[XB1] Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind And Summerset $2 Each + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind And Summerset $2 Each From JB HiFi.

Morrowind https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/xbox-one-the-elder-scroll...

Summerset https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/xbox-one-the-elder-scroll...

Each copy of the disk comes with the original Elder Scrolls Online game (I think it's called Elder Scrolls Unlimited) but because the original game is currently on the Xbox Game Pass, you'd probably want to get it for one of the two expansions (Morrowind or Summerset) instead of buying it from the Xbox Store or Zenimax/Bethesda directly (or you could even just get it to trade in at EB Games).

Note: The Summerset disc says it's Xbox One X enhanced, but there's nothing on the Morrowind disc, so I'm not sure if the original game in the Summerset edition disc is Xbox One X Enhanced or if the Morrowind expansion is enhanced or not.

Also, for people who missed on the Elder Scrolls Morrowind GOTY (not online) for PC (with the Redguard and Tribunal) for free from Bethesda a couple of years ago, you can get it for PC from GOG.COM for $5.99 but note that the performance of the GOG version is reported by many players to be poor (especially the frame rates) so you may want to read a couple of the reviews or get it from somewhere else (Steam maybe? when it's on sale) https://www.gog.com/game/the_elder_scrolls_iii_morrowind_got...

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    Summerset is the one to get.
    Morrowind is now included for free.
    Summerset is really nice to look at. And jewelry crafting as a bonus.

  • Oceania servers?

    • From memory, no. But now that it's on Game Pass it probably has a larger population, so they might have added an Oceania server, but even if they did (my guess from what I've seen over the first few years of the game) there would probably not be enough people on it to find a random group for the huge amount of MP content.

      • No Oceania servers.

        it's a self fulfilling prophecy; they claim not enough people to justify an Oceania server, but all my friends refuse to play because of the lack of Oceania servers. I stuck it out for a few years, but the lag on top of the declining story quality and frankly ludicrous price increases for DLC (cutting them in half and selling each half for full price, as well as selling dungeons separately) I just quit playing. game sucks

        • Yeah just US and Europe but I've not had any issues for dungeons or area bosses.

        • You forgot the worst thing (in my opinion) ESO Plus.

          But yeah, I've stuck with it for years, and had as much fun as frustration.

          But, new playersmay enjoy it for a year or two, if they like online RPGs, there really is nothing like ESO on consoles.

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    Seems like a decent price even with delivery!

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    I actually went for this as it has it all including the latest Blackwood. FYI you need a game pass to play and the game pass includes TU and Morrowind so if you're just starting that would be a good way to try it out.

    • Both of these discs come with the original game (it's in the "For new players" section of the description on JB HiFi) but I didn't know that the Game Pass version includes Morrowind (that's pretty good).

      The PS4 deal you mentioned there for $19 (two for $30) I think is very good value as well (considering how much you'd have to pay for those expansions directly from Xbox or Zenimax/Bethesda).

      The only thing about Game Pass is that the game could be removed from there at some time in the future, and the game itself has so much content (a lot of it very grindy tbh) that if you get hooked, you could still be playing this game a couple of years later (unfortunately the online community can be quite toxic, so your enjoyment of this game depends on the people you play with and the guild you join) but if do get hooked, getting the game for $2 could be worth it just for that.

      • Actually I have the Xbox version but posted the PS4 link by mistake.

        Regardless, I've this one + ESO plus so I paid $19 just for Blackwood, which technically will be free towards end of June with ESO plus but no regrets considering the entertainment value I got. Plus other than the craft bag I don't "need" the sub to play.

        • True, you only need ESO Plus if you're a "crafter".

          But for me, as a crafter (and a digital hoarder) the crafting bag was a must for the unlimited crafting materials space, so that was $15/month at the time (not sure how much it is now).

          I even had to create 8 other accounts to open my own guild (for the guild storage space) and the space on the 8 other accounts, and it still wasn't enough (for me) to store the non-crafting gear.

          In fact, I probably spent more time on inventory management than playing the game :/

          It was "little" things like that, basically "quality of life" things (which could have been easily improved), which made me quit the game a couple of years after it was released.

          But, the first couple of years, was really like nothing I have experienced before (and possibly after) in any other multiplayer game on console.

          It really was THAT good.

          • @BooYa:

            $15/month at the time

            Still the same.

            See the issue is MMORPG devs need money to keep the servers running and so most of them have a subs model, e.g. WoW needs a sub to play beyond level 20, Runescape has a free limited version and then you can pay for more content but by far I think ESO has the best model (besides requiring Xbox GP)… Technically if you get just free TU + Morrowind from GP the content is much more than WoW or Runescape, regardless Blackwood CE is a great value for money, and yeah I agree craft bag was a money grab but nobody is forcing you to craft. If you do dungeons and sell older stuff, you'll be fine. Also, if you want to play RPGs on a console I think the only other options are ARK and Conan both are too intensive survival games and relatively more buggy.

  • Elder Scrolls or Elden Rings?

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      If you're a Soulsborne player and/or like to suffer from pain and frustration then Elden Ring, if you're a casual gamer into RPG with mild combat and just want to go big on crafting, housing and want to explore the world at a relaxed pace then Elder Scrolls.

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      It is NOT Elden Ring.

      P.S. the person before me has summirised the differences very well.

      It is my favourite RPG of all time, but I prefer a more relaxed gamestyle, and the Role Playing part of this game has been done better than most, if not all, of the other RPGs out there.

      But, having said that, the original Elder Scrolls 3 (Morrowind) is quite dated now, so the graphics are definitely not up to modern quality, but this is where the role playing part of the game comes in - if you like role playing games, it will probably draw you in so deep that hopefully you will not notice the graphical differences after a while.

      • For Xbox you have the X|S free upgrade so you'll get Morrowind in 4K so better than TES.

        • I never heard of this upgrade. If it's as you say that the original TES is getting an update, this is one of the best gaming news I've heard in a while.

          • @BooYa: No I meant you'll get to experience Morrowind (the region) in 4K through ESO.

            • @guavatemporary: Oh ok. Yeah, I did that both in TES Morrowind and the ESO online version of Morrowind, and the size of the online version of Morrowind online is so small compared to the original I was super disappointed.

              I think that was the impression of most players who played both, but they're two completely different games really, so comparing just one region in the online version is neither fair nor accurate when explaining to anyone who hasn't played the original.

  • Does it come with a key to use on the digital version?

    • No idea mate. I hope someone else can help you there, but my guess is not, because usually anything that comes put on a disc usually requires that the disc is in the console while ypu play whatever is on it.

      But, on the plus side, with a disc version you can just give it to someone else, instead of paying for another expansion.

      You probably know that, for the online game, only one person can play any expansion you buy in a digital format from the online shop.

      Even if you live with someone who is playing this game on your home console, they have to buy their own expansions (this would be a cheap way for another player in your home to play the same expansions as you).

      I think the main reason why they would include a digital code with the disc versions is if they wanted to stop people from sharing the disc versions (which really wouldn't surprise me at this point).

    • For Blackwood it had one disk with TU on it and a code for the DLCs.

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