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[PC, Epic] FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade $61.20 (29% off + 25% off with coupon) @ Epic Games Store


looks like the best price I've seen so far, -29% off A$114.95 A$81.61
If you include the additional coupon code from EPIC take another -25% off = total price $61.20

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    Been waiting for this - standard price is ridiculous

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    Remember its cheaper in the other regions. See my link here for more info https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12152766/redir.

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    Has anyone got this on PC? How does it run? Thanks

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      5600x/2080 Ti/32gb RAM/1080p - Runs fine on "maxed out" settings (not really many options). There were some parts that were just a little laggy, but not so unpleasant that you'd want to stop playing. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! Was there any stuttering?

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      I played this right on launch with i7-9700k & 1080Ti @1440p. On the default settings the fps was fine but it stuttered a bit. Turning the shadows to low and setting 60fps cap helped and made it playable but it still stuttered for a second when leaving zones & I had issues with textures being laughably low quality esp in the slums. Ended up finishing the game in just four days and loved it but the PC port is pretty bad. Barely any settings to customize and some people with RTX3080/3090s couldn't make the game playable.

      • I had issues with textures being laughably low quality esp in the slums.

        It's the slums, what did you expect? :P

  • Yeah finally worth it. I am not paying $120

  • Got it :)

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