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Mutti Polpa Tomatoes Finely Chopped 2-Pack 800g $2.15 @ Coles


One of the best canned tomatoes. Made in Italy. Ferrari, Fiat.

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    I note the Mutti Polpa Cherry Tomatoes Finely Chopped 2x300g cans (yellow Cardboard outer) is on clearance, from memory $1.65. Good for single serving tomato based sauce.

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    Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Aprillia.

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      Moskvitch! Too soon?

    • Aquasphere goggles.

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    Just in time.. running out.

    I do have a couple of 800gram tins left.

    Just checked the price, and its $2 for 790grams at Woolies, so potentially better value but sometimes a 790gram tin too much- https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/131559

    Anyway options for you if the 400gram tins are out of stock.

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    Obligatory link to the original thread and description: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/498643

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    On cans of toms, look for citric acid in the ingredients. If it's there, avoid.

    • why is that?

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        It means the toms are picked somewhat unripe, and ripened in the cans.

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          ah ok thanks.

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          What’s wrong with that?

    • I don't think people would appreciate lemon juice changing the flavour.

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      I like my tomatoes like I like my women. Fresh, Italian, ripe, natural, free of acid and unchopped

    • thanks

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    Fantastic tomatoes. Diced makes cooking even easier. Makes a legendary spaghetti tomato with basil leaves.

    Only con is that all cans are lined with questionable plastic, which is even riskier with acidic food.

    • What plastic are they lined with?

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        • Oh yeah I thought maybe it was updated or there was more info of it being risky

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      I find by making my own passata it tastes better. But it’s a fair bit of work.

  • Are these better than say, Annalisa peeled ones?

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      This is a polpa (finely chopped) so not the same product, it will not have whole tomato texture, so it depends on what you are cooking if it will be suitable. I like a mix of whole and something finer like passata in a typical red pasta sauce.

      Mutti whole or cherry tomatoes I would rank above Annalisa - very sweet, big tomato taste, and I never need to add sugar. That said, for me Annalisa is probably at the top of the other brands generally available at ColesWorth. Have had some really bad (bland/sour) ones from coles brand and ardoma.

      • Ah okay, thanks! Was thinking for bolognese, I made my first from scratch the other day and it was pretty average. Perhaps better to stick to peeled for that.

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        There are a few passatas that are much nicer, even possibly Val Verde. Look for “rustica” which is chunky (pulp, aka “polpa”), and tastes very nice. Divella, Carpiccio are good. I usually go for stuff that’s $2.50-3 a bottle.

        There’s one I used to but a lot at a local Greek fruit and veg place but I can’t find the name of it now. Awesome stuff.

    • If I can't get this on special, I always get the whole Annalisa. Very similar. Everything else tastes like crap.

      I'm mainly using for pizza sauce.

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    I love these too - I wish there was an Aussie equivilent that were as good……?


    The absurdity of the certification process was revealed in 2015, when a 47-year-old Sudanese immigrant, Abdullah Muhammed, was working on a tomato farm in Nardò in Puglia. Labouring without breaks, and with limited water, he suffered a heart attack and died. No medical assistance was available. It was his first day of work; he had arrived from Sicily the day before.

    The farm was owned by Giuseppe Mariano, who had previously been caught up in an investigation into caporalato, and who had been using a Sudanese gangmaster. Using drones and wiretaps, an investigating magistrate, Paola Guglielmi, discovered that the farm was supplying processing plants owned by two of the biggest names in the Italian tomato industry, Mutti and Cirio.
    Mutti was so aghast at the damage to its reputation that it decided, in future, to purchase only mechanically harvested tomatoes in the south. (Mechanisation reduces the working crews to four or five people, bar the driver.)

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      Maybe try Ardmona crushed or diced. I like them, they're Australian and $1.40-1.80 per 400g can.


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        I buy Ardmona to support Australian, but it's a real challenge. They taste worse and are more expensive. Part of me wants this industry to die so I can buy Italian tomatoes in good conscience lol

        • I like Australian tomatoes.

          At least our farmers aren't paid billions of dollars in subsidies to produce their tomatoes. They are not actually more expensive in true economic terms - the European taxpayer pays for the tomato way, way before it ever gets grown, packed or eaten…

      • Who wants added Thickeners … yuk!

        Ardmona Crushed Tomatoes
        Tomatoes (99%) [Crushed (69%), Juice, Paste], Thickener (1422), Food Acid (Citric).

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      I think the only way is to make your own passata in the summer. Aussie canned tomatoes are trash

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    Upvoted for “Ferrari. Fiat.”

  • Italy dumping state-funded tomatoes again…

  • Pizza hut

    • What?

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    These taste bland to me, Ardmona ones ate better.

  • I only buy Australian tinned tomatoes.

  • Just got 10 packs, should do me for a few months, thanks!

  • Thanks, Op. Finally found some at one of the local stores as they are usually sold out. On previous sales I've tried to raincheck but as they weren't catalog sales item they wouldn't allow

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