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20x Everyday Rewards Points on Google Play, SCA, Macpac, BCF, Rebel, Hoyts & Disney Plus Gift Card @ Woolworths


20x Everyday Rewards Points on Google Play, SCA, Macpac, BCF, Rebel, Hoyts & Disney Plus Gift Card @ Woolworths

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    I need WookieMonster to tell me if this is good or not

    • I think it is equivalent to 10% of face value in points???
      i.e. normal FB points are only like 1/2 of 1%.

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      You’ll get 10% of the face value of these gift cards returned to you in bonus points. With that in mind…

      Google Play

      Nothing overly fantastic, but it’s alright, especially if you need more Google Play credit soon.

      • The best you’ll do at discounted gift card portals every day is 5%.

      • Google Play gift cards are occasionally sold at 10% or 15% upfront discounts at Coles or Woolworths. If it is sold at an upfront discount, you can always go to Officeworks and try to get them to price beat any upfront discounts at Coles or Woolworths, so your discounts would end up being 14.5% or 19.25%, respectively.

      Supercheap Auto

      An alright deal, but nothing overly fantastic.

      • A number of discounted gift card portals sell SCA gift cards at 10% off every day.

      • SCA is on the Ultimate Him gift card, so if you prefer to get your gift cards at an upfront discount, go to Coles instead. (Keep in mind that you can only use 1x Ultimate Him gift card online at SCA, but you can exchange Ultimate Him (Visa) gift cards for SCA gift cards through Ultimate gift card’s website.)


      I don’t recall Macpac gift cards ever being on sale through a third-party retailer, but that could be my memory going haywire on me…

      It looks to be a good deal.

      • Only one discounted gift card portal sells Macpac gift cards (and it is at a 10% discount).

      • Macpac is not on Ultimate or TCN gift cards, although they are featured on Cashrewards’ Choice gift card. I have no idea whether they’re on the ShopBack Super Swap gift card, because I don’t use ShopBack…


      See my thoughts on Supercheap Auto.


      See my thoughts on Supercheap Auto.


      I think it’s an alright deal, especially if you need Hoyts gift cards ASAP.

      • I see some discounted gift card portals sell Hoyts gift cards at up to a 10% discount, whereas other discounted gift card portals simply sell discounted Hoyts tickets directly to you. Don’t ask me which is better, because I don’t go to Hoyts!

      • Hoyts gift cards were being sold at 10% off a couple of weeks ago at Coles, plus Hoyts themselves were selling their eGift Cards at a 15% discount through their website earlier this year.


      In terms of Disney+ gift cards, they rarely have deals, although I wonder whether you’re really saving that much more than paying for Disney+ through Apple or Google (if that is still possible).

      Please also note the comment below, which gives advice on how you cannot Disney+ gift cards.

      • I don’t see Disney+ gift cards at discounted gift card portals.

      • I vaguely remember seeing a Disney+ gift card deal with 20x bonus points last year at Woolworths, but that’s it.

      Is this what you’re looking for?

      • I'm curious as to why you do not use ShopBack, WM?

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          I was wondering when someone would pick up on that!

          A few reasons:

          • I rarely shop online, because my household is a very low spending household, plus I always feel a little guilty spending on “discretionary” items. I signed up for CR a few years ago to take advantage of a boosted sign-up offer, and I also have access to Reward Gateway’s cashback system. Between the two, my cashback needs are well and truly satisfied for when I actually want to make an online purchase, although I tend to go down the discounted gift card route rather than the cashback route for a lot of the stuff I buy online. (Who would have guessed!)

          • I have access to a number of discounted gift card portals and always take advantage of a good Prezzee deal, so I feel as though I don’t really miss out on the SB Super Swap gift card deals (even when there’s a really good boosted cashback deal). I wouldn’t purchase a Super Swap gift card for any reason other than boosted cashback deals, and I haven’t noticed a boosted cashback deal recently. Yes, it’s nice to get 10% cashback on a $100 Super Swap gift card or a $3 bonus on a $50 Super Swap gift card, but I am still burning through my stockpile of gift cards at the moment. Additionally, if I don’t participate in a Super Swap gift card deal, someone else can get to enjoy a Super Swap gift card, and they’ll probably value it more than someone like me.

          • I tend to stock up on Coles’ 10% off prepaid gift card deals or Woolworths’ (decent) EFTPOS gift card deals whenever they roll around, because I prefer the flexibility of a Visa, Mastercard or EFTPOS gift card vs a store-specific gift card. If you are wondering, none of my Coles Gift Mastercards or Vanilla Visa gift cards or OnlyONE Visa gift cards have ever been “hacked”, although I wonder how long that will last…

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            @WookieMonster: Given the popularity of Coles Mastercard deals (prior to high exposure of brute hacking) you must have been able to access stores with high stock, they run out within the first couple of days!

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              @Craze: In the first two 10% off Coles Gift Mastercard deals, it was hard to find stock at stores after the first day, so I would stock up on $100 or $250 denominations where I could.

              In the last 10% off Coles Gift Mastercard deal, I could find stock until the fourth day of the promotion, as one of the stores I regularly visited actually had Coles Gift Mastercards in another part of the store away from the gift card section.

              However, in the last Vanilla Visa gift card deal, three stores in the area always had 100+ $250 gift cards in their gift card sections, so it wasn’t exactly hard to stock up. At one stage, one of those stores had 200+ $250 gift cards hanging in the gift card section! Either staff were constantly replenishing stock, or no one was touching them…

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        It's not strictly 10% if you choose to be rewarded with Qantas Points.

        In that case it's 10 Qantas Points per dollar, which can be equivalent to more than 10% depending on your redemption.

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    PSA: The DisneyPlus gift card is usually only eligible for new customers and cannot be used to top-up an existing subscription. (Learned this the hard way last time this offer was on)

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      This is an extremely dumb limitation. Just baffling.

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        Margin. Putting gift cards in the supermarket is an advertising cost to Disney that they don't need to spend on existing customers - they're already using the service, they know what it is. There is a good reason that Woolworths discounts these or gives bonus points (although partly it's to get you in the store), they're making a profit here somehow which means less money going to Disney.

        There are gains to be made in wastage too, consumers never using the card. If you buy this as a gift for someone, there's an x% chance they simply won't use it. That % drops significantly for an existing customer, if you're renewing you're definitely going to use that card for yourself and renewing isn't an impulse buy.

        Disney also just wants you to keep your credit card details on file and not renew yourself voluntarily. But I don't know if you still need to put in CC details even if you buy a giftcard.

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    For D+ just sub through Google using play gift card.

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      Does this need to be done through the Play Store or can you do this using a Google Chromecast? Any Google Gift Card on sale any where upcoming soon?

      • Also interested how.

        Google Play cards are part of this deal.

  • Is anywhere doing (or scheduled to do) Apple Store gift cards this week? I had a search on recent deals and didn’t see anything.

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      There’s no current or upcoming deals at Coles, Woolworths, BIG W or Target. (There’s rarely any gift card deals at Target these days, anyway…)

      You can always have a look at the discounted gift card wiki to see whether you have access to a gift card portal offering discounts on Apple gift cards, but the discounts you most frequently see on Apple gift card is 5%.

      • I missed the "old days" when 25% Apple gift card was still a thing…

      • WookieMonster, do you have any predictions about when the next deal at Woolworths or another Everyday Rewards shop will be?

        • Based on previous experience, I’d expect the next Apple/EDR deal to happen in early-mid June, although there’s a small chance it could happen before the end of May.

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            @WookieMonster: Great, thank you. Hoping for an apple or big w one to help pay for an iPhone.

            • @ceremonialbagel: An alternative strategy if you want that iPhone sooner:

              If you live near a JB Hi-Fi store that sells Apple or iTunes gift cards, you should be able to use Ultimate or TCN gift cards with JB Hi-Fi as a participating retailer to pay for Apple or iTunes gift cards in-store.

              You may run into a staff member who will insist you cannot do this, but most staff seem to not care about people doing this, plus JB Hi-Fi's checkout system will not stop you from doing this.

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                @WookieMonster: Huh. I thought you couldn't pay for gift cards with gift cards because of laundering laws. I'll check it out. Thank you!

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  • FYI - no signage in my local store for this deal and can’t find it on the website. Only exists in the weekly catalogue.

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