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Patron XO Cafe Tequila 700ml $76 (2 for $152 Delivered) @ First Choice Liquor & Liquorland


This might be a PSA instead of a deal

This link just showed up on my facebook ad

as many of you may be aware Patron Cafe XO was discontinued late last year


this is retail pricing give or take but its been sold out in most stores within aus for a few months now some people are trying to flog this off on ebay for $150+

good opportunity to pick some up if you missed out

edit: even boozebud is trying to sell for $150

ive ordered a few, ready to pick up

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    Thanks OP, got one.

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    Thanks mate! Add them to my 8 other I got
    (Not to re-sell, for personal consumption)

  • Thanks OP, got 2.

  • Got 2 from Liquorland same price Cheers

  • Out of stock at first choice

    • Not for me - Vic

      • Changed my state for shipping and its in stock. Must just be WA. Price shows as 0 and no click and collect locations for first choice or liquorland. Sad times.

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      Literally the third line of the deal mate

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        Thanks MATE. So these might be expiring soon then. Cheers, OP. Getting one for a mate who loves coffee Patron.

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          im going to say this will be sold out by end of today

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          They have a shelf life of 5 years from memory

  • Automotive? haha

    • +1

      would recommend Drive and then drink

  • Nice mate

  • Thanks op, hopefully I can grab 2 by the end of the day 😀

  • FYI 2 makes it so free shipping (as its over 150).

  • None in WA

  • Cheers OP, got 2.

    It was unavailable for delivery in SA, but available click and collect from my local store.

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    Such a popular drink, i wonder why they stop producing it

    • +6

      It was only really popular in Melbourne (and Sydney on a smaller scale) and London.

      The rest of the world (especially in America), prefer regular tequila.

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        Lol why did people don’t vote my comment ? Please reply, I would love to know.

        As this is actual fact from a Patron tequila spokesperson

        • Thats interesting and you're right. I only knew about it because of a girl i was dating at the time (from Melbourne) was obsessed over it

  • ordered 2 for self consumption. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks, love this stuff. Would have been disappointed not to get some before it goes.


  • +2

    Thanks heaps for the PSA OP. 2 ordered and confirmation click collect ready now. Note also $20 off if spend over $200 click and collect offer also available with Flybuys.

    • How'd you find it was click and collect, I had the support rep tell me to order it without a code and they'd refund me. Next thing I know I'm being told it wasn't for delivery but it isn't even clear in the terms and conditions.

      • It's not only C&C it's an online order spending $200 or more. Works for delivery.

        Add Promo / My Coles Number
        (GST INCLUDED)
        You qualify for FREE Standard Shipping

        • Yeah mine did that, even took the money (put it on hold) but told me there was an error and released my money back to me within about 20mins. I talked to someone else and they told me it was just an error with the site.

  • Thanks OP, ordered 2 for delivery - QLD.

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    I have a bottle of this from long ago. Tried shorts but didn't work for me. This place seem to have lot of fans of this tequila, can anyone suggest better way to drink it please? TIA 😊

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      Espresso martini

    • +1

      50% Irish Whiskey
      50% Patron

      not as sweet as pure Patron and they sort of compliment each other. IIRC this mix is on that little brochure attached to each bottle.

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    Can combine with $20 off click and collect orders with over $200+ spend at First Choice(code: 20OFF).

    • +1

      Didn't seem to work for me. Kept invalidating itself when checking out. I selected free shipping so that might have been why though.

      • Only works for click and collect

        • Ahh gotcha, wasn't any nearby stock so I guess I didn't lose out on much

          • @CoreNex: They didn't make it clear imo. I literally bought it 3 times, checked the terms of conditions in full, talked to a support rep and still didn't realise what was going on

            Edit: Just an error on their site they've confirmed its meant to be for online orders also, not just click and collect

        • Worked for me for Delivery.

    • +1

      Code worked for me, thanks mate.

      Standard - Estimated order delivery by the 24th May

  • Love this stuff. Great over ice. I HATE tequila shots and still love this. Anyone know any suitable alternatives when supplies inevitably run out?

    • Agavero tequila liqueur
      In my opinion is better than this. Not coffee flavored but a very drinkable sweet tequila. Very easy to have shots.
      Around $80 a bottle but can often get closer to $60 through boozebud when there’s boosted cashback or eBay specials

  • Cool, thanks OP.

    First Choice Flemington (Vic) have stock as just gone with a Click & Collect.

  • +2

    thanks OP bought none

  • QLD seems not have stock
    edit: I forgot 'free shipping > $100'

    • There was lot of stock like 2 hours ago. Now probably getting sold out.

  • EXCELLENT post OP - snagged two from VIC :)

  • +1

    OK WTF???? I bought 2 from FirstChoice and another 2 from Liquorland :)

    • +4

      Buy Now, T̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ Drink Later :)

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    3% cashrewards @ first liquor

  • +1

    Awesome - thanks OP.
    Got myself two.
    I’ve been nursing a bottle I’ve had for a while, now I won’t have to :)

  • FYI seems sold out now at both sites to me 😩

  • +3

    I have been drinking XO cafe tequila for 10 years in my opinion this tastes as good or dare I say even better , had it on the weekend I was not disappointed. A solid alternative.


    • +1

      Will try it 👍

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    Never tried this stuff, but love my alchy and love my coffee, bought 2… Thanks OP for the heads up and thanks OzB for the FOMO!

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    No deal attached or affiliation,however;

    If you like a real coffee tasting liqueur, I recommend trying Mr Black.
    It's cold brew based and has no tequila taste to it either (uses Australian wheat for spirit base).
    Not quite as strong at 25%ALC/VOL.


    • +1

      Mr Black is great, and is personally my coffee liquer, however it isn't as dry so not as good for mixing with.

      • I make iced lattes with it, does wonders ;)

  • Ordered 2 from liquor land and first choice, def for self consumption

  • +1

    How many people gonna be mad if Cashback tomorrow? 🤣🤣🤣

  • +1

    just bought 1, shopback 20% (capped at $25), pretty good deal!

    • +2

      Cashrewards 15% at liquorland, stacks with 2000 bonus FLYBUYS points for $50 spend

      • +2

        Thanks mate! Just got 2 at Liquorland with exactly this.

  • No stock in SA it seems

  • -1

    Got the last one at my local C&C.

  • I called up this morning for a different matter, and the guy told me there is almost 1000 bottles still available scattered nationwide

    • Is it the last ever batch?

  • FYI I just snagged a couple of bottles so seems like there’s still some final stock hanging around 🤞🏻

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