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[PC, Epic] Tiny Tina's Wonderlands $53.97 (Discounted at Checkout, Was $89.95) @ Epic Games Store


Tiny Tina's Wonderland comes out to $53.97 at checkout with the automatic 25% off with Epic Games Store.

Not the cheapest ever but still a good deal.

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  • Is that US dollars? Says $71.96(AU) for me.

  • Will wait for Steam version

    • As someone quite new to PC gaming, why wait for the Steam version? Just a simple preference?

      • People having their whole collection on Steam would want to only use one platform. And Steam works well and does the job.

        Also when it comes to Steam it usually comes with the DLC and have sales too.

        Also convincing friends who only use Steam is hard

        As far as I know it will be on Steam in October we have waited more than half a year so what's another few months.

        • Game is cross-platform, and I imagine that playing with Steam and Epic players would be easy for a game like this (once it comes out on Steam)

      • +3

        Steam has a defacto dominance of the PC gaming market, it is only a few big publishers that have their own platforms for their own games (EA, Activision/Blizzard, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Riot).

        Epic are trying to disrupt that, by offering free games on a weekly basis, and by offering publishers timed exclusivity deals. They can do this due to their Fortnite and Unreal engine income.

        Many people have their entire libraries on Steam and resent that they have to wait.

        In general Epic is positive for consumers, Steam is too dominant.

      • Having to look at more than one launcher is annoying.

      • I dont want to support timed exclusives from Epic.
        Its basically a monopoly by Epic since there are no competitor in PC section for this game for now

  • Chaotic Great edition is A$71.97 quite tempting actually.

    • +3

      With the quality of the DLC I wouldn't bother going for the Chaotic Great over the standard. The campaign is fantastic but the extra content is a stinker, especially compared to what is usually offered as DLC for Borderlands titles.

      • good to know, I got annoyed with Season pass 2 with BL3 as I had purchased the super deluxe (or whatever it was at the time) edition thinking I was in for all the available DLC

      • Yeah I agree, definitely not worth buying the DLC separately. Great base game, though!

  • This game prob be $10 soon like borderlands 3

    • Borderlands 3 is free on Epic this week

      • Yes but it was low price im quite a few salesfor 6 months before that. I bought it on pc unfortunately just a few month ago maybe $15

    • If soon is 2 years after release then yes. Here is a price graph the cheapest other than with the Epic games freebie is $16.82 @WinGameStore isthereanydeal.com I don't think its ever been $10.

      Edit: Fact checked myself its gone below $9 on epic source

      • I think i picked up the ps4/ps5 version for $5 like a year ago as well, but id rather play pc version. It was staggering how quickly it started selling for dirt cheap

        • It was released 2.5 years ago. Coming up 3 years this September.

          • @ColdFusion: The game is pretty average tbh

            • @Budju: I really enjoyed it, I can see why people might not love it. Some of the DLC's were a bit meh.

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