Bellator MMA 2014-2022 Free to Watch on 10play


Something for you filthy casuals to enjoy.
Basically of all Bellator events (as far as I know) from 2014- now.
Go and watch some of the greatest that should be retired by now, and also some nobodies.

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10 play


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      You're welcome.
      Do you know how much the UFC Fight Pass cost?

      • +1

        I got it for half price this year. Can you suggest a hack for UFC if you have one?

  • +3

    Dope. Time to rewatch Chandler vs Alvarez.

    • +1

      Nvm they're pre 2014 :(

    • +4

      Chandler vs Alvarez is free on youtube.

  • +2

    What is a filthy casual?

    • +10

      A term of endearment used for MMA fans who turn up to watch Conor McGregor and think they know everything about MMA.

      • +10

        Conor who? Isn't Ken Shamrock the champ

        • +2

          Haha, Brock Lesnar was UFC champ one upon a time.

        • The heady days when Royce Gracie showed it was technique over brawn that ruled supreme in UFC 1.

          Long before the business overtook the sport.

        • Nah, I think Tito Ortiz is.

      • +1

        Day carl mee Mystic Muc, I predic deez tings!

        • +1

          who da fook is this guy

  • Thank you, OP.

  • Sweet :)

    I knew Ten had some Bellator, but not the latest live shows and replays - is this a new/updated deal?

    • It's an OzAnnouncment apparently.
      They've had it on 10play for a while, and I decided to post it to see if there was any interest.

  • +1

    Only bet on MMA if youre in on the fix.

    • I reckon heavyweights underdog is always a good bet

  • -3
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