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Beats Fit Pro: from $0 & 36400 Qantas Points, to $283 & 0 Point (30% off Points), Free Delivery @ Qantas Store


Just found this on the Qantas website. I think it might be a bug because all other Beats and Apple products have 20% Off, if you do a search for the product it doesn't show up either. You have to find it via sub category Head phones.

Any who, I think it's a pretty good deal as selling the points gets you anywhere between 0.7-$1 for 100 points.

Original 30% off full priced items when pay by Qantas Points post

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    Going price for these seems to be about $269 based on a very quick google, so paying $364.00 worth of points (based on normal $0.01 per point valuation) doesn't seem a great deal.

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      Nothing in the Store ever is when it comes to points. If you ain't flying or can't be bothered waiting then it's an option

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      While this is true, I would say there are a few people that have points but don't want to sell them / aren't travelling any time soon. This is a nice little option for them to get something they may need without jumping through hoops with a point sale.

      If you go by 45k points = $250 gift card. This is definitely better.

      • That is 0.55 cents per point. That is the current "currency exchange" I calculated too
        ( $2'200 economy flight to Europe or 340'000 points results in 0.64 cpp )
        I just used 64'540 points for $400 in voucher ( results in 0.061 cpp )

  • good earbuds. but seems pricey

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