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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Blu-Ray & 4K Movies and TV Shows + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Deal is slowly coming live on the website. Looks like collections are included. Happy hunting!

Starts online 18/5/2022, in-store 19/5/2022.

Buy one get one free when purchased in the same transaction. Cheapest one free. Trade not supplied. Maximum two copies of the same title in the same transaction. Excludes pre-orders, services and blank media. While stocks last.

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  • +13

    Time for my perks voucher to finally use ha

    • -1

      Already used for my Belkin iPhone 11 and Tab A8 charger.

  • +3

    Here we go, lads. Time to sign up for a dozen new Perks accounts lol

    • Seems the intern hasn't been fired yet lol

    • +1

      Doesn't it need a different mobile number for every new account?

      • +1

        Just sign up every family member with a mobile while they’re not looking…😆

      • +1

        Buy dozens of $2 Kogan prepaid starter kit and net $8 profit with the perk code.

    • -2

      Can we stack perk vouchers?

      • It's one discount voucher per order.. just like eBay codes

    • Perks vouchers? What did I miss?

  • +4

    Lord of the ring and Hobbit, maybe this time.

    • +3

      I just ordered the 4K Trilogy - LOTR for $69, free Hobbit $64.98 and used the $10 perks voucher, so total $59.

      • Could you please link the ones you purchased, with multiple versions I dont want to get the wrong one.

        • +2

          Search for - 4K Ultra HD Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Extended & Theatrical Editions) @ $69 and 4K Ultra HD
          Hobbit, The Trilogy (Extended & Theatrical Editions) @ $64.98.

          • @obiken: Have you picked it up? I wonder what subtitle languages are supported for these two apart from English of course.

  • +2

    Godfather 4k collection and daniel craig 5 movie 4k collection would have a been a great combo! Alas, daniel craig collection is pre-order only and not part of the deal :(

    • +4

      I got the Daniel Craig 5 disc 4K collection for $48 from Zavvi

      • Thats great. I guess it was a gamble I wasn't willing to take.

      • Not sure anyone realise but whole james bond movies free to watch at prime just for $6.99/mth subscription

      • If you don't want to watch a Bond movie just order the Jason Bourne collection, it's the same thing really.

        Or order some real thinking man's Bond movies.

    • +2

      Godfather 4K & Nolan 4K is a decent combo set

  • anyone used their perk voucher it is applied but after you click pay when you check your final invoice the $10 voucher was not applied?

    • You need to enter that code they sent you via email to get the $10 off

      • yup i entered that. it showed the final price with the applied $10 code. but when I clicked pay and checked the invoice the coupon was not applied. It went back to the original price. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this.,

        • Maybe you can not use this voucher together with other promo eg. Buy one get one free.

    • +2

      perks voucher worked for me - final invoice also shows the discount

      • -2

        Can we stack multiple perk vouchers?

      • Is there a minimum spend for the 10 off?

  • Looks like most of the good Pixar films are $20 for 4k Ultra so that might be worth it.

    • But all on Disney plus :(

      • +3

        They are on DVD as well. I guess this is for people who want the highest quality image.

      • Ditch Disney plus then

  • +1

    I usually look forward to this sale but hardly any releases or rereleases to 4K this year.

  • +3

    LOTR and Hobbit bundle 4K extended for $69

    • +1

      I got them for $59 with the perks voucher.

      • same here.

      • +1

        Thanks for the reminder, did the same

    • -5

      Its free on amazon now..

      • +3

        Is it the extended editions ? Also 4K DV Atmos etc. ?

      • +6

        And ? People who want fully uncompressed video/hdr and audio without sacrificing anything for a high end tv like oleds etc I still buy discs when I can, half the time I go to watch stuff like this and the content has ended and it's on another provider like binge and the quality is even worse but each to their own…

  • +2

    Xmen Trilogy + Xmen Beginnings Trilogy.. $26.98 for all six, damn good value

      • +4

        And on Disney plus, they are compressed to the poop house

  • +9

    Lol at new releases being 40 bucks.

    • -1

      Are you new to RRP?

    • +1

      Mortal Kombat is still 40 bucks and it ain't even new.

  • +9
  • +2

    Looks like a couple of titles are having errors, with only delivery available even though they are freely available in stores too.

    • Right? I mean I don't believe there are no copies of Dune within 200km of my location, in Sydney….

  • +2

    Finally, an opportunity to get the Star Wars collection eps 1-9. I want to see what the fuss is all about.

      • +14

        Physical media still kills streaming for video and audio quality and you actually own it!

        • -1

          Unless Disney+ has the IMAX Enhanced version, then streaming is better for video. For audio, I agree disc is still the best by far (if you have the home theatre).

          • @reactor-au: Hard to say. The actual picture is still better on the disc. IMAX Enhance just has more vertical real estate.

            • @filmer: The picture still looks pretty good streaming and most of the Disney+ movies are in Dolby Vision, where Disney refuses to put DV on disc.

          • -2

            @reactor-au: But how so? I stream atmos through Disney+
            Does make the 4K disc superfluous

            • +6

              @Loracks: Streaming DD+ Atmos is not the same as True HD Atmos on disc.

              • @AdrianW: Well bugger, was about to buy Gravity on Apple TV but need to find a disc now.

                • +1

                  @Loracks: Try Interstellar if you want something to shake the house

                  • @reactor-au: Prefer something to make use of atmos speakers and Nolan don’t do atmos

    • This is cheaper without the shovelware https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/star-wars-the-originals-e...

      That plus Rogue One is all you really need. Watch the others on a stream (you'll probably only do it once).

      Once you own them I'd also recommend Project 4K77 if you want the original experience without all the changes over the years.

  • +6

    Grabbed the Pirates 5 movies collection before they cast Amber on the 6th one!

    • +3

      Poop pirate

    • The 4K edition? If so, it's worth cancelling the order, they messed up the picture very badly, google it

      • What picture you talk about?

    • Went with the regular blu-ray for $20. saved myself $55 and avoided the dodgy 4K.

  • +1

    Shame there is no 4K Planet of the Apes Trilogy on JB. I don't know what to combine with the LOTR Trilogy..

    • +1


    • +3

      Perhaps back to the future trilogy?

  • PSA. Don't spend your Perks Voucher on the first $10 item that shows up…. cause you'll be taking home The Human Centipede.

  • When does this offer finish?

  • thanks, bought mugen train and akira limited edition

    • Jealous, I saw Akira limited edition and missed out when it sold out/taken off the website late at night.

      • +1

        I was lucky, I saw the other comment this morning about Akira.

        • I thought at that price it was still a bit expensive for people. Guess there's more anime fans than I thought on ozbargain. Damn

  • Keen on pixar collection but cbf hitting the classifieds to find a fellow Perthian

  • +4

    Heads up - if you try to order multiples two for ones, it will not match equally priced items; it will always match the cheapest to the most expensive. So, you'll have to make separate orders and make sure to double check before paying!

    • +2

      They do this in person at the store too.

      • I've found in store they usually match value.
        ie - pay for most expensive, 2nd most expensive free. Pay for 3rd most, 4th most free. etc etc.

        • Last time when i did it they just scanned everything and the system did not do that at all automatically. I complained and got my $20 or whatever it was if we scanned it a different order.

  • Thanks OP will pick up some things. Anyone have some good box sets or movies to recommend? Looking to add to my Hobbit and LOTR sets.

  • +1

    I made multiple orders due to it taking the cheapest ittem and making it free.

    Order #1:
    - Star Wars: The Prequels (Episodes 1-3) Limited Edition 4K | $39.98 $29.98 (Perks Discount)
    - Star Wars: The Originals (Episodes 4-6) Limited Edition 4K | $39.98 $0.00
    - Star Wars: The Sequels (Episodes 7-9) Limited Edition 4K | $39.98
    - The Kings Man 4K | $39.98 $0.00
    Order #2:
    - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 4K | $24.98
    - Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K | 24.98 $0.00
    Order #3:
    - Zack Snyder's Justice League Trilogy 4K | $89.98
    - Matrix, The - 4 Film Collection 4K | 89.98 $0.00

    Originally: $389.84
    Discounted price: $184.92

    I'm stoked at that.

    • For comparison, I saved myself $60 by splitting it all up into separate orders.

    • Followed your technique for order #1 but got matrix resurrections 4k instead of the kings man :)

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