DeLonghi 2400W Dragon 4 Oil Column Heater TRD42400MT $259.99 Delivered @ Costco


De'Longhi's market leading Oil Column Heaters use an efficient Tunnel Construction design to deliver superior heating results. A series of electric elements sit immersed in oil, producing long lasting radiant and convective heat.


The design provides a large radiant surface heat, ensuring faster air flow emissions and increased chimney effect.
24 hour timer allows you to program daily working time.
De'Longhi offers an extended 7 year warranty across all Oil Column heaters.
Manual control panel
Three heat settings for added versatility
Electronic energy saving room thermostat
11 fins to maximise radiant surface
Overheating safety thermal cut-off
Automatic tilt switch
Anti frost function
Pre-assembled snap lock castors for easy manoeuvring

Dimensions (w x d x h cm):570 x 270 x 650
24-hour timer:Yes
Anti-frost function:Yes
Cord storage:Yes
Fins (n):11
Heating power - Max (W):2400
On/off indicator light:Yes
Pre-assembled castors:Yes
Room thermostat:Yes
Switch with indicator light:Yes
Thermal cut-off:Yes
Timer:24 hour
Soft easy wheels:Yes

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  • +5

    Great heater. Found my one on the side of the road.😂

    • Same but not sure if the brand, does the trick when needed!

  • +2

    Is this heater really that much more efficient than the cheap oil fin heaters?

  • +1

    I've had one 2 these for 10+ yrs and used in the UK for a good 4 of that. Still alive and kicking, one thing though to note if you want directional heating these aren't for you (kinda a giveaway but just saying it anyway).

  • +1

    These chew up power? 2400w?

    • +3

      My absolute pet peeve is electric heater efficiency.
      There are plenty of websites/YouTube videos explaining that essentially, * all electric heaters are 100% efficient.*
      If something isn't efficient, it will lose energy (as heat) to the outside environment (which is the desired outcome).

      a lesser wattage heater may take twice as long to heat a room vs. a higher wattage.

      use a $10-$40 Kmart heater with a fan and put that $200 saved into warm clothing, a blanket, insulation or your electricity bill.


      • This.

        I got sucked in and every oil heater whatever type it is, chew up the electricity bill. If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner on the wall, it's FAR cheaper.

        Either that or just rug up with some giant doonas and save yourself a few hundred bucks a year on the power bill

        • -1

          Yeah but the drawback of a reverse cycle air conditioner is noisy.

          • +3

            @hnl: Not if its on quiet mode. Besides would rather noise than money down the drain. Isn't that the whole point of OzBargain?

      • It's worth noting though that a room is usually also losing heat on cold days. Therefore a low wattage heater may not actually be able to heat up a room properly.

  • +3

    How’s the coffee in this delonghi ?

  • +1

    $207 on Good Guys Commercial. They have pretty good prices for all Delonghi heaters. There is another Delonghi 11 fin model with a built in fan DL2401TF for $145.

  • What makes this dragon 4 more expensive than their lower end model which is like 100 cheaper?

    • +1

      The covers on the fins cause the heat to rise into the room, and definitely heats a room faster. I have a same wattage non dragon and it tends to radiantly heat the walls etc nearby much more than the dragon.

      • Oh so more efficient distribution of heat. Cheers.

  • I own one of these in the smaller version, cannot recommend them enough as they are great at heating up even larger areas easily and quickly, very premium oil heater.

  • We still using ours for more than 10 years+ !!! Perfect to heat up the bath towel, feel so nice after shower with a warm towel in cold winter!

    • +1

      lol, never thought of use it that way. Maybe some warm underwears too? :D

      • +2

        Why not just sit straight on it? Grill marks are all the rage.

        • Nope, never got grill marks on them, always just on level 6 out of 8, no issue at all.

        • LOL

  • Got mine for 40 bux used on FB market place. Same brand differfent model, mint condition. Not sure if these are worth paying so much new. Its only 2 to 3 months a year these are required.

    • In Melbourne, you need these 8 months 😂😂

      • +1

        Hahaha yes right. I stay in Brisbane and didn't realise :)

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