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[Windows] Macrium Reflect (Backup & Imaging Software): 1 PC US$34.97 (~A$59), 4 PCs US$69.97 (~A$99) @ Macrium


Happy Anniversary Reflect 8!

Macrium Reflect 8 was released one year ago! To celebrate we are offering an amazing 50% discount. These kinds of savings don’t come around often, but backup software as incredible as Macrium Reflect 8 Home doesn’t either! Act now - our flexible, fast and reliable software won’t be discounted for long.

Purchase Reflect 8 Home today and get 50% off!

(50% discount off valid to 7th June 2022)

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  • Rapid Delta Cloning is such a good feature, the UI in V8 is a step back though.

  • If you buy the 4 pack do they give you 4 separate keys or just one which you share?

    • It was 4 separate keys when I purchased last year

  • +3

    I have the free version and it is great software so will consider this offer.
    Note that the 4 PC price is US$ 69.98 (close enough to AU$100).

  • +1

    Free version will be enough for most people.

    • +1

      If you're going free the Veeam Windows Agent's probably a better bet for an ongoing backup process.

  • Is this a lifetime license? Therefore if I format my computer, can I reinstall it?

    • Its a perpetual licence for all release under version 8, Yes you can reinstall as needed.

  • +1

    I used the free version for a while but ended up buying it, the delta backups in the paid version are great, fast enough to be able to do hourly snapshots. The interface isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst either. This is a great deal

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