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Eneloop Smart & Quick Charger & 4 Pro AA Batteries $49.99 (First Purchase with ClubTed Only) + Delivery (Free C&C/ $100+) @ Teds


1st post—be nice. Long-running deal but only applicable to 1st time purchase made on the account. Create a Club Ted membership and get $10 off any purchase over $20. I've included the coupon code in case you don't get the email (code is universal). $49.99 for 4 Eneloop Pros as well as the Smart & Quick charger is a pretty good price, IMO.

Free shipping for ClubTed members with $100 order.

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  • Do these chargers also work on the standard eneloop batteries or only the pro ones ? As in this charger BQ-CC55 ?

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      Charger works on all Eneloops not just pros

    • Exact charger model number that I have is BQ-CC55TA (not sure if the TA makes a difference)

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        Mine says BQ-CC55 on the front and BQ-CC55TA on the back 🤷‍♂️

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      Charger works on ALL rechargeable AA (and AAA) batteries even!

  • aren't chargers like <$20 anyways?

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    and apparently faster chargers are bad for batteries? correct me if i am wrong

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      The very reason I went with this specific charger was because of my utter lack of knowledge in this space. I saw good reviews specifically about the Smart & Quick (not to be confused with only Quick) charger and so I went with that. Something to do with the "Smart" component making sure that your batteries don't get stuffed up. I definitely don't claim to be any reliable source in this space :)

  • Would this work with Ikea LADDA batteries? The older white label higher capacity ones specifically?

  • thank got for a change it not edifier!

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    Review and details about charger here:

    Looks like a decent charger.

    • Thanks!

      I've been using a bundled Duracell charger for years and have never been completely satisfied that it's fully charging my batteries or that the batteries it throws errors on are actually bad.

      This looks like a decent step up without having to dedicate lots of additional dollars and space.

    • Still confused whether to go with this or the original/non-super charger.

  • I use Duracell Ultra: https://www.duracell.com.au/product/ultra-rechargeable-ultra...
    Any reason for me to change to Eneloop Pro's for an extra 50mAH?
    I don't understand why OzB love these so much.

    • Only $22 at Target for that charger and 4 x AA

      • That's a lower capacity battery.
        2 x 1300mAh AA and 2 x 750mAh AAA.

  • If you're not near a Click & Collect location, $10 is enough to offset their $9.95 "standard" shipping cost. Still seems like a good deal - Amazon wants $59.00 for the same charger with 4 regular Eneloop batteries.

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