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200x Claratyne Generic Loratadine 10mg Tablets - Lorazol $20.99 Delivered @ PharmacySavings


Hi Ozbargainers,

We've got a new rep who's keen to do more business with us so threw a couple of cartons of Loratadine 10mg to us at an amazing price, the stock turned up on Friday so I thought I'd offer it up straight away - like always I'm passing on the savings and hope to serve many more Ozbargainers.

I've got enough stock for around 100x sales, then its all over! This is the lowest price we've EVER been able to offer Loratadine 10mg so I am sure the generic Claratyne loyalists will jump on this deal tonight!

Item: 200x Dr Reddys, Lorazol Loratadine 10mg (Generic Claratyne alternate), Exp 09/2023
Code: 9off
Price: $20.99 (after code)
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/200x-lorazol-loratad...

For those who prefer the Trust brand of Loratadine, we still have this long standing deal running: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/200-x-trust-loratadi...

The old favourites are back again:

Restocked again tonight:
Dr Reddy's - Hayfexo FEXOFENADINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Generic Telfast)
70 x HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

140 x C-ZINE (Generic Zyrtec)
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Chemists' Own C-Zine (Zyrtec Generic)
140 Tablets (2x 70 Tabs)
CODE: TAKE9 (price will come down to $20.99 delivered)

Item: 750x Vitamin D Capsules (exp: 10/2024)
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/vitamin-d-d3-1000iu-...
Price: $29.99
Express Postage: Free with tracking, just select free shipping at checkout for this item it will post express

MINOXIDIL 5% Re-Stocked
Item: Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength
Link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/695092

140x Hayfexo 180mg Fexofenadine (Generic Telfast alternate) exp: early 2024
24x Pharmacy Health Pharmacy Action 200mg Ibuprofen (Generic Nurofen alternate) 06/2022 exp: 10/22
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/copy-of-140-x-hayfex...
Price: $27.99 after code
Code: april
Delivery: Free

ITEM: 70x Hayfexo 180mg (Telfast Generic Alternate) + 70x Cetirzine (Zyrtec Generic Alternate)
PRICE: $23.49
LINK: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/70x-hayfexo-fexofena...
EXP: 12/23 - Fexo, 02/24 - Cetirizine
DELIVERY: FREE Via Snail Mail ($6.99 express)

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  • Any deals for Nexium?

    • +1

      PM sent

      • I would be interested as well

  • Cheers! Love the Loratadine 😍

  • Hi, any mometasone deals please?

  • -1

    Damn, I just bought these for $25 a few days ago… still haven’t received it yet. Gutted

  • +2

    Great deal thanks mate! Do you guys have many options in bottles of small size tablets paracetamol/ibuprofen? Spent some time in Canada and got so spoilt with the tiny tablet sizes and the convenient of plastic bottles!

  • Good price - I note these are "Dr Reddys" and not the usual "Trust" brand.
    I suppose it's the same active ingredient, just different filler…
    Shame I already topped up recently.

  • +1

    Hey do u have any childrens generic Claratyne 5mg chewable?

  • Awesome. Many thanks OP!

    • Did yours arrive yet?

  • So…what is this for? Should I stock up ?

    • Lol…It's an Antihistamine for allergies. You'd likely know already if you had to take them.

    • Bye now, think later

  • Are you gonna have more stock for the Dr Reddy’s loratadine?

    • Please let me get everyones order packed, I usually have a few more units than I list, if anyone missed out who desperately wants this deal please shoot me a PM and I'll let everyone know what I've got left once all orders are packed and sent (which should be tonight)

      • All stock packed and dispatched - all Ozbargainers who PM'ed messaged - balance now released back in stock for everyone else!

  • Do you have any Loratadine and Mometasone combo deals?

  • Mine still hasn't arrived.
    Anyone else got theirs?

    • If you've received a dispatch advice, average delivery time is around 10 working days with around 1/2 clients reporting they receive their items before the 10 working day mark and around 1/2 afterwards. If you haven't received a dispatch confirmation email pls pm, Jason.

  • Thanks ordered, and added some cold and flu too

  • any deal on cetrine

  • Any deals on benzos? Asking for a friend

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