[UNiDAYS] 10% off All Google Pixel Phones (e.g. Pixel 6 128GB $899.10, Pixel 6 Pro 128GB $1,169.10) @ Google Store


Google Store is giving tertiary students 10% off all Google Pixel products, once verified through UNiDAYS. The code received can be entered at checkout.

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  • I have the 3a and I'm keeping it for unlimited storage photos at reduced resolution. I had the 6 Pro, garbage so I traded it for the S22+

    • I was just thinking of going from the Pixel 3a to the 6a

      • Think the 6a will be $749 when it comes to Australia

    • How do you use the pixel for unlimited storage of photos with the S22+? Or is it just for three photos already on there? I have a pixel 2, wanting to upgrade (probably to S22 as well) but not wanting to give up unlimited photo storage.

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        Basically use your old pixel phone as a file server. Didn't need a SIM or useful battery; it just sits there plugged in, permanently mirroring abfolder on your current phone (or any device really, doesn't need to be another Pixel or even Android.)

        There is an app called Syncthing.

        • +1

          resilio sync is also great

        • Cheers!

      • I'm pretty sure you have to take photos on the 3a and upload from that device unless you sent the photos from the Samsung to Pixel and then upload them. Probably worth hanging onto the Pixel 2 for as long as possible

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      I just upgraded from a 3a XL to the 5 as I broke it :( The 5 also has unlimited storage at reduced resolution which should be fine for 99% of people.
      I looked at the 6 but couldn't get past the huge size and ugly shape. The 5 has the pretty much the same size screen as the 3a XL but much smaller bezel so smaller and lighter overall and fits in your pocket a whole lot better. These new giant phones aren't my thing, a 6" screen is as big as I need so I plan to stick with the 5 for as long as possible.

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      I'm running the pixel 6 pro. It's a shit phone to be honest. 1plus was better. My battery life on this thing is absolutely shocking….

  • I'd like 30% off the size of the new Pixel and happily upgrade from my 4A

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      Where is the Pixel Mini! Want something smaller than a household brick.

      • Regretting not getting a 5 now, maybe the 7 will fit in my pocket

        • The Pixel 7 is only reported to be very slightly smaller than the Pixel 6, so if the Pixel 6 isn't a good fit, the Pixel 7 might not be either.

        • Regretting not getting a 5 now

          I looked and looked at the 6 but couldn't get past the huge size and ugly lens bar. I bought an as new Pixel 5 last week and it is a much better physical form factor. Hopefully the 7 goes back to this size/shape or I'll be sticking with the 5 for a few more years.

          • @1st-Amendment: Can I ask where you got the 5?
            Looking for one that will provide GST invoice

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              @cook99: I got mine second hand (in new condition), but Kogan were selling new ones. The problem is they are asking $800 which is only $100 less than the 6 in this deal.

              I just saw that the 6a is coming out soon which is the smaller 6" profile for $750 so will be interesting to see how that compares.

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                @1st-Amendment: Thanks, yeah I found the same and couldn't swallow the price for something almost 2 gens behind. Will see how the 6a goes but still looks like a decent jump in physical size, mostly height:

                Pixel 4a
                144 x 69.4 x 8.2 mm

                Pixel 5
                144.7 x 70.4 x 8 mm

                Pixel 6a
                152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm

                Pixel 6
                158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm

    • Yep, holding onto my P5 for same reason.

  • Anyone want a code?

    • I'll take it thanks

      • PM sent

        • Keen for a code thanks in advance.

    • I'm also happy to give someone a code. PM me

      • Can you plz pm me the code? Thanks

        • If you don't need it anymore please pass it on :)

  • +2

    This phone was Soo buggy when it launched. Hopefully it's gotten better. Looking back, it seems every pixel has some sort of issue.

  • +2

    Google announced Pixel 7. It doesn't look like it will have unlimited high quality storage either. Sad that they got rid of it after Pixel 5.

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      Sounds like this deal isn't good enough if a pixel 7 is due soon.

      • +3

        Pixel 7 won't be out til October-ish

        • You reckon their cameras will be even better? I just really want the amazing camera on a phone lol but I can't wait. Need it, want it now haha..

    • This deal was released a month before the announcement.

  • Also have a code if someone wants. First to comment, please pm me

  • I'd love a code if anyone has one. :)

    • I’ll PM.

      I’ve apparently never made an ozbargain account so it will take 24 hours unless you want to start the conversation.

  • Studentbeans has the same discount code if anyone wants to get two. I used it last week.

  • Does the code have an expiry? Pixel 6a is small enough to consider when it comes.

  • Anyone have a code to share? Thank you in advance!

  • If any kind student has a code, please PM me! thank you.

    • Can't seem to PM you, if you let me know if you're getting a Gphone or a Nest product I can send you a studentbeans code.

      • settings updated. PM should now be available. thank you!

  • +1

    Man, had a 4a with nothing but problems… google support is kinda shit…. really disappointed tbh

    • What was wrong with the 4a?

      • https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9qr1j4lk?p=-1

        I now have a refurb that google sent out, it doesnt work at all - tried multiple SIMS with different providers, no data, calls or sms, just keeps saying no sim installed, but in settings I can see the sim? I've done a full factory reset, no google account associated and updated. Still no good

  • Great phone to run GrapheneOS as a secure and private operating system alternative to Google Android

  • Would love a code if anyone has spare. Thanks

  • If anyone has a code it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yea if anyone has a spare code would be greatly appreciated 🙌

  • Hopeful they have learnt from the Pixel 6 failings, and improve the 7.

    I moved to iOS in April and I cannot wait to go back to Android.

  • Do i just need an active uni.edu.au email? I still have an active one even though I finished uni awhile ago.

    • +1

      You need an edu email, as well as logging in to your university account to verify.

      • I work at a primary school and verify unidays with a throwaway .edu address. I don't think they validate it very thorough. Any .edu should work.

  • I have a 3a with a smashed screen. It still works just fine (just keep it out of rain for obvious reasons). Cannot justify the cost of the 6 range at this price point. May consider it once the 7 comes out and puts downward pressure on the 6 series. The 3a is probably the best phone I have owned by far.

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