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Cooler Master V 750W SFX 80+ Gold PSU $149 + $7.99 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C/ mVIP) @ Mwave


A decent price for a 750W SFX PSU review also seems quite positive

Currently $199 + elsewhere

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  • Looks like retailers are dumping PSUs ready for the ATX 3.0.

    • +1

      There's always been plenty of PSU specials around, and it'll be a while before that standard becomes established (and even longer before it becomes necessary)

  • Fan is not good in this PSU

    • Yeah Corsair SF series is really the only way to go for sfx, CM sfx have very whiny fans

  • Did they fix the fan curve issue in later revisions of this?

  • Hmm, I bought a great ATX psu for my NR200p build, not knowing it prefers a SFX psu. Debating whether to cut my losses and buy this instead of jamming the ATX psu in there. Seen multiple ways to do it but I want a clean and tidy build I can look at through the glass.

    • defintely SFX if you are after looks.

    • There's an official 3d print file for an ATX PSU bracket apparently which seems the most convenient, though good luck with fitting your GPU in

  • beware the revisions of this model.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one. I spoke with Mwave and they couldnt check the box to see if it is the newest model. However the fan issue was a 2021 issue and Coolermaster did a RMA on those so its unlikely they are still selling them.

    Now what to do with my brand new MSI 850w power supply.

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