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Free Flash News for Foxtel Customers @ Foxtel


Hi all, just chatted to Foxtel and got my Flash code. It stays active as long as you have a Foxtel service active (with box).

Flash News, Australia’s biggest news streaming service, has been made available to all Foxtel residential customers as part of their subscription at no extra cost.*

*Included for all Foxtel residential customers with a set top box. One redemption per Foxtel customer account. Not available in conjunction with other Flash offers. If your Foxtel subscription ends, the Flash subscription will be automatically cancelled.

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  • +65

    This like getting free HIV with AIDS

    • +3

      God yes!

      "free" and "news" are two things Murdoch NEVER gives willingly.

      This is purely a desperate ploy for Uncle Rupert to try and get what little votes he can with his propaganda network… because he knows his goose is cooked when Labor get in.
      No more favours for Uncle Rupert.

  • +1

    If you’re a Foxtel direct residential customer, you will have received an email or SMS with a unique voucher code. If you get your Foxtel through Telstra, you’ll need to contact Telstra for your unique voucher code.

    Didn't get an email did everyone get an email?

    • I didn’t but they gave me code on chat no problem (normal residential Foxtel)

    • +3

      Got the email with code two months ago (16March). Titled "A gift to say thanks…"
      Had a quick look in my browser and thought "meh". Haven't logged in since then.

  • +22

    If this came on any device I owned I would pay good money to have it removed

  • +7

    More stupify streaming.

  • +42

    It's not a "news service", it's a news aggregator. And as it's all Newscorp sources, it's more propaganda than actual news.

    • Amen

  • +3

    Wait… People still have Foxtel?
    Being OzB, isn't buying every top level subscription for Netflix, Stan, Disney, Prime, etc, combined, still cheaper than Foxtel? Or did they come down in price?

    • +3

      People always will until AFL and NRL move to different providers

      • +3

        Kayo sports ?! Better for all sports if you're into that

        • +1

          The bit rate on kayo is awful to watch fast paced sports AFL and Ice Hockey for example. Also with ice hockey you need fetch or foxtel with espn to get the NHL pass on the espn app.

          Kayo is intentionally just a bit shit, not quite the same so people will stay with foxtel.

          • @zmcgr1: Yeah fair enough, good reason for them to spend extra and stay with Foxtel hey

  • -2

    Anyone want to give me their code :)

  • +20

    Free is too much for garbage that is propaganda with huge bias — they should have started the "FREE" weeks ago to suit LNP and possibly get them over the line with lies and nonsense that only LNP and the far right loonies could agree with.

  • +8

    "News" from the view of the delusional far right of politics.

    You cant know what to believe on this so its a negative from me.

    ABC has a free 24h news channel mix that with news from 7/9/10 (free on their apps) and thats all you need mix a bit of SBS if you eant more world news.

    • +8

      BBC, CNN, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera are far right?

      • -2

        All those are already included in foxtel (and i believe all have free online streams), they just put them there so there a bit more content. The majority is Murdoch media and the Australian stuff is all Murdoch other than ausbiz

        • +4

          I just listed 4 of the top 5 on the service according to the website

          • +1

            @sss333: And CNN executives were caught out on camera admitting to propaganda, by making up stories about Trump before the election.

            • +1

              @heal: … and what say you about Fox News? Because they also have been found "making up stories about Trump before the election". Or is that OK in your book?

              • @UFO: Not sure what stories you are referring to. Perhaps you can enlighten us pr maybe you got this info from CNN. I can refer you onto the videos, which were vastly ignored by the MSM because they are activists masquerading as journalists.

            • @heal: Probably a complete fabrication; if not, then out of context. Or impersonator. In any case, whatever you are relying upon has virtually zero chance of being useful.

    • +4

      The ABC is to the left what some Flash news channels are to the right. As sss333 correctly points out, there are several left leaning and central channels included in the Flash offering. However, I certainly wouldn't pay for the sevice, regardless of which side of politics someone sits on, given the myriad of free news available elsewhere.

      • -7

        Yes, except the major point of difference with ABC is that it's illegally biased to the left (see ABC Charter) as it's publicly funded!

      • +2

        It’s not left biased it’s just it’s not right wing propaganda.
        If Murdock and his alternative facts to climate change etc are to believed if you’re
        From another country
        Had a shitty start in life
        Are not at a private school
        Are escaping persecution from our old enemies
        Whistleblower on corruption
        Then you my friend are the enemy

        • I am curious what news you watch.

          I can have a good guess - but I'd like to hear a truthful answer….

    • -5

      Well when you have so many far left media organisations controlling the narrative, its only fair for some opposing to even it out right?

  • +2

    Flash News, Australia’s biggest news streaming service,

    I've never heard of it, which admittedly may say more about me, but…

  • +9

    I'm sure it's completely coincidental that Binge, Kayo, Flash etc have giveaways just before they announce their yearly results. "Wow, shareholders look at all unprecedented subscriber growth"

  • +2

    I’m not sure getting flash is classified as a win…

  • +13

    Free election time brainwashing

    • +5

      You get free to air tv for that

      • The left prefers groupthink. Anything slightly conservative is labelled as right wing. You can also avoid having a debate about a topic by labelling people as racist, homophobic, transphobic, or just use the hate speech label. Don't believe me, look at some of the comments on this deal.

        • +3

          God I can't wait for the election to be over and done with. And when I read salty comments like this, it's going to make the result oh so much better… just thinking about the inner turmoil you'll be going through. LNP is going to get smashed, and they'll lose what very few moderates they have in the ranks to the independents. And then all you'll be left with is Dutton leading the LNP without a chance in hell at re-election, because they'll be your beloved right wing nutjob party… and no city votes to get them into power. 6 days champ. 6 days.

          • -1

            @UFO: Somehow my comment are salty. You can't disagree so have a crack at the person. Proves my point. Usual tactics. Read your own comment chump … I mean champ for a taste in saltiness.

    • +1

      The LNP already gives Murdoch tens of millions in welfare/our tax dollars. No need for more right wing filth. Nothing is for free as someone said earlier

  • +1

    Oh, got my hopes up, thought it was some competition for the naked news

  • +7

    Not a bargain at all

  • +3

    There is actually some decent stuff on NHK and CNA

  • Foxtel in 2022

  • +6

    Murdoch…the Gerry Harvey of media

  • -1

    So much hate here. I'm saddened by the OzB spirit.
    I'm gonna plus it now, as there is a wide spectrum of news if you want it. Left, right, in the middle, wobbled, rainbow and blacknwhite.

    • -1

      Did you not see the list?

      It's a who's who of completely fabricated right wing nut job "news" channels designed to brainwash demographics of Australia with the lowest IQ in the nation.
      It's not a balanced offering at all… not even close.

      • -2

        Obviously trolling for who knows what.

        See foxtel hate hate hate.

        Fox news & cnn are opposites. cranky yes. but opposite opninons.
        Al jazeera is probably the most balanced of the lot.
        abc is totally opposite to sky news.

        Normal people see news and use their brain. tiktoc, fb & twitter are for the brainwashed.

        Like, don't like. Tone down the hatred and bile.

        • -2

          I'm glad you mentioned Facebook and Twitter are for the brainwashed… because that's exactly where the right wing festers and grows.
          Trump almost had a stroke when removed from social media, and conspiracy theories here in Australia flourish under the same conditions and platforms.

          "Normal people" do indeed watch news. Unbiased and factual news.
          But Sky News and Fox News have nothing to do with 'news', other than having the word in their title.

          It's nothing to do with "hatred and bile" by the way. That's your ridiculous notion in a feeble attempt to defend the indefensible… which is media barons controlling the news narrative to distort the electorates view, and have a political party in power that is more symbiotic to their financial interests.

          These same people think the ABC is biased… but can't explain WHY that would be the case. They have financial interest whatsoever to be critical of the government, because its the government that pays for them! So, you have to ask yourself if it's actually bias, or TRUTH. There's no reason for them to unfairly negative… that's just the excuse of corrupt officials attempting to excuse their behavior.

          But sure, go ahead and continue to be a cheer squad for the LNP. You've got…. oooh…. about 6 days. Fill your boots champ!

  • I think CNN tried something like this, after a week they shut down as not enough people paid for news.

    I took a look at the site "You don't have permission to access "http://flashnews.com.au/" on this server." The IT gods has saved me from evil.

  • PM me if you want to sell a code.

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