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$100 eGift Card with Comprehensive Car Insurance @ Stella


I received this via email. I have not done any quotes so have no idea of prices.

Get a $100 eGift card when you purchase a new comprehensive car insurance policy by 30 June 2022

Simply enter the code STELLA100 at checkout to claim your card. It can be used at over 180 retailers, so there’s something for everyone.

And the spirit of giving doesn’t stop there. You'll save an extra 15% on your premium when you buy annually.

Stella is unapologetically for women.

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    Yeap quote you $813 and you get $100 ecard which turn out to be $713 which is still more expensive than $645 ( excess only $700) normal insurance quote without discount. Gimmick! 😆 But never mind since it's pro woman as it's said let's donate to Amber heard. 😆

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    • You'd look good in a wfe-beater I'm sure.

    • Elaine, is that you?

  • $1000 excess
    $1,270 pa including windshield.
    Too much, IMO.

    • Dropped to $800 excess and it only cost me $2 more?

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    $355 more expensive than my current. Crazy. Suppose some people won't check and just assume they're ahead because of a gift card. Interested to see if anyone actually gets a cheaper quote than current or even comparable.

    • Well if you sign monthly and only pay 1 month then return to previous insurer it would still be worth it no?

  • Any good and cheap car insurance recommendation?

    • Huddle

    • Woolworths plus you get 10% off shopping too. I think there are also codes going around to get $100 in points or gift card.

    • Budget Direct?

  • I have a renewal with Woolworths for under $400. Stella is $680 and car value for much less.

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    whenever a deal is posted there is always people saying its no good so do your own research. As always, shop around.

    • No, "whenever" is obviously false. What was your sample size?

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    Sorry looks like s’pam to me

    • theres nothing in it for me, as my car is not due for renewal. As always, shop around, it goes without saying

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    Thanks OP - Quote comes up cheaper for me than my current policy so clearly YMMV. It's also worth checking Australia Post car insurance as this still has a $100 cashback on cashrewards and also came up cheaper for me on another policy recently.

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    Awesome, unapologetically for women. So it should give way cheaper prices since women are so much safer than men….

  • any customer service experience or claims experience? Are they reliable during claims? My current GIO i dont have issues with.

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