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[DashPass] Buy 1 Select McDonald's Burgers, Get 1 Free ($20 Minimum Spend) @ DoorDash


DashPass deal: Buy 1 select Macca's burger, get 1 free with code BOGOF

Minimum order amount $20

Referral Links

Referral: random (1313)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $20 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining. Some referrals give the old (inferior) offer of 30% off 3 orders (up to $15).


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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    Mac stopped selling veg burgers :-(

    • Do they have any gluten free yet?

      • No idea.. haven't been there since they stopped selling veg…

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    What burgers tho? I've tried a Double Quarter Pounder meal and inserted the code and all I got was

    "To use this promotion, make sure your cart contains the required items."

    Then I thought maybe it doesn't work on meals so I removed both meals and just put 2 double quarter pounders on their own into the cart and it still said

    "To use this promotion, make sure your cart contains the required items."

    So I'm guessing it's specific burgers/meals this code works on? If so could people list them please? thanks.

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      i tried cheese burger, that didnt work..
      no clue? big mac maybe??

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        Now I'm getting
        "Unfortunately, this promotion is not currently available." with 5 cheeseburgers …

        Welp straight over to DoorDash support it is. They'll give me free credit for this :P

        • Good call, my homie Edward just hooked me up with $15 credit for the trouble. Nice.

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            @fLaMePrO: Lucky… I just contacted them just now and all they did was refund $5 off an afterpay order with them :(
            So much for loyalty…

            EDIT: Contacted them again and got a $10 refund to an afterpay order with them… still no credits but I guess that's the best I'm gonna get off this Promo.

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      Big mac, double big mac, chicken burger & double chicken burger.

      • Yeah I just found out… 4 burgers. Double chicken is the best one out of the 4 to be honest.
        I'm happy tho as I haven't had a discount on anything in WEEKS…

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    Unfortunately, this promotion is not currently available.

    • I am having this too :( I can't believe I waited to order

      • Waste of time 👎

  • Invalid code

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    What's funny about this is the first 2 people I spoke with on Doordash Support they said the code was active while the 3rd person I spoke with said they couldn't even find the code.

    So strange how 2 out of 3 said it was valid… maybe it'll become valid again tomorrow.

    • Yeah and the expiry was listed as 31/5. I reckon it'll be back, they just messed up the implementation or something.

    • The code only worked for 4 specific burgers. I had everything in the cart, code worked. I went to shower and came back to pay and it didn't :(

  • 👎👎👎

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    Code has now become valid again as it's appearing on doordash's website on my laptop.

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      On my account it only applies to Big Macs now.

      Same for you?

      • That's due to the breakfast menu. Wait till after 10:30AM for the full menu.

  • No deal… you gotta buy the burger separate which is more expensive..

  • They removed the double McChicken burger from the deal! LOL!
    That was the BEST burger. Now all I see is a Big Mac / McChicken and Double Big Mac.

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