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Bulova Computron Watch 98C140 - $529 Delivered @ Starbuy


Enter the code COMPUTRON to receive the discounted price of $529 including delivery via Starbuy.

This Special Edition Computron 98C140 D-Cave is inspired by gaming culture & features an exhibition circuit board and an acid-etched sidewall detail inspired by computer towers.

The design is finished with a transparent mineral crystal that also showcases the inner workings of the timepiece.

Featuring a sleek black IP stainless steel case & a green LED time display with dual time zone capabilities, this iconic timepiece from the 1970s becomes the essential watch to up your style game in the digital age.

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  • +7


  • Ugly

  • +5

    worth $5

  • +6

    Jesus. Looks like aliexpress worst

  • +1

    Bulova watches generally look good. But this one is straight-up trash!

    • Strange - to me bulova seems caught in a theme based on the nouveau riche of the 70s. I would prefer this to any of their other "creations".

  • Does this one count steps ?

  • Why? …. Just why?

  • +9

    transparent mineral crystal

    Not many watches use the non transparent version…..
    Though in this case, non transparent might be an improvement

  • +4

    This is uglier than what I see in the mirror each morning.

  • +1

    I might pay $5.29 for this, maybe $6 max

  • C'mon Watchnerd, sell us this one if you can.

    I suspect if the genuine Stainless Steel [U.S. I hope, or maybe Swedish?] doesn't sell it, then it's really for those who really need to say " I don't care, and I'm rich enough not to have to.".

    Not that I'm criticising mind, it's not a bad market to have. Now has anyone seen my cigarettes cards…

  • +3

    I think whoever D-Cave is they took Bulova for a bit of a ride here.

    • Heh, the D-Cave.

      My mind can't be the only one that went there.

  • +2

    The design is finished with a transparent mineral crystal that also showcases the inner workings of the timepiece.

    The inner workings of a digital watch are really not interesting enough to showcase…
    Ooh, a PCB!!

    • +2

      and, a PCB with the black epoxy blob on the main IC, so you can't even see where the internal workings are happening…

    • +1

      Needs more RGB!

  • +2

    Gotta be honest I don't HATE it

  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for this one to go on sale!
    However, the sale price is still $524 too much.
    Not long now!

  • What the heck is this thing!

  • My eyes! My eyes!

  • +1

    thanks. bought 10.

  • +6

    My old casio, after an accident looked like this…

    • and even more people would now the brand name as well

  • The main point of a watch is to know the time, on this the digits are so small and stylised..sort of defeats its purpose.

    • -1

      The main point of a watch is to know the time


      • -1

        Well that's the only reason I put my Rolex on for when I go to Aldi
        Oh, and also to see how long I've waited in the queue on the Specials mornings.

  • +4

    inspired by gaming culture

    Tacky and repels women. Okay, your story checks out.

  • Worth 10 bucks

  • or buy 20x casios?

  • whats with the big black splodge in the middle of the board??

    • +1

      It's the chip die covered in epoxy. Instead of packaging it in a case ($$ relative to the die mfr) they just solder the die straight onto the board and cover it up with epoxy.

  • I love my normal Computron but this one is a bit much for me

  • I wouldn’t even want to receive this as a gift.

  • Where's the rest of it?

    • +5

      It's gaming inspired, so the rest will come in 6 DLCs you can buy later for another $1500 or so. Plus you can buy user created watch hats and junk.

      I'd wait for the watch of the year edition, better value.

  • +4

    Time itself is offended by this

  • Gosh! what an eyesore. !! Seriously who on earth buys this watch?

  • Almost, missing two little things to worth the asking price.

    Just need a few RGBs and the word gaming written on it.

  • +1

    Hmm i think it looks great

    • You have no eye for fashion

  • need Steve Jobs to sell this!

    • I don't think even a die hard Apple fan would buy this

  • a product like this.. ending up on ozB.. says it all

  • Was there a mistake somewhere with a decimal after 5??? Maybe it is 5.29???

  • +1

    Then again what to expect in this day and age when people are spendings 100s and 1000s of dollars for pictures of monkeys as NFCs. Sigh…

  • +1

    You know what John West is doing with this bad boy

  • I had to come in here and throw up in the corner…

  • +1

    Nice body. Shame about the face though.

    • Absolute gold!

  • What does it do

  • Can I do teleportation with this watch?

  • I don't mind the look, I do mind the price

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