Planning to Buy a Used or Demo Prestige (Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz), How to Negotiate

I am in the market to buy a demo ore certified Merc or BMW SUV or Sedan looking at budget of around 60K for a demo or a few years old car. I suck at negotiation and the idea of dealing with dealers causes anxiety to me :) but anyone experienced if they can help me how to navigate this scenario will be appreciated.
Also I know very less about the cars except fill/service / clean, any other suggestions to look out would be great.

Many thanks.

EDIT: Thanks for all your comments, I some of these results on carsales around the budget, is there something I am missing:

ps: someone mentioned that these cars from 2018 come preinstalled with dashcams, is this true?


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    Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz are not prestige. Especially for 60k. That'll be a basic or average luxury car with low end engine.

    Doubt you'll get much negotiation in the current market. If you don't want it for asking price, there's someone else that will.

    Most models dashcams are optional extra so depends if original owner specced them or not on original order.

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      Sounds like OP shopping for the replacement car, (it was totaled)., hence the dashcams.

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        145 comments later, still no reply from OP… gotta love it

        • OP needs to return to that thread but getting help here.

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      buT iTs mErCeDes bRo gIrLs wIlL bE iMpReSsEd EvEn iF ItS C200 tEll eM iTs AMG bRoo!

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        A good looking guy with confidence will beat an ugly guy with a nice car.

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          What about an ugly guy with an ugly car? Asking for a friend…

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      Literally the first thing I thought when I read the subject.

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    Enjoy your used car

  • Yes

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    Just laugh at them and say, “nah, really, what’s the price?”

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      Then when they give you zero negotiation, just belly laugh all the way off the lot, like it was the funniest comedy show you have ever been to.

      Then do that at the next 10 lots you go to. Sure you won't get a car you are looking for, but you'll sleep well that night after all the forced laughing!

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    I know very less about the cars except fill/service / clean

    buys out of warranty used Euro car… username likely will be accurate in the future…

    You could buy a brand new sedan or SUV for 60k and be equally as unimpressive to people as driving a 5 year old euro car.

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      Yep the general rule is, if you can't afford a euro car new, you can't afford it used either.

      I have 2 Mercs, but I have the time and tools and ability to do all the work myself. And I also have a steady supply of entire donor parts cars available to keep them running. They are great cars and with my setup, it would be rude not to drive something decent thats going to last, after all the investment in tools/parts/knowledge I have made.

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    Oh FFS not this question again.

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    Just catch the bus and tell people your vehicle has a 500 horsepower Mercedes designed engine.

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      Ah… the stretch limo ride……

      • The big white Mercedes.

  • Save a few more coins and get a Tesla.

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      That ugly car - M(odel)3?

      Didnt think much of it until seeing people talking about with a passion on OzB. Start to pay more attention, and figured they look pretty boring if not ugly. Otherwise not a bad car, well, aside from the cost for size of the car.

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    I suck at negotiation

    Big discounts achieved?

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      Underrated comment

      • Good job might get you a full tank and floor mats too 🤔

        • We all out here playing tic tac toe while this dude is smashing 5D Chess

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    Prestige. German car. 60k. 3 terms that will never overlap on a venn diagram!

    You do not have the budget for a prestige car. Live within your means.

    Buy what you can afford (to run, repair, and replace when its off road for critical failure).

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    tell em they're dreaming……

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    i'm sorry this is not helpful for your question, but good lord do not spend 60k on a """"""prestige"""""" car it will be the biggest waste of your money ever.

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      Big Money Waster

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    So you don't care what brand it is, whether it is a sedan or an SUV, just that it is "prestige"?

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    Posting history says you're a family guy who's renting, is this still true? If so, don't try buying an out of warranty European car, it's nothing but expensive trouble

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      Mid life crises?

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        Thats a bit rude, not everyone.gets the big 6 figure salary in there 20s or 30s, some people have to play the long game and slowly save up for something nice. Maybe it just took them this long.

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      Might have shorted BTC big time?

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    Unfortunately the entry model Germans are only ever driven by people who want to look successful/wealthy and are not better by most metrics compared to a top level Japanese car at a lower price range.

    I see you've just been in a car accident, you're probably looking for something safe? Might I suggest a top-spec Mazda CX-5 being both significantly cheaper, more reliable, and safer than any of these options.

    As for dash cam most people can get it installed at a third party for $300-500 + $200 install fee.

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      The Mazda CX-5 actually scored really well in crash tests for occupant safety. Independent mechanics have stated most Mazda CX-5s come to the workshop just for routine maintenance. Just avoid the turbo diesel models.

      • What about Mazda 6? I'm looking at upsizing from a Yaris (which is a boring as it is economical) so trying to pick between Mazda6 and CX-5 around 2015-2017. So it seems like diesels are to avoid, which is a bit of a bummer

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      Compare the metal thickness of a German car vs the equivalent other car you are considering. On my limited comparison the German car the metal flexed much less and was far less tinny.

      As for the OP, I wouldn't buy a 4 year Euro car as it is a bit of a gamble. Buy new/demo or not.

    • CX5 is an ok choice, a Honda CRV or RAV-4 Hybrid is better.

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    Kia Stinger!

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      Challenge you with a Toyota Corolla.

      • I re-raise with FOG

      • Yes! You will love the car and get lots of attention in the GR corolla. Way better decision than the old BMW.

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    OP username indicates similar previous decision making.
    But, who am I to talk?

  • Why?

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    Entry level luxury cars don’t really feel much different to mainstream offerings (eg I’ve driven an A3 and a Golf Highline and it was a very similar experience).

    Some great suggestions above, for me at $60k I’d check out Kia Sorrento

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      +1 for kia sorento
      Out of warranty Euro Cars (no matter how rich you are) are an absolute PITA.
      Just expect to lose your car for months at a time at a moments notice

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    Troll post for sure

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    Just buy a 10 year old flagship BMW, that’ll be a real prestige car. Don’t worry about the maintenance costs. How bad can it be?

    • Could cost a bomb in maitenance/repairs if unlucky. I'm a beemer owner.

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        No no, I’m sure it’ll be just fine. I hear an early model X6 50i is particularly headache free.

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      'How bad can it be?'

      How much money you got?

      It might be more … ;-)

    • Well,
      It would give seppuku a run for its money.

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    Looking to donate future dollars I can't afford to my local Euro mechanic, any recommendations?

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    Go buy a new Corolla (roughly the size of the A3 or A series) and with whatever leftover cash, "invest" it in bitcoin ha ha ha. I mean, once you drive that A3/A series out of the shop - you would have lost a third anyway.

  • Don't buy old dime a dozen entry level stuff. If it was me with 60k laying around it would be a brand new 508 GT Sportwagon. Something beautiful, practical and different with a full 5 year warranty and capped price servicing.

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    OP you don't get any bragging rights with a low end budget Euro. Just get a Model 3 and be done with it. Wanted to be the first to make this comment as every time someone mentions Tesla or Model 3 here the thread seem to explode all of a sudden..

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      hahahaha, oh wait, were you making a pun or weren't you?

  • Here is a cheap 4 year old BMW

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    Negotiate? In this climate? You've obviously not been paying attention to the other 99 thousand threads asking the exact same question and getting the exact same answer…

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    So many motoring experts….with significantly greater knowledge than I (look at John Cadogan, especially knowledgeable, online youtube)….stating loudly to avoid Mercedes, Audi, VW & others like the plague, new or used, due mostly to absolutely shockingly bad customer support post purchase…Range Rover/Land Rover ditto. As many have mentioned, used examples literally a money pit in terms of both parts, maintainance & labour for same….mildly better after sales with BMW but the other rules still apply.
    The problem can be, the likes of highly desirable Mercs costing serious money new, can be found with higher kms for what seems a bargain. Please don't allow yourself to be drawn-in to these, unless someone else, ie your company etc will be picking up the substantial tab for service & repair ongoing costs.
    I suggest strongly a well sourced Lexus, which will give you at least as much prestige feeling & massively more reliability & peace of mind.
    Finally, I'm not so sure re Hybrids and/or electric vehicles are quite there yet, along with lack of infrastructure (pending, to some extent, where you're located).
    Like em or loathe em, Toyota's are very hard to kill, have excellent comparable resale value & whilst they're not, as such, considered prestige vehicles (some Lexus' aside) they'll look after you seriously well.
    I wish you all the best in finding something to suit you, hopefully without too much of a wait.

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      I don't think I'm alone (as a motoring enthusiast) in thinking that most of Cadogan's views are at best half truths, aimed at those that know nothing, to promote his car buying service. I still wouldn't buy a 60k 'prestige' car though.

    • All his videos are negative. Easy to post negative comments, like most people do, and get the support and viewership to promote your business towards half knowing individuals.

      • This is true,
        The more negative airtime goes largely to the euro trashwagons.

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    When negotiating with the salesman ask them how much it is to replace an out of warranty blown turbo on these "prestigious" vehicles.

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      and blinker fluid replacement

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        Jokes on you, euro owners don't use their blinkers

    • $15-20k for a range rover rebuilt engine comes to mind.
      i dropped $8k on injectors, labour and new gaskets on my Audi and the engine warning light was still on.

      They're over-engineered Pieces of crap.
      Get a kia/hyundai and sleep at night knowing that your car will start in the morning and you'll be able to send you kid to college.

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    60K for a very used "prestige" base model unreliable car.

    well is slightly better than crypto or NFTs I guess

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      I don’t know. There’s a chance you might make a profit from $60k of crypto, can’t see that happening on a used “prestige” car.

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        2 years ago you would've made profit off the car and lost a lot if you invested in crypto

      • Chance to win lotto too….

        bought 2 cars before covid, both now worth twice what I paid for. Even so I can use cars, crypto and NFT are useless

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        You most definitely can. The bmw m135 are going up in value again

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    Couple of years ago I bought a merc certified c300 with 2 packs - pano sunroof, heated seats, HUD, and a few other things - from dealer, 18 months old, 10k km on clock, 1.5yr factory warranty and 1year extra merc warranty for $59k. Obviously it's not a C63 but still a reasonable car at a reasonable price, I think about $98k new. Certainly looks the part and has many luxury features. I'm sure covid times have changed but that was the going rate a couple of years ago.

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      PS not sure why people rave on about lexus. When we were looking for wife's car the lexus SUV was at least as expensive as the euros and with absolutely hideous styling inside and out. Ended up with Volvo xc 60 which is an absolutely awesome car and 20k cheaper than merc /lexus for similar features.

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        I’ve heard good things about the xc60.

      • I agree, most Lexus interiors look like an explosion at a Hasbro factory.

        Edit: I also have a lot of time for the XC60, and I think they've improved under Chinese ownership.

    • Similar situation. Three years ago, got a c350e that was 18 months old and <20k on the clock for $57K that retailed for just over 100k new with all of the optional extras certified from a Merc dealer.

      Hasn't missed a beat, was under warranty for a large proportion of that time and still looks current - given the new C has only just been launched.

      Will serve as a bridging, plug-in hybrid before our next vehicle is full electric.

      I wouldn't have wanted to be the previous owners in our situation seeing depreciation of 40% in under 2 years, but hey it worked out for the buyers!

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        I don't get all the hating on buying a "cheap second hand euro". If you can get a 1 or 2 year old one with low km, factory warranty, dealer certified for 30-40% discount surely that's the ozbargain way!

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    How I would negotiate: Arm myself with as much knowledge about the transaction as possible and if I consider it worthwhile making an offer, I would support that figure with my findings. It will be a fair figure based on what their ad said and what extra discrepancies I found. Most ads that state "excellent condition" are merely "good condition" with some stuff I don't think you will find before the money is handed over. But they underestimate me. I'm extremely thorough and mechanically minded. How else do people negotiate?

    I can't believe how many people just think, "oh I will just offer asking price minus x% because reasons". Basic skills like finance, negotiation and car maintenance should be taught in school but instead we are learning the quadratic formula. More life skills in schools please.

  • Can't negotiate for any vehicle in this era. A year ago would have been different story

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      great car, bought one a few months ago. Love it.

      my advice, go on car sales and mark all the cars you are interested in as favourites. As the price drops on them you will get a notification. The car I bought dropped 7k from the asking price, at which point I called up and pulled the trigger.

    • I have a 2018. Ripper of a car but if OP only wants it for the "prestige" then their money would be arguably better spent on an a4/5 rather than an s3 which is more focused on performance. I mean the damn thing still has seats that are only hand adjustable!

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    A GR yaris will turn more heads than base level euro if someone knowns about car ….but that would mean you won't be able to invest in high value , high yield German investment for next couple of years….😀

    On serious suggestion. Look for Hyundai Sonata n line, comesnwith 2.5T and its pretty decent car. Or Mazda 6 with same engine…

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    Few things more expensive than a cheap Euro car.

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  • Camry

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    Title should read:

    "Planning to get burnt by ozbargain members or convinced to by a camry. How to Negotiate"

  • Don't. Euro cars are horribly unreliable. (source had 2 used ones die in last 2 years - were hand me downs so didn't pay alot thankfully).

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    Don't listen to the haters, just get what you like. No one looks cool in a Toyota or Mazda. A car is an extension of you and your personality, as well as a reflection of your personal standards. I have owned many Euros previously including Porsche (current), Range Rover (current), BMW, Audi (as well as non-Euro Lexuses). My recommendation is to buy something that still has 1-2 years warranty / Certified vehicle, a bonus would be if it still has a service pack included. If you do encounter any hidden issues they will get sorted prior to the warranty period running out. As for servicing, just find a good Euro mechanic once the car is out of warranty, this should save you around 50% on servicing costs (that are not dissimilar to most Japanese cars these days).

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      Yeah I don't get all the hate.

      The stigma of euro cars being unreliable isn't as true as it once was in my experience.

      Personally I wouldn't spend 60k on the above, but if OP wants the look it is what it is.

    • Yep! My Peugeot has been perfectly reliable, only one very minor issue which was rectified with a $90 part and 30 mins labour. It's great to drive, economical and no more expensive to service than a Japanese car if you go to an independent. Euro cars can be excellent buys and if you keep on top of maintenance it will serve you very well. All cars are reliable enough these days and they all share parts, people need to get with the times.

      • Peugoet's are hardly a prestige care though. This is coming from a Peugeot owner.

        The old ones with leather seats etc are pretty nice to ride in though. Heavy, but rock solid.

        • My in laws have a peugeot, and the roof has rusted 6 years in, multiple faults such as abs sensors, failed window actuator, etc etc. Build quality imho is below that of Kia/Hyundai.

          Hardly a prestige car imho.

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