LG C1 4K OLED TV OLED55C1PTB 55" $1990 (Exp), OLED48C1PTB 48" $1820 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ SYD C&C) @ Appliance Central


A further price drop on the 55" C1 not as cheap as the $1895 Afterpay deal but pretty close

LG OLED48C1PTB $1820

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  • I walked into Good Guys Gepps Cross last Monday and got the 55” for $1920 no issues.

    • How'd you get it to $1920 when the advertised price on this deal is $1990?

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        Pro tip, you can get 10% or so off on most big items at a box store by being nice and asking. Slightly unethical pro tip, you can find a manager to help you, compliment their knowledge, allude to how your just moved into a new house and are going to be buying a lot of stuff etc and you might push it to 15 or 20%.

        • I like your style ;)

      • Simply ask.

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    Got JB to price match 48" for me. Due to my bedroom size, 55" would be overkill

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    Anyone using 48 as monitor and how far are you sitting away from it?

  • Can the 48" be mounted on an ergotron Hx arm?

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    waiting for the 65''

    • Errm is there any left ? The new models are already out..

      • they are still catalogue stock for JB

      • i bought the last one at my JB, the replacements are C2s which is out for abit now

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          That's why I'm curious people are still holding out for these big discounts when stock is pretty much gone, I guess there's always next year lol

  • this or the Sony OLED?

  • The LG C1 65" was $2,450 at VideoPro last week as an open box special. Back at $2,850 now but they seem to be in stock https://www.videopro.com.au/product/lg-65-oled65c1ptb-self-l...

  • Expired: Price is back at $1,980

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