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US$10 Worth of Tesla Stock for Referrer and Referee with A$100 Deposit within 30 Days @ Superhero


Superhero has just launched a new promo which gives you US$10 (around AU$14) worth of free Tesla stock when you open an account and deposit $100. This is an increase from their previous promo which offered an ETF worth AU$8. Terms & conditions

  • The Referrer and Referred Friends can earn US$10 of Tesla shares if, the Referred Friend:
    signs up to Superhero using their unique referral link;
    creates a Superhero account that complies with both the Referral T&Cs and the Superhero Terms & Conditions; and
    deposits A$100 or more into their Superhero Wallet within 30 calendar days of commencing their sign up for a Superhero account.
  • The Referred Friend must not be an existing Superhero user.
How it Works
  • Existing Superhero users can refer friends using their unique referral link, found in the Profile tab of their individual Superhero account. This unique referral link can be copied and shared with friends.
  • The unique referral link takes a new user to the web sign-up flow for a Superhero account. The Referred Friend must sign up for a Superhero account using this link in order to be eligible for the Program and Referral Reward.
Referral Reward
  • The Referrer and Referred Friend will be rewarded with US$10 of Tesla shares at the time of purchase.
  • The actual value of the shares reflected in your account may differ slightly from US$10 due to fluctuations in the share price between when the shares are purchased and when they are allocated to your account (within 2 business days).
  • The Referrer and Referred Friend will receive their Referral Reward within 2 business days of a Referred Friend successfully funding their account according to the eligibility criteria of the Program.
  • Referral Rewards for the Referrer can only be earned with your ‘Individual Account’. Referral Rewards for the Referred Friend will be earned into their first funded trading account, which could include an individual, minor, company, trust, or SMSF account.

Source: Flight Hacks

Referral Links

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Referrer and Referee each earn US$10 worth of Tesla stock. Referee must deposit minimum $100 into Superhero Wallet within 30 calendar days.

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  • -1

    0.01% of a TSLA share!

    This company has antiquated systems. Just look at their transfer process which requires you to fill out a physical form that you need to print (where they SPECIFICALLY CAPITALISE THAT YOU CAN'T DIGITALLY SIGN IT).

    Versus Stake which allows you to perform the transfer process all via the app (and just take a quick photo of your signature on a piece of paper).

    • 0.01% of a Tesla share but an instant 14% return on your $100 deposit! I prefer Stake as well but nothing stops anyone from depositing $100, taking the free money and cashing it all out.

      • Yes, assuming no fee to sell and no currency fee either. Then tax.

    • 0.01% of a TSLA share!

      give it a few weeks, might be more at the rate its going ;)

  • They've had much better sign-up promotions in the past. They should offer more for people willing to commit more.

    • IMO Tiger Brokers have the best sign up offer at the moment. Free Apple share + $10 + lucky draw of 1 Tesla/Uber/Twitter share when you deposit 3k in cash or shares.

      • Yes, a good deal, wish I had waited a few weeks and scooped it up at this lower price!

  • How do you get US$10 worth of Tesla stock when Tesla share price is US$761?

    • +1

      Purchasing fractional shares on the US share market is a common feature, not just to Supehero.

  • +1

    if elon taken to delaware court, he might be forced to buy twitter at the agreed price, he would then have to liquidate his shares to finance it… imma just gunna wait till that happens before signing up.

  • How is this vs stake?

    • I don’t do much buying but I can say that the sign up process and iOS app is much better. Can also link your Qantas number for extra benefits.

      • I have no idea which service you're saying is better?

        • Good point I’m wrong I assumed people would know as I mentioned the sign up process, so that would be this deal.

  • Did anyone else receive their US$10 Worth of Tesla Stock within 2 business days? Mine was due on Friday but hasn’t appeared on my account yet.

    • received

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