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20% off + 3x Flybuys Points on All LEGO Products + Delivery ($0 with OnePass/ C&C) @ Target


20% off all Lego at Target + collect triple Flybuys Points

Discount works on the newly released Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets

Target via Catch has the same 20% off promotion on as well since Target and Kmart have joined the OnePass family

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Target Australia
Target Australia


  • Technically it isn't Catch themselves. It's sold and shipped from Target. Plus it's free delivery for all users. OnePass not required.


  • just an fyi, Amazon have matched a lot of these.

    • That tripple flybuys sounds good though!

      • yes true, that's a good point(s)…

      • Tripple flybuys equals to 1.5% additional discount. I will still prefer Amazon to this 1.5%

        • Why?

          • @Mistredo: Next day shipping vs waiting a week for Auspost to come.

  • Man I really love these stupid new Minecraft sets, I don't even play it or care for it!

    I feel I'll regret jumping in at 20% off, they look like 40% off sets.

  • +3
    • +1

      Love that! I reckon a lighting kit is essential for Ecto 1. https://youtu.be/A3OvfYnO6Jg

      • Lighting/sound and motor. Moc instructions free due to giving 10% lighting/sound discount. But basically it's double the cost unless you've got the motors and hub lying around.

        Check Rebrickable.

        I've just bought the motors and am going to buy the moc and light/sound kit soon

  • +5

    Grrr need this June 1 for Optimus Prime

  • Thinking to get the tumbler but it was the cheapest yet… unless catch does a $30 cap cashback

  • Any idea when the triple flybuy pts deal expired?

    • Same day as the Lego 20% off - 25 May

      • Cheers… I found this on the bottom of target page as well

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