Sunbeam Weighted Blanket $56 (RRP $159) C&C @ The Good Guys


Saw this when searching for a weighted blanket. Seems very cheap for a branded one at $56 especially considering it usually retails for $159. Seems to be a lot of stock at various stores I checked. Not sure if they deliver for this item, but definitely click and collect is probably the best option anyways

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The Good Guys


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    Not gunna lie. This thing takes SOOOOoo long to brown my toast.

    • No wonder, it's grey.

      • Just assumed all Sunbeam products were toasters. Also, maybe a kettle? Might have missed it but they seem like a brand from yesteryear.

        • pretty famous for mixers

          there were also sunbeam cars but i think that company was unrelated

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    What makes a good weight blanket?

    • +65

      the weight

      • 😄
        Will a bag of rice be enough?

  • Why cant they have heavier blankets (10kg) for the bigger/muscular people out there?

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      I’m just big boned ugly crying

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      I was lucky to get this one on a half price deal. It's 11kg. Price is $75-ish. You can truly feel the weight. Teen son loves it.

      • -7

        Man he's going to be into some weird stuff lol ;)

      • Yea this one on Amazon seems more convenient since it's supposedly machine washable.

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      You can undo the stitching and fill them up with lead fishing sinkers if you want extra weight. If you're on a budget use smooth rocks

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        Not sure if you want to sleep hours on end that close to lead

        • +1

          Lead is harmless if you aren't making physical contact with it.

    • - they are pricey though

    • buy 2

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    It's got arm holes

    • +1

      Like fr?

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        I watched the marketing video, so you don't have to!

        …Yes, it does. It has arm holes.

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      Description confirms:

      "Deep Calming Pressure, XL Size, Convenient Arm Holes, Reversible"

      And the second picture on the website has a woman sitting on a couch wearing it like an oversized dressing gown.

      This is a 100% polyester wearable 'comfy'.

    • +1

      Glad you picked up on that, I almost grabbed one until I read this.
      Probably why this one is so cheap.

  • I got one for sub $20 from spotlight on clearance. Seen that around a couple times I've been there. Not enough stock for a deal though.
    Also, you can't wash these in the washing machine. Hand wash only. Whatever that means

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      Depends on the model. Hand wash means you wash it in a bucket with not much detergent (and get a forearm & bicep workout)

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    From the image, it looks like an Oodie

  • Just watch out if you’ve got ingrown toenails. Light sheets let alone weighted blankets can be a killer!

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      I don't think it's the blankets that are the problem there…

    • With that username …… 🙄

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    Things I learn here!
    Never heard about this kind of blanket. Here goes my 30 mins reading why I should buy this

    • Haha same here pal

      • i also heard about these a few weeks ago, now there's a deal I had to buy one

  • I thought very light blankets were the things to buy :/

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    I am conscious of becoming reliant on a weighted blanket and then not being able to sleep in hotels etc. Can anyone comment on this?

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      For home you use weighted blankets. At the hotel you lay the fridge on top of you.

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      I am guilty of taking mine with me when camping or driving somewhere. If I fly I'm normally tired enough it doesn't matter (I feel like there is a joke about how exhausting it is trying to flap your arms enough to fly that could be made better than I can be bother at the moment).

    • Take it overseas and you hit your baggage weight limit before you pack any clothes.

      At least you get a good night's sleep without any clean clothes

    • YMMV, but I haven't had too much trouble when travelling. I definitely notice the lack of it but it hasn't stopped me sleeping.

      • my mileage definitely varies, i never sleep properly in hotels

    • Its something I worried about. But I've been using one for a year and haven't had any issue traveling once every month or two for work. YMMV.

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    I managed to get one from Kogan 9kg for $49 delivered on Kogan First, they say you should try get a blanket that's around 10% of you body weight, I'm around 85kg's, hot and cold one too, also can be used as a bed spread due to the design.

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      Kogan is shit. Don't compare his crap with actual products

      • +1

        i’m interested in the ideas of a virtual blanket

  • Anyone know if this is the type that uses beads or marble type things for the weight, or the type that uses extra layers? Can't seem to find anything online which states type, but suspect it is the former

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      Picked mine up today, on the tag it reads "Content: Glass Beads / Polyester" although I don't feel any beads.

  • Probably a dumb question, though how does this work with a partner? Do you need two of these?

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      Depends on your position I guess

  • cheaper than therapy

  • +2

    Goku training

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    The final price $46.48. That's with 5% off using Suncorp gift card and 12% cashback. Not bad for a brand name product. Thank you posting the deal @jazzymc.

    P.S. as per Shopback T&C, "Cashback is eligible on redemption of gift cards."

    • ShopBack doesn’t have 12% cash back does it? Cashrewards does but gift cards a no no I thought. My 2.5% tracked through ShopBack using a $40 gc.

      • sorry, I meant Cashrewards. I got $6.11 back from them.

        • Oh cool didn’t know they were doing cash back on gift cards

          • +1

            @jadamd: They don’t. Gift cards are (pretty sure always) ineligible

            • +1

              @ilikedeals: not always, like in this case. YES, you can use a GC to purchase this blanket AND get cashback!

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    Same $56 on tgg commercial.

  • -1

    Do they make these in mens?

    • +1

      it's big enough for an average man. I bought it for my wife but I'm also using it. I love how you quickly get warm under it.

  • Any reviews?

  • Baby need a huggy blanky

  • Bugger, bought one for my wife. Being Sunbeam I thought it was both weighted AND electric. She's just unboxed it thinking the same to discover it is JUST a weighted blanket. Facepalm!

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    Seemed like a great deal so I got one, but the micro beads inside leaks out of it for mine so I'm returning it. Not sure if anyone else has the same issue.

  • Good luck to your washing machine and dryer….

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