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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Ryzen 5 256GB/16GB $1399 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Ryzen 5 256GB/16GB available in Matte Black or Platinum

There are also many other Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 configurations on sale at JB-HiFi but the configuration in the title seemed the best value for money.

I'd get one myself to replace my Surface Pro as the 16 GB of ram is nice to have and unless you need a detachable keyboard the Surface Laptop is more convenient on a lounge or on public transport.

Edit: Good Guys have it on clearance, click and collect only $1348 (seems to have low stock) credit: juve25

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  • I guess no Thunderbolt ?

    • Sadly, true

    • There was never thunderbolt on the Surface Laptops.

  • I am not expert to choose the correct config for my work. I am looking for work app development, install vs code, java and personal browsing. may not use for game etc.

    Any recommendations ? or title linke laptop is good enough.

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      I suggest going to the whirlpool forums and asking about a laptop to suit your needs there. Try https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/130

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      I have this exact Surface and am doing a Master's at the minute that involves a fair bit of coding. I've honestly found it fantastic for my use case - good screen and keyboard, great battery life and most importantly pretty snappy with most of what I've needed aside from when going a bit too hard on a fractal model.

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    Same model is $1,348 at the Good Guys https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/microsoft-surface-laptop-4-13... got JB to match it and picked one up today!

    • Surprised this comment isn't being upvoted more

    • JB would only match it to $1,359 for me as they said it was on clearance so could only take $40 off the price for me. Went with it as they are just around the corner. Cheers!

  • Have researched into this, but only really have reviewer opinions. This or MacBook Air M1? I know it’s due for an upgrade soon but would get close to $1.7K with 16GB ram? Am using a surface laptop 1 which is really struggling with even a bunch of chrome tabs open… price seems okay but unsure if I should wait it out :(

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      Well if it’s just media consumption, email and web browsing is go apple especially if you have iPhone or ipad or AirPods… might as well go full set bonus

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        Yes basically the above and yes I’m an iPhone and AirPods user. I’m just annoyed and getting impatient as I’ve been waiting for Apple to announce the new MacBook Air which should come soon, in hindsight I should have just bought it late last year and enjoyed using it.

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          Apple maintains there price quite well. Go with macbook air m1.

        • Look mate both are gonna be bangers.
          I highly doubt you’d regret the surface tbh.

          Honestly if I wasn’t so dead set on making my iPad pro m1 my daily driver id have got myself one of these. I got the misso a surface laptop 4 and I gotta say - danggggg it’s nice.

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: i've tried the ipad pro as a daily driver approach, really didn't work for me, I'm probably too used to multitasking on a PC… other half has commandeered it as a result.

            Using the surface laptop 1, I absolutely love the screen quality, 16:10 aspect ratio and keyboard… trackpad is "pretty good" and speakers seems above average? (I'm sorta comparing this to the work issued laptops, i.e. Thinkpads, Dynabooks etc.). Unfortunately being a dual core and 8gb of ram it's really showing its age now..

            Like you say - I probably wont regret it, however just juggling whether Macbook M1 for a few hundred more is worth it..

            • @fillit: If I was you I’d just get the apple it sounds like you’d have buyers regret tbh

              Did you have the magic keyboard?
              I found it really helped especially because it allowed me to quickly rdp into my work pc. Rdp with touchscreen only is a nightmare. The only downside is there’s no natural transition from landscape to portrait mode… like if I want to read a magazine or pdf in portrait I have to take it off the keyboard… but then it feels very unprotected lol

              I upgraded from a surface pro 3 fwiw

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yeah thanks for the advice mate, ended up just sucking it up and getting a macbook pro m1 base model on edu discount. No regrets thus far besides trying to learn how to use the IOS, I think I was too hung up on the 8GB ram vs 16GB, I think how the ram is used is vastly different between macs and window laptops.

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          APPL has a clever strategy of making its customers buy a phone, tablet and laptop.
          (make sure they are just incapable enough of performing each others tasks).

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            @Other: I cannot believe it’s 2022 and iPad still don’t have a native calculator or weather app ffs - and don’t get me started on iPad os 15 …. Oh who am I kidding apple gear be slick as hell. How can I stay mad.

    • Only benefit is touch screen and stylus support

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      I was in the same position and ended up getting a yoga 9i in the recent Lenovo deal, I personally couldn't be bothered getting into MacOS after so many years using windows.

      • How’s the yoga? It has oled screen right?

        • Look into zenbook flip if you want OLED :)

        • I'm still waiting to receive it, had some great reviews from what I read so I'm pretty excited. I got the middle 9i model and upgraded it to the OLED screen.

    • My thought process:
      1) Want 512GB storage for two reasons; more storage headroom for potential future requirements and improved device life due to SSD writes being spread or 'levelled' over more storage cells
      2) Support; Apple support is the best in the business. While Microsoft are pretty good, they don't match Apple value in this area yet. Gives you significant piece of mind that the device hardware will be supported at no cost for 3 years, and at your cost for another 2 years - so at least 5 years of supported life at a minimum
      3) Apple M1 chips are amazingly power efficient; better battery life with the MacBook Air
      4) MacBook has better connectivity with 2 Thunderbolt 3 / USB 4 USB-C ports
      5) Apple eco-system integration with other Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. eg. being able to answer phone calls on my laptop while my phone is in another room.

      With those 5 points, the Apple MacBook Air M1 is the best choice in my opinion. It is also cheaper than the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 equivalent.

      The only caveat is the whether you have a requirement to run Microsoft Windows software. There is no supported way to do that on Apple silicon processors and its possible that Microsoft could remove the current unsupported method of virtualising Windows ARM. If you need to run Microsoft Windows software, it wouldn't be advisable to choose the Apple MacBook Air M1.

  • What mouse to match this laptop? Is the MS mouse good?

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      Mx master
      The preferred mouse of the ozbargain elite

    • I like the Razer Orochi v2

  • Anyone know if this kvm switch will work with it?

    • Don't see why not. I have a simpler version of the USB switcher (just 4x USB ports, no hdmi input) and it works fine.

      My set up consists of a docking station that has 2x monitors plugged into it. The USB output from the docking station is plugged into the USB switcher (KVM). The switcher/KVM is connected to my PC and work/study laptop.

      Granted I'm not running games that need high refresh rates, but for home/office use, it does very well.

      • is your docking station for the monitors connected via the usb-c port or surface connect?

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          I don't have a surface, I have 2 laptops - 1 for work and 1 personal. I have an old Targus docking station that has 2x monitors plugged into it, along with webcam, mouse, and keyboard. The output cable of the docking station (usually what you'd plug USB A port on a laptop / PC) is plugged into the USB switcher. The USB switcher has 2x output cables that connect to my PC and either my work/personal laptop. I press a button on the switcher to flip between devices.

          It's similar concept to what you're trying to achieve with the product you linked, except my set up utilises a separate docking station that has the monitors, whereas in your product, you'd have a single monitor plugged into the HDMI port.

  • Anyone with experience with using the pen on the surface pro vs laptop? On the pro you can adjust the stand and make the screen go “flat” on the table. When I press down using the pen there is no much wobble since there’s a stand supporting it, which id imagine to be a problem on the surface laptop since the screen is not supported with a stand

    • I imagine you could rest the device on the screen. If it's for signatures and things like that it won't matter if you need to actually take notes, the pro, studio or book would serve you better

      • Any laptop with a touch screen really should be a 2 in 1 design… it's such a waste of a touch screen seeing how laptop modes are so cumbersome to write with.

        • Whilst I agree with the sentiment of the statement, the fact unless the hinge of a 2 in 1 is well-engineered it will be a significant point of failure as compared with a conventional hinge.

    • I've briefly tried using the Pen with mine, and didn't find it particularly great as an experience due to the slight give in the hinge.

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    Platinum version appears to be available via Microsoft store for the same price.

    • Got platinum from Microsoft with 10% discount.

      • Hi. How did you get 10% discount?

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          Got onto a sales agent via chat as the site said I qualify for the student pricing. Though that doesn't apply to this product which is already discounted, the agent agreed to provide the discount as refund once the product is delivered.

  • tempting. had my eye on the laptop studio but can't justify the price. does this have windows 11 out of the box?

  • This seems to tick most of my boxes for my laptop needs but I really wish it was a 2-in-1 so I could use it in a tablet mode with a surface pen. Now I don't know if I should keep looking or take the plunge.

    Edit: thought about it and lack of sd card reader makes this less desirable for travel. Might wait for a better option.

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      Aren't usb c (or even a via usb c hub or adapter) card readers like $30?

      Alternatively most newer camera models support transfer (wifi etc) to mobile app or PC.

      • Requiring additional adapters/USB hubs defeats the purpose of a 'portable' device for me. I'll already have a receiver in the USB A port for my mouse and I'll obviously need to bring the charger with me when traveling. Add on chargers and other accessories from my cameras (which I already need to cut back on due to limited bag space) and having a built in SD card reader becomes highly desirable. Also one less thing to lose.

        My newer cameras have wifi transfer but not my older DSLRs (where I have several thousand dollars of lenses) so depending on what gear I'm bringing with me, this laptop may or may not be suitable.

        Also thought through this more and if I'm not getting the functionality of my current laptop, I may as well get a tablet with a rear camera which I'll get much more out of with everyday use. If the Surface 4 was a 2 in 1, I could live with it being a nice in between a tablet and laptop but as it is, it doesn't quite do what I want as a laptop and offers nothing to negate my need for a tablet too.

        • I hear you and I'm exactly on the same boat as you that's why I bought the ideapad pro 5 from JB in March when it was going for $1299. It is not a 2 in 1 but has all other features you are asking for.

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    got platinum version from JB North Sydney thanks

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    Told by JB staff that this offer expires today. Ditto for TGG.

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    got the platinum one from Microsoft store for $1133, prefer matte black but they can't do the same price, go on live chat and the sales is happy to provide me a 10% student discount which bring the price down to $1259.1. Then I bought the xbox gift cards from Shop back (10% cash back) and apply to my MS account (my personal hotmail account not a student email) , the sales placed the order for me and paid with gift card balance. Just make sure you have a good conversation with the sales before buying the gift cards.

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