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AOC U34P2C 34" 3K WQHD USB-C $539 Delivered @ digiDIRECT eBay


Key Features of the AOC U34P2C 34" 3K WQHD ClearVision HDR Adaptive Sync USB-C IPS Business Pro Monitor

USB-C Ultimate Connectivity
Wide Quad HD Display
IPS Wide Viewing Angle
KVM Switch Enables Multi-device Access

An ergonomic design
An adjustable stand allows for tilt, rotation, swivel and height adjustment do dial-in a comfortable and ergonomic viewing experience.

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    digiDIRECT better wait for their 20% off

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    That's some marketing BS by calling it 3K. By the commonly used definitions of 2K and 4K, 3K would require 1620 lines. This is just an ultrawide 2K

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      Generally, resolutions with 'k' describe width, and 'p' describe height.

      For example, 4k describes the width of the monitor (3840 pixels), and doesn't actually say anything about the height other than convention (most 4k monitors are 3840x2160, i.e.: 2160p)

      This is fundamentally a 1440p monitor, but there's a misconception that this means 2560x1440.

      The horizontal resolution of the monitor is 3440, so they call it '3k'

      Resolution naming is confusing and often wrong.

      Edit: 'p' just means progressive, i.e.: the monitor progressively (in order) scans through 1440 lines of pixels

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        I still remember when 1080i was a thing.

      • This needs to be stickied.

      • So FullHD is 1.92K?

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          Yep technically

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          You could also call it 2k (its half the width of 4k)

    • Most marketing is BS anyway, the most common in the monitor space is when 2560x1440 is referred to as '2k'.
      2560x1440 doesn't actually fit in anywhere by the 'k' standard.
      Most people agree with 4k being 3840x2160
      3k would be 2880x1620
      2k is actually 1920x1080

      Maybe it's about time we go back to using resolution acronyms, HD FHD QHD WQHD UWQD UHD etc etc.

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        I think we should ditch the abbreviations all together and just write the actual resolution lol

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          That….would be too simple

  • Bought this a few weeks ago from scorptec. So far so good. The KVM is super handy (main reason I bought it) and the picture is great. Did have to replace the first one due to a dead pixel but second one is good.

  • Bought from last ozb post. love KVM and USB C PD. So glad i got this instead of 38inch without these features.

    • Do you have any issues with the speakers having static noise when USB-C is in use?

      • hell yeah but i expected it to have that problem. Nit much bother for me as all my earphones are wireless

    • I also bought from the last post. KVM + USB C PD is super handy for me and loving the screen real estate upgrade from a 27" 1440p monitor.

      Slight back-light bleed - may annoy picky people
      Speakers have static - doesn't bother me as I use headphones
      Chance of dead pixels as numerous people have reported

  • $471.20 now

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