iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases: Pelican, Griffin, EFM, Incipio, BodyGuardz, Lifeproof $5 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like JB is clearing out iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, mostly for $5.
I am getting 2 cases for free by using the Perks $10 voucher sign-up:

* Pelican Marine Active Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. sold out
* Griffin Survivor Extreme Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. sold out
* BodyGuardz Avenue Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. sold out
* LifeProof Wake Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max (Blue). sold out

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    I remember seeing lots of deals on these cases when first signing up to jb perks. If you look carefully, there are some non pro max cases in there.

    e: but apparently they all suck according to reviews.

    • Any iPhone 13 pro max cases?

    • Could not be any worse than the generic $10 ones shipped from China on eBay (3-4 weeks delivery). Especially at this price, $0 for me 😉

      • Well considering the reviews said they couldn’t press the side buttons, it could be. I’m just in the habit of buying spigen cases before the phone is even released to get a feel for size, etc. and sticking with that.

        • apparently they all suck according to reviews.

          Not all though. I can see Cygnet, BodyGuardz and Speck having decent reviews. My preference is Pelican as they are usually premium made, quality controlled and priced.

          • @Buy2Much: I guess I should have clarified that I was referring to the non pro max cases available for cheap. I know the others are good but the reason theyre on sale is because there aren't that many pro max users.

    • Those reviews are correct. Stay away from the Pela Friendly Case, I tried it on my phone (iPhone 12) in the store and you physically can't press the volume bottoms without a very firm amount of force

    • Same. Was limited for c&c and the ines I opted for didn't fit - EFM ones.

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    Damn, no Magsafe ones

    • You can buy MagSafe adhesive magnets.

      • You can, but they're not quite the same - the extra ridge on the rear of the phone isn't quite as nice to hold.

  • any for iphone 11 ?

    • Not on sale here…

    • Got mine from Target, $3 on clearance. Much better than the $3 eBay case.

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    I picked these up last week

    Pelican, ok not very well made

    Griffin survivor extreme, great case, excellent grip, ports close much better then the pelican also has really good soliution for the mute switch, looking to fix magnets to this one to keep using my chargers

    • Good feedback, I usually have trouble toggling mute switch on thick cases.

    • Grabbed the griffin and an otterbox screen protector

  • I just exchange cases today… Some of the EFM don't even fit.

  • Can also get a few decent iPhone 12 Max and Mini cases(UAG/Incipio/3SixT etc) on the Telstra Rewards Store for 1000 points + delivery or use points for delivery. Grabbed two for my 12 Mini last week

  • Oof just bought a $25 case off amazon the other day

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