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Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor AW3423DW $1703.56 Delivered @ Dell (Starts 17/5 3pm)


I’ve been in negotiation for days to get this down to an absolutely fantastic price.

Only 300 available. Apply both promo codes to receive price in title. Note - DBAW3422 is now live but VIVID5 in't live till 17/5 3pm.
After DBAW3422 = $1793.22
After DBAW3422 & VIVID5 = $1703.56

Other deals -

These are all direct links, but I would really appreciate it if you went through my Facebook group Best Aussie Markdowns.

Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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  • Nice one dealbot.

    Looking forward to the rush.

  • +1

    Ordered one on Dell ebay from last deal @ ~$1800 but not shipped yet, is there any chance they could give me price match and refund the difference?

    • Same. FML

    • I doubt they’ll refund the difference. They consider eBay and their site seperate channels. Nothing to lose asking but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      Alternatively you should cancel for a full refund and then just rebuy. I’m not sure at which stage they won’t accept a cancellation? Manufacturing or shipping.

      • +1

        They'll give you a full refund so long as yourequesta return up to 15 days after receiving it.

        • That’s pretty good. May as well cancel and reorder at cheaper

          • +1

            @FireRunner: Too bad, I used discounted ebay gift card

            • +1

              @bri11iant-y: If you cancel the gift cards will be tied to your eBay account. Probably not worth cancelling unless you regularly shop on eBay
              I guess you’ll also be sent to the back of the queue with a reorder so that’s another consideration

      • +6

        Advice from Dell rep - if the ebay order hasn't been shipped then contact Dell via ebay for cancellation of the order. If it has been shipped then ask for a partial refund.

        Just bear in mind though you could end up with no monitor if you cancel your ebay order and miss out on this deal.

        • If partial refunds are available the why not ask for that regardless of wether it’s been shipped or not?

          • +2

            @FireRunner: They didn’t mention this but doesn’t hurt to ask.

        • Thanks for letting us know. I've sent them a message on ebay

          • +5

            @bri11iant-y: Reply from dell ebay:


            Thank you for your email.

            The Dell website and the Dell eBay store are two separate sales channels which sell different product range, prices and promotions. We are given fixed prices by our Head Office and I am afraid we are unable to provide further discounts beyond the current price or offer price match. Sincere apologies for this.

            Please advise us if you would like to keep the order or would rather cancel for a refund.

            Kind regards,

    • +2

      Contact them via ebay, they've been giving $50 refunds due to the delay (which would bring it to $1730) or even full refunds/cancellation. In theory you'll get it sooner by sticking with the ebay order though, unless they're suddenly getting an influx of stock, so personally I'm content with the extra 30 if it ships sooner.

    • Perhaps you can cancel the order? Speak to Dell support see what they say.

    • I ordered direct from Dell last week for $1849 and chat with customer support today. They refused to price match themselves(?) and told me to wait till tomorrow.

  • +13

    bruh this monitor gonna cost than more than my entire setup

    • +11

      More than a PS5+series x
      Half as much as a LG oled65g1
      And about 0.00000040021% of the Australian dream

      Nice monitor though

      • +7

        The Australian dream costs $4,256,665,250?

  • Cracker deal, well done dealbot

  • Thanks dealbot! Any chance we can stack with CR and SB? Cheers

    • I’m guessing no. The DB code will unlikely stack with cashback but the VIVID5 code may. Please check the cashback sites to confirm at the time of purchase.

  • +3

    10/10 monitor. Anything you see online about text clarity is blown out of proportion IMO. Just put away the magnifying glass and you won't notice it.

    • +1

      Biggest issue with this one is probably use in brighter rooms due to the coating used causing Blake to appear somewhat washed out. This would be my use case unfortunately.

      • +1

        That and the myriad of QC issues documented on reddit,OCUK, whirlpool etc. Might be worth your while to wait for the next gen of QD-OLED monitors before getting one.

        • This is me. I'm holding the cash splash for true mini-led but if QD-OLED gen 2 solves the issues, I'll be in.

      • +5

        The issue is that you're on prawnhub, and Blake is censored.

        • +1

          Mate it's only midday, lay of the crack pipe until the evening at least.

        • +4

          I wish I had the energy for prawns, I'm day 6 of COVID 🤢🤮🤧🤒🤕

      • Same concern as well, was watching the review from hardware unbox, describing it is the worst of the both world (matte and gloss coating) and i am using this in a bright room.

        • +2

          I have mine, if you're using it in a bright room don't get it, the issue with blacks turning grey is definitely there. In a dim room it's a non issue.

          • @cille745: Thanks for your real review

          • @cille745: I use my monitor for WFH (as well as gaming) which means I have lights on and / or window blinds pulled up to ensure the room is properly illuminated (so I'm not working in the dark). Is that level of lighting going to be problematic, or is a 'bright room' as far as your description goes something brighter than that?

            If you literally have to be in a dim room at a minimum (if not dark) to properly benefit from this, I might just get the AW3821DW.

      • Poor Blake, sounds like a bit of a bland guy

      • +1

        causing Blake to appear somewhat washed out

        Poor Blake, people always giving him a hard time.

    • Do you know what text clarity is like on new MacBooks? I’ve read plenty that anything below 4K looks average

      • -1

        Average doesn't mean bad. It means average.

        • Your comment was pointless. Id expect a little more than average for a monitor over $1.5K :-)

    • Shouldn't have to make excuses like this for a $1700 monitor but go off, I guess

      • I was saying it's not a problem, I wasn't excusing the problem.

  • Monitor is really really good. Colours & black levels are exceptional and there's no noticeable deterioration on viewing angles. Blacks appearing gray and text issues are non issues.

    I did however end up selling mine as I don't play any HDR games and really wasn't taking full advantage of it. I will pickup an OLED monitor in the future when they're cheaper though.

  • Looks like a pretty good deal and if I had the funds I would definitely be considering. Honest question though what are the advantages of getting this monitor over a 55" OLED TV used as a monitor?

    • PPI - if you're using it as a monitor, you will spend a lot of time doing productivity tasks not just gaming. So you want what Apple calls "retina" displays.

      For example I have
      S10+ (6.4" / 175g / OLED / 522ppi) -> to S21 (6.2" / 169g / OLED / 421ppi)
      iPad Mini 2 (7.9" / 331g / IPS / 326ppi)
      TabPro S (12" 2160x1440 / 1.09kg [w/ KB] / OLED / 216ppi)
      Dell P2415Q (23.8" / 5.68kg / AH-IPS / 185ppi
      LG 38WN95-C (38" / heavy / Nano-IPS / 110ppi)
      Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 2 2560x1440 [2017] (14" / 1.36kg / OLED / 210ppi)

      55" TV has only 80 ppi. I wouldn't use anything less than 110ppi.

      • +2

        That's not taking into account how viewing distance affects visual acuity though — it doesn't make sense to have a blanket rule as to PPI. The appropriate pixel density for a 6" phone panel and a 55" tv panel are totally different, because you don't view a 55" panel from 15 cm away.

        I think the better question to be asking is whether a 55" tv can physically be placed at an appropriate distance, at least about a meter away and maybe more. A 38" display is still big but a lot more manageable for most desks.

        • +1

          I think that was Zan5hin’s point. Although for a desktop when I am sitting about 40-50cm away I think closer to around 200 ppi would be best. So UHD this size. Although fir gaming, stepping back a bit to QHD would give better performance. I guess it comes down to what you are doing when not gaming.

    • +3

      OLED TV used as a monitor?

      You can, but some reasons why it's not the best idea:

      • Burn-in risk
      • Physical size (too big for a desktop monitor)
      • Lack of 21:9 ultrawide option
      • Lack of curved screen
      • Lack of wake/sleep on PC power/video signal
      • Lack of matte screen. (TV's have glossy reflective screens only.)
      • Possibly lack of Adaptive Sync / Freesync?
      • Limited refresh rate options
      • Lack of tilt/height stand adjustment
      • probably other reasons.
      • I used an LG C7T (2017) as a monitor for work and gaming for a couple of years and had no burn-in despite being very careless about it. LG claims that they have solved burn-in issues and I now have no reason to doubt them. It's gone back to being a TV as I have a real monitor now. The only thing that ever bothered me is the amount of heat that a TV gives off compared with a monitor.

        • +1

          Fair enough. Same thing happened to plasma screens around 2006. They solved the burn-in issue, but plasma technology never lost the association with burn-in.

          I forgot about the heat issue. That's another point to the list. Keep in mind the Alienware OLED does have fans in the back, which was disappointing to learn. For all the advances in this expensive OLED tech, it still generates so much heat they need cooling fans. I prefer "solid state" PC monitors!

          • +2

            @cerealJay: Believe it or not, I was a young IT journalist when the first (Fujitsu) plasma screens came to Australia, at $20k per TV. I was given an individual preview where they demonstrated high definition omg… My career went elsewhere, but I was able to tell people all about plasma as it went mainstream, and then I couldn't believe it when the tech died! :)

      • Huge proponent of the AW3423DW here - have had one since the first deal. Just wanted to dispel a few of these points:

        • Burn-in risk: Mostly non-existent nowadays from what I understand. Apparently pretty much all screens do pixel shifting as a way of helping to prevent this.
        • Physical size/tilt/height adjustments: All TVs have VESA mounts. Anyone serious about using an OLED will be VESA mounting it anyway. This should dispel all of these issues.
        • Lack of 21:9 ultrawide option: Many OLED TVs have the ability to use this aspect ratio, simply adding bars on top/bottom of the rendered image.
        • Lack of wake/sleep on video signal: Wake, sure - but pretty much all TVs can be set up to sleep if there's no signal for a certain period of time.
        • Lack of Freesync: Many TVs have this now, especially those that support HDMI2.1. It's called Variable Refresh Rate in terms of TV tech. Will you find a TV that has Gsync? No. But many of them will work with Freesync.

        That leaves the following as real issues for consideration with an OLED TV vs. Ultrawide:

        • Lack of curved screen: Yep, this is a big problem for sure. OLED TVs are meant to be viewed at a distance where a curve isn't necessary, while monitors are expected to be viewed at ~60cm.
        • Lack of matte screen: For sure. Would need to be using your OLED TV as a monitor in a room with no natural light (or at least no light bouncing at the TV surface.
        • Limited refresh rate options: Yes and no. If you have a good HDMI2.1 monitor, it'll support 4k @ 120Hz. Is it the 240Hz that some gaming monitors provide? No, but if you're considering OLED you're likely more interested in quality over speed anyway. So good luck getting over 120FPS in any games at the quality settings you're likely to use.
        • Burn-in risk: Mostly non-existent

          You haven't dispelled anything here. Something which is "mostly non-existent" is by definition at risk of happening in some circumstances.

          Anyone serious about using an OLED will be VESA mounting it anyway.

          VESA mounting to their desk? 55 inch TVs weigh about 20 kg, so that's not happening. If you're talking about a wall mount, then you're forgetting we were talking about using a TV as desktop computer monitor. I'm not sure many people want their computer display attached to the wall.

          Many OLED TVs have the ability to use this aspect ratio

          I would not count on Windows allowing your 16:9 TV to be set to 3440 x 1440. Besides, you will have a huge slab of unused screen sitting there above and below the image. This isn't "dispelling" anything, you've just pointed out that squeezing a square peg in round hole might be possible! I doubt anyone would bother forcing their OLED TV into ultrawide resolution because they like ultrawide. If you want an ultrawide display, then get an ultrawide display!

          Anyway, glad you're enjoying your AW3423DW. I almost jumped but ended up getting an RTX 3080 instead, no regrets. I will wait a year or two to go OLED ultrawide. My trusty VA ultrawide does well for time being.

          • @cerealJay:

            VESA mounting to their desk? 55 inch TVs weigh about 20 kg, so that's not happening. If you're talking about a wall mount, then you're forgetting we were talking about using a TV as desktop computer monitor. I'm not sure many people want their computer display attached to the wall.

            The C2 42" (which is honestly as large as you'd want to go for a desktop monitor) is 14.9kg sans-stand, which is lighter than my old Predator X34P which worked totally fine on a gas-strut VESA arm.

            I would not count on Windows allowing your 16:9 TV to be set to 3440 x 1440. Besides, you will have a huge slab of unused screen sitting there above and below the image. This isn't "dispelling" anything, you've just pointed out that squeezing a square peg in round hole might be possible! I doubt anyone would bother forcing their OLED TV into ultrawide resolution because they like ultrawide. If you want an ultrawide display, then get an ultrawide display!

            Yes, you can. It's quite easy. Just set up a custom resolution in nVidia Control Panel based on the aspect ratio that you desire. Then (provided the game recognizes it), it will be available as an option in-game. As for black bars… well duh. But people already put up with this when watching most movies on normal TVs as they're generally authored in 1.85:1 (18.5:10) aspect ratio. "But why not just play in 4k then?" I hear you ask. The benefit of forcing a widescreen aspect ratio on a 16:9 display for gaming is that your PC doesn't have to render those extra pixels for gaming, which results in higher framerate.

            One very negative thing to note about doing this though is that you will age your pixels at different rates. So those bars will stay brighter for longer, while the main "ultrawide" portion of the display will dim over time.

            • -1


              The benefit of forcing a widescreen aspect ratio on a 16:9 display for gaming is that your PC doesn't have to render those extra pixels

              Nobody is installing their 15+ kg TV on a desktop VESA arm, then setting it to ultrawide to a gain a few more FPS. Ridiculous idea you've pulled from your arse! You're listing the "benefits" of bad ideas!

              Even with a heavy duty monitor arm, 15 kg would exceed or max out the load rating of that arm. The OP asked about a 55 inch monitor, which would weigh 20 kg. I repeat, nobody is installing 20 kg of TV on a monitor arm. Just let it go!

              • @cerealJay: Native 4k is 67% more raw pixels to render than 1440p ultrawide. So you're, insane if you think that rendering that many fewer pixels is only gonna gain "a few more FPS". It's also not my idea as I have an AW3423DW ultrawide so don't need it, it's just commonly done for people without 3090s who still want respectable framerates and cinematic aspect ratios in their games.

                55" is indeed insane to put on a monitor arm. But 55" is also insane to be putting on a table to be used as a monitor. There's a direct correlation between size of display, and usable viewing distance. So while the OP may want a 55", a 42" is really as large as you'd want to go (as mentioned), which is definitely light enough to work on a monitor arm (as mentioned).

                And let's not forget you were the one that brought forward these issues… I'm simply pointing out that there are reasons that your issues aren't issues.

  • is the oled shipping in 2 months?

  • I would like to know if there's any noticeable difference between this and Samsung's g7 32 inch , i know this is oled but hope someone owns both and can advise more , i love the q7

    • +1

      Samsungs one isn't OLED, so yes there will be an absolutely huge difference

  • +2

    I would say firstly, great price.

    But I would say secondly, the issues described here are enough for me to avoid it: https://youtu.be/YleSuwK8vR4?t=350

    I'll keep my 38WN95-C nano-IPS at 1600 lines for a while longer. If I was gonna upgrade I'd rather the 42" C2 for a number of reasons including being able to change resolution to 3840x1600, and option for plugging in a console, https://youtu.be/b5e9IBIwGMg

  • This or the AW3821DW which is listed on their site for a similar price (assuming it is being used for gaming + productivity (excel / powerpoint)).

    • +1

      Unfortunately you listed the two extremes :P I had to make this decision a month back ended up with the AW3821DW (which was $1399 from Memory)

      The AW3423DW is way better for games and movies. Its HDR is next level, the AW3821DW's HDR is kind of bad with its local dimming is really noticeable. However for me I use it for work 90% of the time (WFH) the extra height is Amazing (mostly CAD and Coding) along with it being $400 to $500 cheaper at the time and me opinion that HDR is a little… overrated. Also it rocked up in a few weeks (my old screen died) vs the months long wait for the QD-OLED

      If I mostly gamed and only occasionally worked from home…. I probably would have gone the AW3423DW. But the AW3821DW has been fantastic for me

      • +1

        Really insightful - thanks! I'm also WFH most of the time and just game in my spare time. I also watch most movie / tv content on my TV, so aside from perhaps a better gaming experience on the 3423, the 3821 sounds like it might suit my needs better (especially considering the main game I play is DotA which is unlikely going to benefit that much from OLED…).

        Edit: I've also got the option of buying the either of the two mentioned monitors at staff price (so around 1400 give or take), which took price out of the equation….

  • Any news on windows taskbar burn in?

    • +1

      they have 3 year burn-in warranty and pixel refresh maintenance mode to help reduce the risk of burn-in.

  • Was thinking of this then I saw the Oled C2 42. No brainer not to get that one instead of your desk can fit it :)

    • 42? Yay!

      I'll wait a bit longer to watch the qd-oled scene progress but I'm glad LG are doing that size.

  • +1

    i bought one on the last deal. Replaced my 38inch AW. Amazing monitor I wont go back to a non OLED screen.

    • Do you miss the size? I have a 34 at the moment, and I'd like to go up to 38 or 40 ultrawide (if it ever gets there), but don't want to drop money on the AW38 if these QD-OLED monitors are just that much better.

      • +1

        I had the OG AW 34 before my 38. The size increase was nice and the panel/colour was better on the 38 than the previous 34.
        Swapping back to the 34 OLED AW, I did notice the size shrink initially but after a day or two I didnt notice anymore.
        My workspace for multiple windows etc doesnt seem any smaller, same amount of stuff i could fit on the 38.
        I like not having to turn any settings down from ultra on the 34 OLED. Seems like a perfect size to play ultra settings.

        • +1

          Also upgrading from 38 inch AW. Have you tried mounting one above the other? I'm going to try that with the new dell monitor arm I bought. 38 inch will be above the 34 inch oled one.

    • +5

      Wouldn't compare QLED to OLED

  • +1

    Combine with the Amex deal, very tempting. Too bad the world had other plans (UST 😔).

  • Is the edu coupon still available?

    • +1

      Stacks with 7% off EPP coupon

      • -2

        Would you able to gimme a hand to generate one? Massive TQ in advance.

      • Please explain

      • +2

        Brings it down to $1,667.69 unfortunately doesn't stack with the VIVID5 code though.

      • Thanks for the tip, brings it down to $1.6k

  • +3

    $1700 is good for new tech but still too much for a single monitor. If this was a 38” with 1600 resolution then I’d be onboard perhaps.

  • +1

    For those of you who ordered via eBay not long ago, I've tried to msg Dell and they said they will not refund any price difference as mentioned above comments, eBay Dell and Dell direct are seperate channels. So I'm weighing up my options to cancel and re-order which could be 2 months wait longer.

    They did however provided me different tracking link in how far the progress is with my order and it looks to EST delivery for Jun 13th - current status is showing as "In Production"

    • +1

      Mine's going to be a bit later than yours but when I asked them about progress and they sent me my dell progress link, they gave me a 50 dollar refund for the delay.
      I asked them about this deal which I expect will be denied like yourself, but hopefully they gave/will give you the 50 at least.

      • That $50 refund would have very nice, but they didn't even mention or offer it :(

        • +1

          That's pretty shit of them. Maybe go ahead and ask for it and mention other people have been getting at least that refund, man. Really unfair otherwise.

          • @urbanvanilla: I've msg then on eBay about $50 refund others been getting and now they completely gone quiet on me.

            • @Ascensionx: They finally responded, advising they are only giving the the partial refund $50 as compensation for orders that are delayed and are now beyond their estimated delivery timeframes.

              So apparently my Apr 22nd eBay order for Jun 13th delivery is on schedule.

  • Any deals on the S3221QS or the G3223D or the S2722QC

    • +1

      Stay tuned!

  • Any deals on the U4021QW?

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