, if I can pay for delivery for $199, why can't I just backorder one for pickup? Or send one from Sydney (High Availability) to Melbourne (Sold out) warehouse and you guys eat the shipping cost instead of me. There must be at least a couple dozen people in Melbourne who would pull the trigger on a white Gesture in the next few days if you actually had stock here.

    Rep says "We don't currently offer customization options for end-consumers in AU, as our ecommerce operation is still quite new, though we are looking to expand our options in the coming months,"

    Not holding my breath.

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      For that price we even get screwed on adjustable lumbar support?!? Company seems to be doing to Aus customers what other companies were doing 10 or so years ago…then internet shopping evened that up quite a bit so companies had to start releasing everything here too. I'd almost be hoping we start seeing very good copies of these chair designs coming from the Chinese companies like Xiaomi with free shipping on Aliexpress! Then you would see Steelcase suddenly release everything here overnight.

    • Can confirm that the Gestures in AU have adjustable lumbar (even though they don't make it obvious on their website). Bought one in the sale last year and it has adjustable lumbar.

      • Not correct. That may have been the case previously. I just got a response from their customer service:

        "Please be advised that Gesture available online doesn't come with the extra lumbar strap support, but only the external contoured for lumbar support. It is non-adjustable."

        • All of the Gesture sold under this link come with adjustable lumbar:

          The Gesture under this link do not come with adjustable lumbar (though there is still built-in support for the lower back due to the contours of the frame).

          The first link is the standard version we have been selling on the site. I will look at how we can clarify this on the site better going forward.

          Regarding selection, unfortunately unlike in some other markets, namely the US, we don't have factory capabilities in Australia that would allow us to produce thousands of different variations to suit everyone's customization needs. Factory lead times combined with a global supply chain crisis means that it can take months for stock to arrive in market in AU, and so for the time being we are only able to offer what we can stock in market in AU. We have already significantly expanded our options in AU over the past year, adding new colours for Series 1, headrest + leather options for Gesture + Leap, and more. We are in the process of adding more, but again due to lead times, it takes time for this all to get into market.

          Regarding shipping costs, unfortunately with Australia being roughly the size of the continental US but with 1/12 of the population, getting consistent and affordable delivery providers that can cover the whole country is a challenge. We had actually been trialing out a new shipping service which we were hoping to enable for May Madness, and about 2 weeks ago they literally changed their largest package size to exclude our packages.

          If any Ozbargainers work for a logistics provider that specializes in delivering large 25-30+kg packages at affordable rates and wants to give us a bargain, send me a DM, (not joking there, seriously contact me).

          • @SteelcaseAustralia: @Steelcase You should probably clarify that lumbar question with your customer support team. I got the wrong answer then which influenced my buying decision

    • Omg $200 to deliver a chair? Here I bought a standing desk and thought $100 was expensive

  • I have been looking at picking up a Steelcase chair for a while. Does anyone have experience with the Series 1 chair and would recommend?

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      You should really try it yourself. Ergonomics is a very personal thing where a particular chair might feel very comfortable for one person but uncomfortable for someone else.

      • How can one try different desk chairs? I'm the market for one and I don't know where to start.

  • How does Series 1 compare to Miller Mirra 2?

    • I had the Mirra 1 and I don’t rate it.

    • Mirra is meh

  • I’ve got a HM Aeron, I feel the mesh is not giving me the right support and would like to try moving back to a cushion bottom. Is there a showroom in melbourne to try out the chairs?

  • Do steelcase offer the free 14-day return policy for VIC, NSW, ACT customers?

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