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[PC, Steam, XB1, XSX] State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition - Free Weekend - Fri 20 May 3am - Tues 24 May 3am AEST @ Steam,


[PC] State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition - Free Weekend Fri 20 May 3am - Tues 24 May 3am AEST
XBOX Consoles F2P ends an extra two hours later at 5am AEST (this tip posted by @Blackpuddytat)

I just don't understand why they make these things soo hard to find?

I can't find any details anywhere other than Steam - so if someone can find info re other gaming platforms - go ahead and add them to the title, body and tags etc.

BTW this is also a Semi-Permanent "free' game on XBOX Game Pass for PC if you already have that.
If you don't have that - it might be a good excuse to get the pass as it's pretty damn good.

If you hear of any other TEMPORARY ONLY Free to Play / F2P please make a thread to let us all know!

Feel free to edit post as needed.

Extra info / F2P Blurb

The link also says this below - but see the proper link above as it has other links in the text below:

"If you're trying out the game for the first time, here's what you can expect: you'll play through a tutorial set at an imperiled military camp and then escape in the nick of time to set up your own base on Providence Ridge. From there, you can move your community to any of our five open world maps. f you played the first State of Decay, you will enjoy revisiting Trumbull Valley and seeing how time has changed the landscape — and the people.

Also available during the Free to Play weekend are two standalone modes: State of Decay 2’s story mode, Heartland that has advanced forms of blood plague (blood plague walls and the endgame Gauntlet), and the siege mode Daybreak, that pits a hold-out team of operatives against waves of timed zombie attacks. Not sure where to start? Pay a visit to Cash Beaumont, who will greet you with seasonal, rotating bounties to complete in exchange for hard to find weapons and loot. We also recommend our series of YouTube tutorials."

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  • List of current freebies/free to play weekends on Steam

    Don't really need a dedicated thread for every single free to play weekend imo, just need to look in the right places, SteamDB is one.

    I can't find any details anywhere other than Steam - so if someone can find info re other gaming platforms - go ahead and add them to the title, body and tags etc.

    FYI only you and mods can edit the post

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      Yeah I think you do…

      Especially as they almost go out of their way to either hide them; or not properly publicise them!

      Not everyone gets the chance to pour over game news sites all the time to indirectly stumble across these.

      While I'm glad that you posted that link as I've not seen that part before - it only includes Steam games!

      That's why it is very useful for a lot of people to see Temporary Free To Plays listed here - as it will include Temp F2P's from all of the various Game Launchers/Companies etc

      Do you know of any other very specific links like the one above for Temp F2P's for the other major PC Game Launchers/Companies like Epic, Ubisoft, Origin, EA, Xbox (for PC) etc?

      And I still think there should be either a Master list for Temporary Free To Plays here on OB (as well as the individual posts like this)….

      Or maybe better yet - a Dedicated Sub Forum just for Temporary Free To Plays for ANY type of game system (PC/Console etc).
      Also listed in sub sections or better yet - with a filter to say; just show PC related ones, including filter by date automatically as they are more time sensitive than some posts.

      Even using the New Deals page - you can't click the filter for just PC Games AND only see the New listings. You have to wade through every single Gaming Post to find things.
      All they need to do is add a filter for the PC Game filtered results… would be so simple.

      With a sub forum - that way you could just check out the Temp F2P sub forum at a glance really quickly/easily and see - 'oh that looks good' or… 'nope, nothing this week' rather than wading through everything else to find if there are any.

      And I know only mods can edit it - but they're pretty active on here aren't they?


  • This is actualy a good game, but I don't like how they share the loot on coop.

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    A really fun game that I dip into every once in a while. Great gun play, shooting and combat feels visceral and sharp. It's well written, often witty and silly. Never played co-op I hear it's fun but I know the host centric focus, loot system and rubber banding can turn some players off.

    Still actively worked on and frequently updated, even with SoD 3 in active development.

    Incidentally, if you've never played SoD 1, play SoD2 and then go back and play a little SoD 1. Boy it's a trip. So fascinating to see where it all started and how far SoD has come.

    SoD 2 Twitter account has both Xbox and Steam links and times for the free weekend and 66% off sale.

    Xbox free play ends Tuesday 24/5 5AM AEST

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      thanks for the tip, i've add it to the OP

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      Agreed. Never thought I would get into it when it first came out but have played the heck out of both SOD's.
      So waiting for number 3! But not finding any real news or updates on it.

      • Hopefully there's some news on SoD 3 at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in June 🙏

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    Replayability on this game is off the charts. Building your characters into experts in chosen fields, and then starting a new game with some of those loaded up with kit. Seeing this post makes me want to play it right now! Awesome game.

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