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Amazon AU: 13% Cashback (15% with Cashrewards Max) on Home Improvement Products ($20 Cap Per Transaction) @ Cashrewards


$20 cap per transaction. Ends 11:59pm 19/05 AEST.
Below is the direct link to "Home Improvement" department on Amazon AU

Includes: Home Security Systems, Home Storage & Organization, Kitchen & Bath Fixtures, Cabinet Hardware
Excludes: Tools, Lawn & Garden and Kitchen & Home categories

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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    I swear yesterday it had the same end date, but home improvement was at a lower percentage. It was already 'boosted' to 10% (12 with max), so this percentage may change.

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend a good dehumidifier?

    • +1

      I got this a couple of years back from a recommendation here. Works well. https://ionmax.com.au/products/ionmax-ion612

      • +2

        Me too! Used every day, 8hrs/day for months at a time (winters).

        Just note that desiccant based units are better suited to cold climates (and they are quieter), while compressor based units are more effective in warmer climates (I think they are also cheaper to run if in a warm climate).

    • +1

      Keep in mind it's a $20 cap per transaction and dehumidifiers are hundreds of dollars so 13%cashback isn't going to save you much.

    • +1

      i have two of these: https://www.delonghi.com/en-nz/dds30combi-tasciugo-ariadry-c...
      they are amazing. you definitely want more than a 2L tank that Zippy posted, otherwise you'll be changing it so often. This one here is a 6L tank and it fills up for me in half a day.

      • Can vouch for this one. Great little sucker which simply resolved our mould problem once and for all. It's a little loud though, but for what it does for us, it's the best investment we've ever made

    • great question

    • Got the Ionmax Vienne last year from catch ~$400. Not avail on Amazon.

      Amazing how much water it sucks out of the air. Moderate power use, slightly warms the room (a good thing in Melb). Auto function doesn't work, so I select hi or low speed manually. Has timer for auto off. 4+ litre tank. Not quiet, but can sleep when it's a room or two away.

      Forgot to mention. It's Black & Sexy.

  • +4

    Make sure the product you are buying is categorised as home improvement!

    • +4

      How does one do that

      • +4

        Luck. Sometimes Amazon doesnt make it easy to see what category an item is.

        But seriously, under the amazon toolbar (the top left) there should be a bolded category. Loosely, that will be the category of the product. Otherwise, in the listing itself, you may get clued in by the 'Best Sellers Rank' which lists the categories the product is listed in.

      • could look it up on 3camels

        not sure how accurate that is

  • +2

    any bargains?

  • +10

    Seriously. Home improvement, excluding tools?

    Bit of a joke cashback this one.

    • With you there! The current tool cashback rate is low. Plenty of things would be a lot more attractive if tools sub category wasn't excluded.

  • What's CashRewards max and why does it sound like a Murdoch wet dream

    • +4

      for max link an anz card (who own them now)

      as for wet dreams that’s because you’re a weirdo

      • +2

        Yep I'm the weirdo, Murdoch is the normal top bloke

      • +1

        You need to also pay with an ANZ card though.

  • +4

    Phew, excluded tools. I've saved even more money now I'm not buying anything

  • +1


    Home improvement includes bath fixtures. Any good bidets on amazon?

    • I'm more of a bucket of water kinda guy

  • +2

    So many comments - none +1’d the deal

    $20 cap isn’t great for home security systems..
    If I buy an item for $499, that’s only 4% Cashback..

    Looks like a no deal!

  • With this cashback offer: Up to 13% cashback

    I see that:
    Personal Care Appliances 6%
    Health & Household 0%

    But the item I want to buy is in this category:
    Health, Household & Personal Care › Medication & Remedies › Alternative Therapies

    Would I still get cash back as a Personal Care Appliances?


  • Anyone know what the standard (non-boosted) CashRewards % is for "home improvement" @ Amazon?

    • +1

      0% if I remember correctly.

  • Bought something from home improvement category but my tracked purchase for cashrewards is zero?

    • me too, which is why I asked what the non-boosted rate was. CashRewards would be much better if it was able to show "on this date and time the rewards % was" … given so many of these deals are time sensitive.

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