[XB1] FIFA 20 $5 in-Store Only @ BIG W


Probably the cheapest it will get before it comes off the shelf…so shocked this has only dropped to $5 now. It was $10-15 a few weeks ago.

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    I'm shocked it's still on the shelf.

  • Make sure you watch this review before buying it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjp1Zrvn8VQ

  • FIFA23 which comes out around October, is going to be Free to play! (+Partial paid for gotcha I guess)

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    Pretty sure FIFA21 is on gamepass

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    These were $2 at my local Target for a few weeks, then $1 for a week till all sold out.

    • Dunno if Big W will drop it to $2 or less though…Target seem to be more cut throat

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    FIFA22 is free for Playstation Plus members this month also

  • Honestly after 12 months they should just give these away for free as a marketing poly

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