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30% off Running Socks & Free Delivery @ Steigen


30% off Steigen running socks, I have a few pairs and will stock up with a few more.
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  • +1

    How are these for rainy runs? I usually run 5km so not sure if it's a big QOL improvement

    • +1

      They are thin and don't hold water, so would be better than thicker cotton socks for example. I have more of an issue when running through puddles and my shoes getting waterlogged, rather than the socks being an issue.

      • Might try out a pair, any length you recommend?

        • +1

          I like the 1/2 length, sits about 5cm above the top of the shoe - not too long not too short. It's more of a personal preference.

          • @LeChuck: Perfect, cheers! Do they regularly have sales throughout the year or should I grab a few now..

            • +1

              @hjin: I don't see sales very often, this is only the second I've seen. Probably best to pick up a few pairs while they're on sale

    • +5

      I run 20km+ on the weekends including creek crossings and I'd wear these for sure. They're light so they don't hold and soak up the water.

      • What’s your running pace?

        • +16

          On Sundays? 6 min k's, stop for morning tea and chat. Hike the hills, run the flats and the downs.

          5k pb is 18:26 but I'd never do that again if I can help it, almost passed out at the finish!

          • @garminator: Nice one! You’re faster than me by a min on the 5k. shakes fist

            • @first in line: Sub 20 is amazing!

              I'd be lucky to get 19:30s now. Been training for UTA 100 since December. Much more enjoyable than running 1km reps at 3:30s.

              • +5

                @garminator: Dang you guys are fast! I just got a new pb this morning, 4:40 over 6km. Pretty proud of it :)

              • @garminator: UTA100 is a great race! You're in for a treat!

      • +3

        Name checks out hehe… ⌚️
        20k is insane. I get shin splints doing just 5 thrice weekly. Must be my form

        • +3

          I had shin splints when I first started running.

          I ended up seeing a running biomechanics expert to fix it

          • @garminator: Whatd they recommend? Change of style or strength/stretching?

            • @Calam05: Timed by legs and my arms together, stopped my right arm counter balancing, stopped my legs from twisting about.

        • +1

          I'd recommend seeing a physio. A mate of mine was having the same problem, I suggested he go see my brother (who happens to be a physio) and they were able to fix the issue in a pretty short period of time

        • +4

          I use to suffer from shin splits semi-regularly.

          Have restarted running recently and was expecting the same issues since a long COVID induced lay off from exercise but I haven't felt it at all in the past 3-4months.

          First of all, I think going to the physio or some running bio mechanics/certified shoe fitter will give you specific advise……

          But the following is my general experience of this new period of running and starting from basics. Using my garmin watch to do a basic coaches program.

          • My issue was I was a huge heel striker. I use to really stride out and point my toes up. (pointing toes up contracts the shin muscle)
          • Now I up my cadence to (175-185), shorter strides, quicker feet.
          • saw a video about not trying to land leading foot and strike with heel but instead try to land on ball of foot and push from there. Imagine a Bull scrapping it's hoof like it's about to charge…..That sort of action takes load off the leg and muscle that runs along shin, which is the micro-tears that lead to shin splints. That's the sort of running action I'm trying to do.

          Hope that makes sense.

          I'm currently about 5-5.15m/km runner so not super fast but hoping to get back under 5m/km over 5KM soon.

          • @PleasureMachine: nice. in lieu of visiting a physio i might try this first as i love landing on my heels.
            i just tried it in the hallway and you're essentially just saying use the balls of my feet in a 'cushioning' effect of sorts, then rolling to the heel? rather than hard landing on the heel bone like a mortar and pestle

            • +4

              @KeplersLaws: There is nothing wrong with being a heel striker - a few years ago there was a whole 'forefoot only' movement, but not many experts support it in terms of injury prevention ie heel striking doesnt cause injuries. Land on your heel and roll your foot forward and take off from the toes, or land on your toes and push off - either way is find. Or land on the mid foot. Still fine

              The main issue is that you may be a heel striker because you are overstriding, which is a very common problem. What happens is that you land on your heel with your foot out in front of your centre of gravity, which means instead of your body just gliding over your foot, your leg 'props' a bit and your body has to go up and over the foot. With all of that impact going up your leg. Trying it in the hall - do a long step and see what happens vs do a step where your foot lands right under your hips. One will cause you a brief 'stop' and you will feel an impact, the other you will fall into the next step without any impact

              ie: heel striking itself is ok, but if you are heel striking because you are overstriding, not ok.

              Its pretty easy to reduce your overstriding, lots of online articles about it. The easiest way is to pick up your cadence (step rate), which means you cant take long strides because they take too much time. It can feel weird taking lots of short strides but it stops injury.

              Also dont ingore your shoes - some really good cushioned shoes around today, which may or may not prevent injury but, at least from my experience, reduce a lot of those minor pains and soreness. I like Hoka shoes but most major brands have their own cushioned version, so whichever best fits.

              Of course - if you have a significant gait problem, majorly overpronate or your foot lands wide of your body etc, then that is the issue which needs to be fixed and not your stride. Have a look at the soles of your running shoes and the wear pattern and go online and you can you can find out about how the wear pattern tells you the level of pronation/supination. However, overstriding is probably the most common problem, so look at that as well

              • @dtc: this is awesome, thank you :) i have an avg cadence of 160 per my watch, i'll try bumping that up to 180ish

                • +1

                  @KeplersLaws: 160 is probably borderline, as in you can run at 160 and not overstride but its not quite fast enough to definitely prevent you overstriding. Its hard to up cadence, sounds easy but it takes some time - well, at least for me! 'Bumping' up to 180 will probably exhaust you within the first 5-10 minutes, will feel like a sprint. Aim for 165 for the first, say, 1/3 of your run. Then for the first 1/2 and so on

                  The main thing is to feel where your foot lands - PleasureMachine above talks about the 'bull charge', which is the same thing - having your foot land close to underneath your centre of gravity (I think its meant to be something like 33cm in front - https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20855976/where-should... and as said in that article, for most people thinking that their foot is landing underneath them probably means its landing 33cm in front. Which really isnt very much in front - a size 10 shoe is 28cm)

                  Leaning forward slightly also helps - as said, check a couple of articles about it, there are plenty


                  • @dtc: Update: did this morning’s parkrun +extra at around 171spm with smaller steps and can definitely say the pain isn’t as intense down there :) I am definitely still a heel-firster, wouldn’t even know how to land ball first, so appreciate your clarification.

                    thanks again, will keep refining.

                    • @KeplersLaws: Impressed you went from 160 to 171!

                      Obviously there are lots of little things that make up whether your running causes pain, but hopefully you can work it out and start being pain free

              • @dtc: tbh also i suspect the advice to shift to landing on your balls first also indirectly ups your cadence / causes you to take smaller strides because the balls are further away than heels so it's more unwieldly to take big strides and land on your balls. definitely can see why overstriding is a common root of many problems

        • +1

          Definitely consider the shoes you are wearing. Get highly cushioned shoes as I find they protect from shin splints. And run very easy until you build up leg strength. Max stack like Hoka Bondi 7, NB More v3, etc

  • +7

    Any walking socks on sale?

    • +6

      Socks dont walk

    • +9

      Sorry only sitting socks

      • dang, maybe they have skipping socks?

  • +19

    Spigen on my phone, Steigen on my feet

    • +4

      Skagen on your wrist?

      • +1

        I wish I could say Rolex Cellini but skagen will do 😔

        • +2

          Bellini in your glass, Fellini on your screen?

    • +1

      Can't wait until your remix drops.

    • +1

      Spiegeleu in your glassware?

  • These ok for power walking?

    • +7

      How many watts?

  • +1

    Do I have to chase them myself, or are they pre-caught?

    (My fridge already runs, I don't think I could cope if my clothes did)

    • dad joke

    • Hi dad

    • put a red sock in with the rest of your washing, I guarantee your clothes will run

  • +6

    As a regular of long marathon+ distances I find that the Aldi running socks at around $3 each stack up very well against the expensive "specialist " ones.

    A small dab of vaseline on a couple of hotspots on my foot before putting them on

    Amazes me that people will pay $30+ for a pair of socks

    • What makes up a good running sock, technically? is it padding in certain areas or?

      I don't run but I love my Asics Pace socks

      • For me, its anything that helps in preventing blisters. Can attest to these doing that vs bog standard Bonds socks.

        • So trial and error?

          I don' tactually rate Bonds, not sure why they're so resiliently popular.

          Apart from the basic wondersuits and trackpants/hoodies, I don't see what the fuss is about

      • To me a good running sock fits snug but not too snug (usually has elastic around the middle), and doesn't move against the skin or bunch up, not too much material in the toe.

        I have a couple of spots that I can blister so put a bit of vaseline before a long run

        Bonds socks are pretty bad to me, the Aldi ones (labelled "running socks") are really good

    • Amazes me that people will pay $30+ for a pair of socks

      I know right? We must be missing something. All I see is some nylon socks. To plastic and sweaty for me.

      Can anyone explain why these are actually worth it?

      • Variety of designs. Comfort. Supporting a local company.

        That said, I'll only buy these on sale.

      • Cheap ones are crap. Buy a few pairs of Drymax, Falke, Injinji, etc proper running socks and you won't go back to the cotton socks again.

    • I find the more expensive socks (Balega, Feetures) last way longer and are more comfortable than the cheapos

  • +1

    Free range socks. Nice.

    • 30% off not 68.7% of. So why nice?

  • 30% off seems good, and I was actually looking to get running socks!

    I don’t know if a discounted price of $15 per pair is any good—let’s see…

  • +1

    Anyone able to comment on these compared to Thorlos socks?

  • +3

    This might be considered a long-running deal.

    • Lol. Reported so mods add tag! 😝

  • https://www.lebent.com.au/products/le-lucy-trail-ultra-light...?

    Via this link, there's a photo which shows the support some running socks may have.

    It's pretty interesting, and you can tell the design has plenty of effort unlike normal socks.

    I assume it has some benefit.

  • +2

    I have some Balega's that are easily the best running socks I've ever owned. Interested to know if anyone has owned both these and the Steigens to offer a comparison.

    • I bought some Balegas after getting really bad blisters on >10km runs, and I haven't had a blister since, even on 17+km.

      Hopefully these are just as good!

  • +1

    I was about to pull the trigger but I realised that they only come in one size 5-12. For running socks you just want the perfect fit

  • Any difference between socks for runnings vs socks for tennis or badminton?

    • +1

      Judging by the other comments on here, running socks are thinner/less padded/lighter, when compared to socks you'd use for tennis (which are heavily padded for multi-direction movement).

      Also tennis socks are usually high, I assume to absorb as much sweat as possible. For me they also provide a little bit of a 'secure' feeling with quick direction changes, as opposed to an ankle-high sock that leaves the ankle unsupported

  • I've been using bonds running socks and buy them at half price, which is quite often. Used these for 5km to 30km distances, only thing lacking is a bit of extra cushioning for the metatarsal.

  • how come zero length costs the same as full length, lol

  • +1

    Running socks??

    Better go catch them!!

  • Thanks for this! I need new running socks, so I grabbed a couple of pairs to try them out.

  • I take it this isn't the sort of thing that's needed for someone like me who only does a couple of km, a few times a week?

    My running socks = cheap-ass white socks from K-Mart and Aldi :P

    Thumbnail reminds me of those TV test patterns of old lol

  • Injinii FTW thanks

  • I got a pair of these, a pair of feetures and a pair of balegas all at the same time. These have the least cushion, very thing, not saying that as a bad thing. I don't find I have a preference between any if them, so keen to know how they last longer term. Keen to try Injinji, Le Bent and have also heard good things about Xoskins, but can't find them in Australia from what I could see.

    My one complaint, which could be a deal breaker for some, alhought could have been used error. I bought the fluro green and after they very first wash they were pale green, almost grey. Says to cold wash only and not to tumble try, it's possible I did the opposite of both those suggestions, not 100% sure,.but was still pretty surprised how they completely changed colour after 1 wash.

  • These socks are great. Quick dry, minimal style, ideal for creek crossings, no blisters.
    I find they only last around 500km before falling apart. Up to you if that’s a deal breaker.

  • Thanks OP. Much appreciated!

  • Has anyone received theirs yet?

    • Yes mine arrived last Friday 27 May in a large envelope via Auspost.

      • Thanks. I went outside to check after your comment and noticed it under the floor mat haha

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