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Free IHG Platinum Elite Status for 120 Days + Diamond Elite FastTrack @ InterContinental Hotel Group


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Entry is wide open to any member of the following eight competing hotel rewards programs:

Accor Live Limitless (ALL)
Best Western Rewards
Choice Privileges
Hilton Honors
Marriott Bonvoy
Radisson Rewards
World of Hyatt
Wyndham Rewards

You don’t need to hold high status in any of those schemes – even the basic entry-level membership will suffice.

That Platinum Elite status is yours for the next 120 days, immediately unlocking some practical perks such as 60% bonus points every time you stay, guaranteed room availability, early check-in and complimentary room upgrades (subject to availability)

Stay at any IHG group properties for just five nights within those 120 days and your Platinum Elite status is locked in until December 31, 2023 – yes, almost 18 months at IHG’s second-highest tier. And if you stay 15 nights in those 120 days, your IHG Rewards One status will be elevated to Diamond Elite – again, yours to enjoy through to December 31, 2023 – with all the creature comforts of Platinum Elite plus plus free breakfast and 100% bonus points.

Note that your stays must be booked directly through IHG or the hotel’s web site, with the promotion’s Terms & Conditions spelling out that “bookings made through on-line travel agencies or other reservation sites such as booking.com or expedia.com are not eligible for this Promotion.”

Open to new and existing IHG members. I just tried it myself using Hilton Honors as the program and it didn't ask for anything about my Hilton membership at all, just my IHG number and email. Immediately received an email confirming registration for status match.

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  • +1

    if base on any other countries…you can easily find IHG hotel around $50 aud…and means you can spend less money to satisfy 5 nights…but if base on OZ…

    • +1


    • Doesn't seem to be region limited, from the details here.

      What is a Qualifying Stay for purposes of this Promotion?

      A Qualifying Stay is a minimum of one (1) night stay booked under a Qualifying Rate, with total spend exceeding US $30 (or local currency equivalent) for each night. The stay can be at any IHG hotel or resort or Mr & Mrs Smith property, with the exception of stays at IHG hotels and resorts or Mr & Mrs Smith properties located in the Greater China region, which are excluded for purposes of this promotion.

  • Full list of benefits here


  • +9

    The Diamond status is quite underwhelming tbh you would expect lounge access considering this is the highest status compared to Accor Platinum, Hilton Diamond, Mariott Bonvoy Platinum etc but apparently not

    • +4

      It's weird no breakfast for this tier either.

      • +1

        Yep and benefits are very limited as well especially for a Platinum status. I have Accor Platinum status and the IHG Diamond status is incomparable

        • Absolutely. I'm Hilton Diamond and expected the rewards to be on par (free buffet bfast, exec lounge, room upgrade). IHG have a good portfolio of Hotels but underwhelming benefits.

    • Agreed. You don't even get guaranteed lounge access or breakfast for a Diamond Elite Ambassador at Intercoms. Just room upgrade and early check-in/late check-out.

  • +4

    Not sure if it’s worth it tbh. If you manage to stay 15 nights at $100 a night in Australia somewhere , that’s $1500. That’s a lot of breakfasts.

    But perfect if you are planning to stay somewhere like Thailand, India or Indonesia.

    • +1

      I looked but the cheapest IHG hotel in Australia I could find was around $150. Most were $200+.

      • some holiday inn or holiday inn express ,you will find 120-130…in NSW

    • +1

      It's obviously unlikely to be worth it if you decide to go and stay somewhere just to earn status. If you travel a lot (say for work) anyway, it's basically a free leg up to elite status.

      • Naturally but then you are choosing to stay at IHG properties over other hotels chains with better reward programs

  • +3

    Platinum Elite status is fine for free. If you don't really have status anywhere else, this is a great deal.

    Unless you are travelling for business or holidaying often, then there's no point discussing the cost of getting to Diamond. And even then, it's a really easy way to get to Diamond so it's still a bargain.

    Status comparison wise between competing schemes, IHG isn't great so that's why I don't use it-also all the destinations I travel to either have an Accor or Hilton property, which is why I am Diamond in both Accor and Hilton. However if you don't travel that often and want a quick and easy way to get status then this is great, like if you have a holiday coming up in a few months time.

    • I agree IHG hotels are quite limited especially their 5 star hotels except for Intercontinental

      • Depends really. Some places in Australia have Crowne Plazas, which can be pretty good, and not much else from anyone else really.

        It's really dependant on where you travel. IHG have a pretty good footprint in the USA.

  • -1

    Is this once in a lifetime status match or not? can't find anything in the FAQ

    • Valid for the end of the year on mine.

    • +2

      All status matches are really up to the program and there's nothing stopping them from denying future matches.

      Personally I wouldn't bother using this if I might actually need a future status match

      • +1

        Yeah i just paid ambassador to get platinum as they gave bonus point to make it cheaper also there was no program running at that time.I can get to diamond through this easily with the amount of stay I am about to do. But wondering if i should save a status match for when i really need it.

        • I'd honestly take it in your position. Get to diamond faster and you can enjoy the benefits sooner.

    • It’s up till Dec 2023

    • It's the second status match I have done with IHG. Didn't seem to be any restrictions.

  • +1

    Can you use this to match on other chains?

    • Most chains ask for a screenshot of your recent stays in order to match. Well Hilton does this anyway

    • +1

      I hope so! I'm looking for Caesars Diamond to avoid resort fees in Vegas.

  • +3

    As a Platinum member, I just got my room upgraded at InterContinental Hayman Island, the room is fabulous, great customer service especially the MyConcierge.

    • +9

      You're the narrow portion of OzBargainers who would actually make use of this - someone who would stay in a hotel like this in a place like Hayman Island anyway. For most of us, except frequent business travellers, there are simply better options almost everywhere than the international megachains that charge for every optional extra. Not throwing shade your way, I just think that a hotel not including breakfast, but including it if you're part of some elusive scheme, is bullshit.

      • I get free brekky for Hilton and Accor, and I often give it a miss, although I travel for work and food is covered by work.

        Hotel brekky is almost always terrible. I'd rather get a nice coffee and a pastry from a nearby cafe

        • +1

          Are you sure you are staying in 4* or 5* hotels?
          I used to love the buffet breakfast at the Hilton Adelaide, traveling for work every week.

          Fresh eggs made to order, different spread of muesli and cereals, breads, fresh juice bar to select what juice you wanted etc.
          This was a few years ago.

          Now, in the Govt. so mostly 4*.
          Was in Canberra last week for a conference, and the breakfast was really good at Novotel.

          BTW, my favourite cafes were in Tassie. Otherwise, love Sydney and Melbourne.

          • +1

            @darkmattersunB6c0MV: 5*, including the Hilton Adelaide.

            Their coffee is terrible and $5

            I'd rather walk down next to the courthouse in the little shopping arcade and get a nice coffee and a croissant from the French cafe

            • +9

              @PCHammond: what? you get free brekkie at 5* hotel (you said free above) and rather pay for coffee and croissant from a frenchy cafe? Please hand in your ozbargain badge snob.

              • +2

                @Feedthetroll: they are on expenses. it free anyways

                • +1

                  @adn: Fair enough, the mentality doesn't sit right though…

              • -10

                @Feedthetroll: Hilton charges for barista made coffee and even then it's terrible.

                Hotel brekkies are the same rubbish at almost every place
                -Overcooked rubbery scrambled eggs
                -overcooked rubbery bacon
                -greasy pork/chicken sausage
                -stale hash browns

                I used to just have a quick brekkie at the Adelaide Hilton of some fruit and one of their little cups of chia pudding but that didn't solve my need for a decent coffee.

                Its faster and more enjoyable for me to expense my brekkie, and then my productivity goes way up after having a much more enjoyable brekkie. A good coffee is really important to my working needs.

                • +12

                  @PCHammond: Well, this is kind of stupid. You have commented on a post downplaying the deal for hotel privileges when effectively you have an all-expense paid company card. It's like saying a free buffet is not a deal because you happen to have an unlimited tab at the 3 hat restaurant.
                  For those of us that don't, the hilton food and coffee are fine.

                  • @Feedthetroll: I’ve only once had a bad experience with Hilton breakfasts, it was during COVID times when breakfast was delivered to rooms. It took over 2 hours to be delivered!!! And then when it came, the hot breakfast was cold. They ended up giving us 20,000 Hilton points and a written apology from the manager after our stay.

                  • -2

                    @Feedthetroll: This deal doesn't provide free brekky and I was not commenting on getting free brekky with this deal.

                    My response to free brekky was aimed at Meoconium stating

                    "Not throwing shade your way, I just think that a hotel not including breakfast, but including it if you're part of some elusive scheme, is bullshit."
                    Which I agree with, but like I'm saying even the included breakfast at higher tiers isn't worth the extra spend/loyalty for the average person.

                    This statement was of course preceded by
                    "For most of us, except frequent business travellers, there are simply better options almost everywhere than the international megachains that charge for every optional extra."
                    Which I was talking about as a frequent business traveller. And yeah for everybody else and including for personal use, staying at non megachains is usually better.

                    People are doing their spending calculations on trying to get a free brekky, when if they were truly looking for bargains, they wouldn't worry about brand loyalty since they would be paying more just to get a free brekky.
                    Getting enough status to get a free brekky is for people like myself and @darkmattersunB6c0MV who stay on the company dime, or the much rarer self funded traveller.

                    This deal as a whole is about getting free status, which like I have previously said is a great deal. It may not get you a free brekky but who cares if it gets you a free upgrade?

                    And like I previously said, it's $5 for bad coffee at the Hilton. It ain't free.

                    • +3

                      @PCHammond: "Getting enough status to get a free brekky is for people like myself and @darkmattersunB6c0MV who stay on the company dime, or the much rarer self funded traveller."

                      This is ozbargain mate, most of us have diamond status from hotels from credit card deals. Get off your high horse.

                • @PCHammond: Agree that barista made coffee was extra.
                  I didn't negative vote you, but you can always have the coffee closer to the office.

                  Breakfast in the morning with colleagues was a good occasion for me to plan the day. (And it was included for free, HH).
                  Since I was in the executive suites ( level 18 in the Hilton Adelaide from memory), in the afternoon, the drinks and canopies were on the house as well, and we used to debrief there too and plan for the next day.

                  We used to make good use of the facilities provided, like a true ozbargainer, and although client was picking up the tab we saw no reason to charge extra, just because we could. Peace.

                  • @darkmattersunB6c0MV: The executive lounge was still closed the last time I was there. Now they do drinks and canapes in the foyer and hand out vouchers. I'm always working at that time so I usually give the vouchers away to randoms.

        • +1

          I agree and disagree with you. Hilton breakfasts are just as good if not better than most trendy cafes in Australia. I make sourdough toast, have fresh poached eggs and add salad, avocado or cheeses to compliment the eggs. I’m not a fan of cooked meat anyway so I’m not after bacon or sausages.

          Bircher muesli with fresh cut banana and yoghurt, detox juice made from the juicer machine of ginger, carrot, orange and apple.

          Head overseas to Asia or the Middle East and the breakfast buffets are incredible with multiple cuisines spread across a whole floor.

          The coffee is crap though, agree with you there.

    • Which room did you book and what did you get upgraded to?

      Was at the IC Hayman Island two months ago. I had a one-category upgrade as a gold, lovely hard product, shame about the service which was a hit and miss. Plenty of areas to improve or at least give it a more luxurious experience. Doubt I would go back given international borders is open and far better and more exquisite resorts out there.

      • I booked one bed room Hayman suite and they upgraded to 2 bedrooms Hayman suite, so it was perfect for my family of 4. I agree it was hit and miss in terms of luxurious experience but it is the island and I think that is the most luxurious property they can offer. I went to some hotels in Hamilton island and can’t compare them with the IHG Hayman island, and IHG is opening soon a brand new InterContinental resort in Mornington Peninsula, VIC. I can’t wait to try it out.

        Also, I aim the Platinum or Diamond status for some Regent and Six Senses properties in Thailand and Vietnam I will be staying soon this year.

      • We were there a month ago and as a Diamond Elite Ambassador got a one tier upgrade to the 2 bedroom Lagoon view suite, which was very nice and comfortable for the family of 4.

        The facilities are nice, the whole experience very relaxing. One of the dinner services was very average for the 5 star offering.

        Watch out for the cockatoos stealing your breakfast if sitting outside or breaking in to your room to steal sugar sachets if you leave the balcony door open. A minor inconvenience and quite funny actually!

        Doubt we would go back for the current price and with international travel back on. You get much more luxurious offerings at IC Hua Hin or Koh Samui, let alone the Six Senses.

  • Anyone else having issues signing up? It's saying my email address is invalid. Have tried on two different browsers and same issue.

  • +1

    Registered but not upgraded… Sad :( Do we need to waite for the match to take effect?

    • So I think I understand now, your account will still show as a club member (as your technically using the platinum as a trial?) I signed up and went back to this page and "registered" for the platinum upgrade, this is showing an active status on my member page…. will try through accor website to see if it works.

      • How did you go? Mine just shows as club status.

    • +1

      Mine happened on the app instantly

  • confused on when it completes that automatic updgrade? I selected platinum accor and nothing has happened after sign up? I recevie email but my profile doesn't show or provide a member number, does it take time?

  • I have booked with intercontinental for 5 nights, any direct link to activate Platinum elite status?

  • It’s asking for a promotion code???

    • +1

      Same here, asking for a promotion code

  • Great way to avoid the requirements needed to keep the Diamond Elite status by end of 2022. I just registered for this and will knock this off quickly.

  • -2

    Not a terribly useful status to have but it has got me the odd upgrade or two. Now all you goons are on it though my likelihood of that happening again has just plummeted. Sad face emoji

  • Any ideas how long this will last? Would prefer the status to last past October to give me better opportunities to stay 5 nights out of town

    • +2

      It’s in the title?

  • Damn it I booked an IHG hotel this morning for tonight. A little too late!

  • +8

    For those confused, if you don't yet have a IHG account, clicking the "Join & Register" option is really just a "Join", where you create and login in to your IHG account. You'll have a status of "Club" in the account overview.

    You need to go back to the promo page now that you're logged in to IHG and hit "Register" and just punch any status — doesn't seem to matter… I selected Hilton Honors > LIFETIME Diamond and it didn't ask for any further details. I just punched in the email address I used to register my IHG account, and then landed on "You have successfully completed registration for Status Challenge."

    Head back to your IHG account page, and you should now be a Platinum Elite Member.

    • I followed your instructions ( Thank you), Registered first to IHG, then opened up the promo page —> Hit Register on 'Lifetime Diamond' under 'Hilton Honours' dropdown —> Entered my email and clicked 'Register Now'.

      I got the message:

      Offer Confirmation
      You have successfully completed registration for Status Challenge.
      We have sent a registration confirmation to your email address.

      I did get the email. I went back to my account and it shows as my 'CURRENT STATUS Club' !

      Unsure what I missed or what I did wrong?

    • Followed your instructions and it worked! Thank you :)

  • We've already booked an IHG hotel for Vivid (under my name) so this offer comes at a right time.

    But I still haven't received the upgrade to Platinum Elite despite receiving status match successful email & status 5 and 10 nights challenges in my registered offer. I'm currently a Gold Elite member.

    So I registered my husband to IHG rewards and he's instantly got upgraded to a Platinum Elite.

    Any existing IHG member who has successfully got upgraded to a Platinum Elite?

  • I saw you can go on ebay and buy status upgrades for a few hundred bucks.

    Anyone tried that before? Legit?

  • Keeps not accepting my address? It's driving me nuts

  • +1

    I find Hilton gold and diamond the most useful as it gets you breakfast and lounge access which is great with two kids as you can fill up in the morning have lunch as your meal out then have some food/wine in the lounge.

    Accor and IHG I think only the top level gets free breakfast

  • Said I am successfully registered for a Status Challenge.

    I'm a Hilton Diamond, Marriott Platinum and IHG Gold.

  • +3

    Comes in handy when combined with the recent Amex cashback offer of spend $350 or more and get $85 back at IHG hotels

  • Signed up last night and just checked and it says I am platinum elite now. Just need to work out when I can use it ;-)

  • Thanks OP! I’m literally sitting in an IHG hotel right now in the middle of a 9 night stay with another 1 night stay at another IHG hotel straight after. I managed to catch COVID in Sydney so had to extend my work trip!!

  • I'm guessing if work travel is booked via Corporate Traveller then any stays for work won't count. Shame as I'm at the Crowne Plaza next week.

  • Do you have to select one reward programme or can you select multiple? Does anyone know which reward programme is best for Holiday inn express hotels? I have no idea how this whole stuff works so want to try it out.

    • I'm wondering this too

  • It’s unclear to me how to get the platinum status. It says ‘complete registration’, but I don’t see any link or sign up form. I’m already a member.

  • I couldn’t find an option to upgrade.

    Pls let me know any steps to follow.


  • It is asking for a promotion code?

  • I select Hilton on the IHG website on the link provded above and then click joined and register
    — fill up the form and complete the registration.
    — i received a welcome email (IHG One rewards) and I login it shows my membership is "CLUB" not platinum elite

    • Have u joined using the lifetime diamond not the usual club?

    • My status has now change.
      If you only join and register, it stays as CLUB.
      You need to login to IhG and register again for the status challenge then they will send you an email and I notice my status was change to platinum elite

      • i have received email and still nothing unfortunatly, have treid another email and same thing

  • Does anyone tried to book and able to use the NSW parental voucher up to $250 when booking or already spoke to IHG about this if they will accept upon checkin?

  • +1

    For IHG rewards members who have received a confirmation email but haven't been upgraded to a Platinum Elite, contact IHG rewards through live chat. They're very helpful.

    • +1

      I can't get in touch with them. I never progress through the queue.

      • +2

        You are number 10 in the queue.
        You are number 19 in the queue.
        You are number 49 in the queue.

        • +1

          I retried just now:

          Upon checking, you have successfully registered for the "Status Challenge" offer. And I am sorry that your account wasn't upgraded to Platinum Elite when you registered. Let me award that to you now.
          Agent • 5m ago
          You • 5m ago
          Not a problem. Hang on, please.
          Agent • 5m ago
          Your account has been upgraded to Platinum Elite status. This is a temporary status for a 120-day period. It will revert after 120 days if you didn't meet the criteria. To keep Platinum Elite status through the end of December 2023, you will need to stay five (5) qualifying nights within your post-registration 120-day period. To achieve Diamond Eli
          • @Scrooge McDuck: What is the link to live chat?

            • +1

              @Reveen: Click "Need Help" in the top bar then write, "Let me speak to a human." to the chat bot over and over.

              • @Scrooge McDuck: Thanks Uncle Scrooge. Armed with the knowledge thanks to you of where the live chat was I headed over to the website only to notice my status was finally updated to Platinum Elite. Ha! It took a week to reflect the change.

  • I tried to inquire about the benefits of having Platinum elite if I can get a guaranteed upgrade when I book
    — said no / only on the day or maybe inquire a day before the actual stay

    I ask the difference on their differnt pricing on "saver" rate and "Flexible" rate as flexible is more expensive
    — i was told I can only use the NSW voucher on the flexible rate which is more expensive. Saver rate is pre-apid which means I have to pay in advance therefore I cannot use the NW voucher

    Becareful for those using NSW voucher and verify if it applies to the rate you selected

    Their rate on their hotel also is not cheap comparing to same number of occupancy, beds and location.

    Only I notice they have a good rate for adding +breakfast compare to other hotels

    Seems platinum elite membership is useless for those who occasional book a hotel unless you are really heavy on travelling due to business/work

  • +1

    Quick update: for those who applied a new account for this offer, you can expect your account upgraded by now.

  • 5 nights only?? this is actually really good, does this work in asia?

  • -1

    Hi All, I have book 5 night for my upcoming holiday with ibis hotel. They are part of Accor group. Am I eligible to maintain my platinum status or I am doing it wrong?

    • +2

      This deal has absolutely nothing to do with Accor.

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