Vornado 633DC Air Circulator (White) $170 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commerical (Membership Required)


18 of the first 20 weeks of the year up here have been raining, mold is starting to be a pain in the bathrooms.
Recalled this post, so went on the hunt for a Vornado DC unit.

Gone are the days of ~$140, thanks COVID.. this looks to be a solid price given the market today - Hardly Normal $229, eBay $219

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


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    Tell em' the price son

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    Not coming up as free for me. Shows $170

  • Price in title please.

  • Qsuper won’t work.
    They are merged but they are separate websites for login

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    I'm holding off for another month to see if there're any EOFY sales. Seems like Vornado do twice yearly sales on Amazon at EOFY and Black Friday…

  • Bought one for about $143 on Amazon last year. It's great, can switch on/off with a smart plug because it is controlled by a dial. Can run nearly silently at low speeds.

  • I got one of these bad boys last time to help with airflow on ground floor. It moves a RIDICULOUS amount of air in the immediate area but I find it doesn’t really push the air that far….


    Will this vornado do much better?

  • Anyone know of a good deal on the 533DC?

  • Is this too powerful for my very small (but very cold) bathroom? Just need something to start heating it before we wake up (through smart switch) and not die out because of the condenstation/moisture from the shower steam (as the exhaust is so-so)?

    EDIT: My bad, this is the fan, not the heater.

  • Definitely going to check this out. Thanks OP.

    Can anyone recommend any general tips to mitigate damp/mould? I keep my ceiling fans running basically 24/7 and use those moisture absorbers; they fill up usually within a month. I'm on the bottom floor of a hillside house so don't get a huge amount of sunlight or even outside airflow.

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    • Apart from getting fresh air circulating through whatever means, have you considered getting a dehumidifer?

    • +1 for dehumidifier we got one for an apartment bedroom without much air circulation after a bad growth of mould. Never had the mould grow again. After we moved out I now use it to help dry laundry inside if it’s raining.

    • Air con on dehumidifier mode, or run cold at low fan speed. Can run at the same time as a dehumdifier unit, which is good as that makes heat and gives tha AC a temperature contrast to precipitate out the humidity. But can be so effective it may almost dry out your eyes and lungs.

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