Sapporo Bullet Cans 12x 650ml $59.99 @ ALDI


A perfectly balanced golden lager, brewed with Japanese attention to detail.

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    and Vietnamese water and labour.

    • Can someone please show me where I can verify that the ones from Aldi are made in Vietnam?

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        Check stock in Aldi!
        Stock in bottle shops show brewed in Vietnam on back of cans.

        Doubt Aldi are importing stock direct from Japan. If Aldi were, I'm sure they would state Product of Japan or similar.
        Rather than vague "Japanese attention to detail" - which usually means made under licence, somewhere.

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      What about Asashi beer bottle made in China?

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        Catch up… Hasn't been imported from China - for years!!

        Local bottles have been brewed in Australia since then. Asahi owns CUB here!

        500ml cans (better tasting) have always been brewed in Japan. Am drinking one now!

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          Okay!! Thanks!

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          Japanese water always taste better

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            @grizzly07: Seems so much of it.
            Was at 2500m in the Japanese Alps. Sign in English above running tap said not to turn off.
            Asked - Australians keep turning off the taps, bursting the pipes when the water freezes! Bloody Aussies!

          • @grizzly07: Is it the actual water only or other ingredients as well? I had previously read Asahi brewed in Australia and Japan taste different but I assumed it was mostly rubbish. I thought surely we have the means here to brew a larger under license using the same recipe so it can taste the same. That was until I tried both the Australian brewed and Japanese brewed.

            At fist I tried them a few days apart. They tasted different but I thought perhaps it was my imagination. The Australian brewed tasted so bad I had to check the expiry date. So then I tried them back to back on another occasion. They were definitely different, but tasted more similar than in the first comparison.

            I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to beer so I gave the cans and bottles to several friends to try and they all agreed that the Japanese brewed was better. Whether or not it was worth the price difference was up for debate though. Also the 500mL cans makes it a bit harder to consume in one sitting.

            • @warmfruit: Asahi know their markets, so beers can be different for each market.

              For example, it's mid-strength Soukai was developed specially for the Australian market, & not sold elsewhere.

              I prefer only drink the Japanese over Australian brewed Asahi Super Dry.

              Never had a problem drinking a 500ml can, poured into an ice cold glass in summer­čŹ║

              Look out for Deals for discount cartons!

  • this one is made in japan?

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      No, just "Japanese attention to detail" brewed in Vietnam.

      Had a boozie night at Sapporo brewery. 100min of unlimited beer was 1000┬ą­čŹ║
      Wouldn't bother with these.

      Drinking an Asahi (500ml can) - brewed in Japan.

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        Does is taste different between those brew in Japan and those brew in Vietnam? Just curious as Coca Cola taste the same wherever they are bottled.

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          taste the same

        • Not really possible to compare - unless you have access to both Japan brewed & this can at same time. Never found Japan brewed Sapporo here for comparison.

          With Asahi - both (Japan can & Aussie bottle) are available here. Have tried brewed here & elsewhere, but different taste to better Japan brewed.

        • coke r made from imported syrup, just add demineralised water n c02.
          beer cant be concentrated

  • Alcoholic drinks at Aldi in ACT, NSW, VIC, WA only.

  • Sapporo cans in Australia have always been brewed outside of Japan for whatever reason. Most Vietnam now, but previously they have been made in Canada for some reason.

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      Last I heard, Sapporo is made by Coopers Brewery in Adelaide.

      If that's still true, this must be the cheap import version.

      • Ah yeah, there was at least a period where Coopers had local brewing rights, mostly used for the bottles though

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        Can shows IMPORTED on front.
        Dans shows Country: Vietnam

        From latest Dans review:
        "not made in Sapporo!
        I have toured the Sapporo Brewery in Hokkaido. This is not the real mc coy. this is a fake. Drinking this will bring you dishonour.
        Buy the bottled Sapporo as it is brewed by Coopers in SA. Thumbs up on the Collaboration of two iconic Breweries"

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    OÔÇÖDonnells Irish Country Cream still on special too $11.99.

  • There is no difference in taste between the Vietnam made and Japan made versions of Sapporo. In actual fact, they all taste the same.

    My wife and I visited Hokkaido precovid and did the all-you-can-eat thing at Sapporo Beer Garden (free entry to the Sapporo Museum). You can purchase the cans from those countries that Sapporo is brewed in. From what I can remember, the cans brewed in Vietnam are exclusive to the Vietnamese and Australian market. Realistically they don't drink that in Vietnam as it's generally for wealthy people. They drink bia hoi (fresh beer) and you can get sloshed at almost 20cents a cup.

    Cheaper to just support your local craft beer crew.

    • Good to know. Couldn't compare overseas cans when I was there.

      Had a month in Hokkaido, a few years back. Did the tourist thing - the brewery for the 100min all you can eat BBQ Lamb (from Australia & NZ) with absolute minimal veggies (asked for more - not until you finish your lamb!), & 100min all you can drink Sapporo beer. Flew to China the next day - wish I hadn't had so much!

    • correct, most people drink fresh beer (bia hoi) since its light and refresh. Trust me if you ever got chance you must try Truc Bach one of the most exclusive beer in vietnam, only produced in small batch.

  • Just went and checked the 12 pack I bought from BWS last week with that 40% off cash rewards deal. Happy to say they were made at coopers brewery and not Vietnam :) Made it taste nicer.

  • Why bullet?

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