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PlayStation 5 Disc Console + Gran Turismo 7 Bundle $848 + Delivery @ BIG W (Online)


BigW has PS5 with GT7 bundle up for sale for $848 + Delivery

Not sure how many left !

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    Finger on the trigger but i already have one.

    Tempted to buy to assist another wanting it and beat the saclpers

    • +7

      How would you know the person buying off you isn’t a scalper?

      • +5

        Good point

      • +1

        what if you are not a scalper trying to make sure that there is stock left for scalping?

      • +10

        Just charge extra for it. No scalper would be willing to pay extra.

        • +41

          Just charge extra for it.

          You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

    • +1

      Was also going to do this. But then ask family or friends if they want one. But meh, have already helped out quite a bit who asked.

      I'm glad some Ozb members snagged one!

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    Also the digital + black controller should available soon. They added both last night.

    • +6

      Still there to me

  • I am sure it will be runout in few minutes.

    • Still there!

  • +1

    So tempted…but have series X already. Unsure if I want to spend that much just for…I dunno…ghosts of Tsushima? Maybe god of war?

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat, I want to play ghost's of Tsushima also. I'm going to wait I have a massive backlog on XBSX already. Sony need a gamepass type service.

      • +1

        I've got a ps4 banging around somewhere I haven't touched in forever (probably on old firmware too wink wink), guess I could play on that if I was desperate. Wouldn't look as pretty though.

        • +1

          This is what I did - old PS4 with 9.00 - Ghosts is a cool game - Will look at PS5 when they drop in price AND have a Game Pass type service which I LOVE.

    • +11

      ghosts of Tsushima? Maybe god of war?

      Don't spend nearly a grand to play two video games. Stop and think about it. Don't let FOMO get you.

      • Yeah, I stopped myself. A mate said I can just borrow his as he's hardly played it as he plays switch more.

      • +1

        Thought this for a year. Finally bought a PS5 at retail for Gran Turismo 7. It was worth it just for that game alone. Obviously I plan to play more than one game but different perspectives.

    • I got Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut.

      Didn't see my family for weeks…. wife started to complain about me disappearing from the family.

      Im short, great game with great story. I rarely play through the entirty of thr campaign as many game of this tyoe become repetitive. The storyline kept me intrigued.

    • Both are must haves imho. Enjoyed and platinumed both.

    • Im still on older Xbox One X, but would consider PS5 upgrade purely for it's VR potential. Something that Xbox seems to have totally dropped the ball on. Unless of course MS is going to a "Oh… one more thing" a day before Sony launch their next gen VR.

  • +6

    So tempting but…naah

    • +1

      You would have had a million negs for this comment once upon a time 😁

  • +3

    Was about to buy, then checked gt7 reviews, apparently has microtransactions. Strong pass.

    • +3

      Still a great game

    • -2

      If you're 18 months into the current gen and you're PS5-less, I feel for you contemplating going in and being forced to pay RRP for GT7.

      But what's worse is the hidden cost of how hard Polyphony are riding you with their MTs. It's the second best way to make a vehicular-related purchase if you wanna get unwittingly bent over and rogered, after letting a novated leasing company convince you that you're saving money.

      • Times are tough.

        • FWPs amirite!

      • How are they riding you with the MTs?

        I've drivin for 60+ hours and hardly see them.

        • Haven't noticed any intrusive MT's apart from the little top up credits option. I'm only 30 something menu books in but haven't ever felt like I need to drop cash or even had to grind yet

  • +3

    Finally got one

  • +2

    Got one. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Neat, finally got one.
    Tremendous scam of a bundle taking advantage of high demand during supply shortages but what can you do.

    • +1

      Do you even know what scam means?

    • +10

      but what can you do.

      Not buy it. That's what you could have done. But you didn't.

      • Yeah, but like.. asides from that.

    • bundle with a game = "Tremendous scam"?

      • +5

        requiring you buy something extra for $100 in order to get the item you actually want, yes.
        there are no savings in this bundle. Literally none.
        In fact how is it even a "bundle". It's just buying two items instead of one.
        Half the price of the game and you might have a BUNDLE

        • several objects or a quantity of material gathered or bound together

          Now if it was a 'value bundle' or something, you'd have a point. But this is literally saying it's 'two things sold together'. Sure it sucks if you don't want the game, that complaint is valid.

          • @ozbargainsam: Technically it's $10 off. Not a great bundle by any means but given the short supply it isnt surprising. Sony probably want to push some copies of GT7. (i suspect it hasn't been selling that well)

        • "there are no savings in this bundle. Literally none."

          It's $10 cheaper than the 2 separate. While that doesnt make it a great deal you cant say it has "literally" no saving while there is one.

          Either way, "Tremendous scam" is a little over the top no?

          Looks like this is a 'deal' from Sony, only one article number listed on the bigw page. Would normally have 2 separate ones if it was a store organised offer.

  • Give me one good reason I should buy this? No two good reasons.

    • +17

      How about no reasons and leave it for someone who actually wants it?

    • +2

      You don't have one.
      You want one?

  • +7

    Nice one OP, upvoted for the find and for beating the PS5 stock alert twitter accounts

  • +3

    Thanks heaps! Finally I got the long overdued Xmas present for my boys.

  • +1

    Still available guys…. get on there

  • +1

    Thanks OP got one finally!

  • There has been an issue with your payment … wtf

  • +2

    LOL is Big W now following in the footsteps of EB games on selling these in rip off bundles?

    • I think it's sony forcing stores to bundle these games with systems. Similar forced bundles have appeared overseas.

  • I'm waiting for the PS5 slim/pro to come out (given I have the fat PS4 already)

    • Will only take many more years. Be patient!!

      • Read a press release last week by Sony CEO that the new/updated version of PS5 console is planned for release by end-2023 or early 2024; subject to availability of the new chips from AMD. Probably Sony targeting for next year Christmas Season Sales.
        I reckon a new Nintendo Switch Consoles will be launching at about the same time.
        Will be spoilt for choice come 2024.

        • Given that many still aren’t able to get a ps5 2 years after release, you won’t get a skin unless you are lucky within the next 2-4 years.

          • @onlinepred: Maybe Sony is trying to sell more games with new platforms.
            Sony may not sell enough PS5 consoles but the real REVENUE $$$$ for a big corporation are selling games and memberships. Sony make tons of money releasing new games, remastered games and new titles at premium prices for more powerful PS5 Pro or PS6.

            If you understand the concept of computer/photo printer manufacturers make money, they sell printer cheaply but the ink/toners are sold at premium prices. Those consumables are their top money spinners.

            • +1

              @Michael Lim: Umm it’a a well known fact that Sony and MS sell their consoles at a loss to make money back on software licensing and subscriptions. There’s no “maybe” about it.

        • Yes, I read that as well. Apparently they're upgrading the antenna inside to improve reception only.

  • +1

    Wish they have the horizon bundle, not interested in gt7.

    • Sony probably want to move some copies of GT7. Bundling it with something people actually want is a good idea but they could have made it a bit cheaper. Given they knew it would sell out anyway i guess it makes sense.

  • -1

    Just snagged it. Now gone

    • Pretty sure it's max 1 per person so it probably just won't let you get another one ?

      • Nah i tried opening in desktop and android before completing checkout (I wasn't trying to buy two. I just don't have my login saved on my desktop and wanted to login quickly to use my rewards card). It was out of stock when i logged in via android but thankfully i was able to complete checkout on my desktop session since it was at the payment screen.

        It is possible though that there is some regional differences in availability for delivery. Target seems to have that (albeit implemented poorly)

  • -3

    Wait, I'm early for a deal for once??

    I don't have one, but I want one. But money is tight. But it's always sold out… …

    I don't need it. I don't need. I don't need it. I don't need.I don't need it. I don't need.I don't need it. I don't need.I don't need it. I don't need.I don't need it. I don't need.

    • +10

      Honestly, don't get it if money is tight. Even then, you may get it and the hype wears out. Wait till you have the $$ and at a time where there are more next gen games.

      Hold out. You can do it!

      • +3

        this post is too wise for this website

        • Considering all the negs in my above comment, I'm inclined to agree :\

  • -1

    Looking at market place and every PS5 console is same price as Big W…….been waiting from Dec.
    Would they further go down in price or is this a great deal?

    • +3

      They won't go down.

    • +1

      Not going down in price any time soon. I wouldn't say it's a great deal as they're pushing these with games, so you pay more.

      This is more to purchase if you really want one and as an FU to scalpers. You can then sell the game for around $50. You'll only end up paying $50 extra than retail for the ps5.

      Unless of you course you want to buy the game, as I like to call it, Gran Micro Transactions 7.

  • It says available for delivery, but I cannot add to the cart. Anyone have the same problem?

    • +2

      Just added to cart and made it to checkout just then

    • +1

      That is postcode based

  • +4

    Wow.. 40min After Posting and i was able to purchase one :O

    • Congrats mate!

      • +1

        im shocked, considering every time iv seen the PS5 bundles on OzB they are sold out after 5 minutes

        • +1

          You mean 5 seconds lol.

          • @Dreamcast: This is because supply is catching up to demand. You can't scalp/sell them that easy anymore. They are a lot easier to get now.

  • +2

    Nice. Not a fan of GT7 but nice.

  • +2

    I think at the very most, bundles should be with a controller. Games just depreciate too rapidly to be bundled at full price. An extra controller is handy and should get good use out of it or else resold at minimal loss

  • Do it the pro way, ask a friend to buy then borrow from that person.

  • Still available I went all the way to payment but I have Xbox X, Switch and PC already. Goodluck guys!

    • +1

      Only one more to complete your collection!

  • Still available, can add, just bought my Xbox with game pass so skipping ps5

    • Yer not enough time for gamepass. I couldn't possibly fit time for ps5.

      • Tons of games on game pass, did you get 3 year subscription too?

        • Yer when I find it cheap I just stack to 3 years. I'm loving the steaming also. My switch has not turned on now because of gamepass streaming.

  • +1

    50 min and can confirm still available :)

    • +2

      Wow that must a record

  • +1

    Shows out of stock for me.

  • Can still checkout - surprised

  • +1

    OOS now… Missed out by minutes

  • where is the button to add to cart/purchase/checkout………..!?

  • Now that it's been out a while, what's everyone's thoughts on digital vs disc?

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