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Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener, 7.5ml $4.40 ($3.96 S&S) or Refill 2x7.5ml $5.00 ($4.50 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Links Below:

Ambi Pur Premium Clip Aqua Car Air Freshener, 7.5ml https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07P6WXTDD

Sold out Ambi Pur Premium Clip Aqua Car Air Freshener Refill, 2 Pack https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07PCDGV4F

Expired Ambi Pur Premium Clip Car Air Freshener Vanilla Voyage 7.5mL https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07P6WXZM6

Ambi Pur Premium Clip Car Air Freshener Vanilla Voyage Refill 2 x 7.5ml https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07P81YYXX

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  • +1

    Hi, the vanilla one is full price. Only the aqua one is on special. Thanks

    • +5

      in preparation for Amber Heard Aquaman going to be a flop

    • Just bought one for half price.

  • +3

    Half price at Woolworths at the moment if pickup is easier…

  • +2

    Ambipur.. this brand is still around.. amazing.
    I used this in my first car 22 years ago. Was trying different scent every refill and in the end my car smelt like junk lol

  • How do you pronounce this brand? Is it am-by-pure?
    Or am-bee-poor?

    • Pour

    • +2

      I thought it was am-bee-pure.

      • +3

        Funny we've always said Am-bee Purrr (like the cat) :P

  • +3

    15 ml -> $ 8.80
    100 ml -> $58
    1ltr -> $ 580

    Some of the most expensive item we purchase from Grocery store casually:)

    • +2

      I just use dryer sheets lol

      • That works amazing

        • How do you use dryer sheets? Do you just leave 1 in the car somewhere or whole box or wipe the insides of the car with it?

          • @mrcosmo: In your cabin air filter

          • @mrcosmo: Yeah just leave the box open under your seat. Rather strong tho, or leave a couple in the doors.

      • Just bought it.. Thanks for the info

      • works best in the winter when you are running the heater.

  • Has anyone got a decent diy solution to car air fresheners?

    The ones you can buy are just so wasteful and expensive for what they are. I've seen a mason jar with wax candle melt solution, but I'm curious if anyone has good ideas to share.

    • Use dryer sheets

    • I use an oil diffuser and put it in the cup holder, just add water and spray my favourite cologne inside. My car always smells amazing and lasts a long time

    • chemist warehouse, perfume on sale…. refill existing.

  • +1

    Why can't they make one that actually smells like a new car? The ones that say new car smell, smell anything but.

    • +2

      I want them to make one that smells like the beach.

      • +6

        Okay Cosmo ;)

    • Right?
      Though I find the Meguiars new car scent protectant has that new car plastic smell that comes pretty close. Give your car a quick wipe every now and then to keep the smell.

      • Yeah I have that one already and in my opinion it's not close to new car smell. Understand that new car smell is probably a semi toxic mix…. But it smells so good - much like texter sniffing.

        • It's still better than all the market air fresheners I've tried though. I know it won't be the same with the real thing.

  • Upto 70 days … Somehow mine was evaporated within 10 days. Am I using them wrong?

    • +1

      hence the up to 70 days, could be finished within 3 days too lol.

    • Was it in upright position? You can't tilt it more than 45°

    • +1

      Up to, I guess if the car is park in a garage for 70 days consecutively without any airflow from doors opened and closed.

    • +1

      same experience..

      then I left it in the car without breaking the seal for 70 days or above

    • mine last about 2months

  • -1

    It the car smells, maybe it's time to clean it.

  • Aqua refills are back in stock

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