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XFX AMD RX 6600 XT Speedster Qick 308 Graphics Card $499 Shipped @ PLE


Looks like a decent alternative than the recent Nitro 6600XT from amazon!

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        Yup. My bad.
        Sorry !

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    Computex 2022 kicks off on Monday, May 23, with big keynotes from AMD and Nvidia.

    I would wait.

  • Is Sapphire> XFX> Asrock?

    • I think xfx 3 fans on par with sapphire 2 fans on previous deal. If you decide to OC them further, xfx 3 fans this one wouls be a better choice as it got more cooling power.

      • All good, just asking for a friend! Thank :)

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      apparently brand don't matter cuz tdp! Just pay the most money for the worst brand to keep all the losers on here happy (many members commenting here are afraid of further price falls, already own a gpu and simply trawl this page in a sad pathetic attempt of market manipulation to keep prices high).

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        They want $2000+++ 4080ies so the 3080 they bought for 2k doesn't depreciate as much 😂

        • lol

        • that's it in a nutshell. They couldn't wait to buy a gpu and now expect everyone else to bend over for their sake

      • You need a new hobby.

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          This has been my hobby for 2 months. Mining in your basement and inflating gpu's seems to be your life! Enjoy your shit "I have no life $1500 video card" and keep attempting to justify it to everyone else. You and your basement friends are completely out of touch!

          To most people it's just bullshit and they want to run a few games without getting ripped off by 2 companies and their army of fanboy capitali-millenia losers pumping shit overpriced deals and asrock cards.

          • @Jimmy77: What the (profanity) are you on about?

            I'm running a 2060 and I can't tell you the last time I used it for gaming. You're an angry little man and you probably should seek help.

            • @RMX: If you're running a 2060 then why do my comments bother you? You shouldn't find my comments threatening.

              My post was calling out idiot downvoters justifying costco cards to people on here because the tdp is low. Which obviously bothered you lol

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      Imo XFX is at the bottom of the ladder next to like PNY. Haven't had any die on me but XFX have poor performance and more stability issues in my experience

      • XFX and PNY are premium brands. Even moreso than EVGA. Like BFG PNY almost always only manufacture commercial grade cards thesedays.

        Asrock/Coloful/eagle are cost cutting brands where corners are cut all over the pcb. Good luck getting a company to order 1000 quattro asrocks. Despite what the downvoter asrock fanboys on here say. They obviously stopped hodling and bought the low tier models because Hardware unboxed told them overall quality doesn't matter on cards with low tdp.

        • XFX were recently busted selling second hand mined cards as 'new', right?

          • @ssfps: Oh wow I didn't know that. Will avoid.

            Going to throw my 6600GT into the fireplace right now.

    • bunch of those 6600 xt cards(no asrock) compared here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Ro4Ca_M4M

  • Bought this 2-3 weeks ago from ple @ $549 when it say on their site "clearance" from $699 then now it go down to $499. If you dont really need upgrade soon, might HOLD until the price hit $470 - $480 as the price seems go down so quick now.

    The gpu itself really good, manage to get stable OC to:
    2600MHz base clock
    2700MHz boost clock
    2200MHz memory clock
    60 - 65 degree celcius temperature on underload with ambient room temperature 20c and 50% fan speed.

    • If you dont really need upgrade soon, should HOLD until next gen which is just a few weeks away. After that the price of this will fall much lower.

      • Isn't it likely to have high end graphics releases first? If one was looking around the 6600XT class of cards, that'll probably still be another half year away, at least

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          AMD releasing 7700XT first, highend later. But that will still make the 6700XT and 6600XT price fall further like I said earlier.

          • @John Doh: AMD is not weeks away, NVIDIA will be atleast a month

            • @goig986: Yes definitely 7 to 10 weeks, its still not far off. Even if nvidia releases a GPU and brings down the prices of its current GPUs a bit, it will still affect AMDs pricing, atleast I feel it will. But who knows right.

              • @John Doh: AMD just launched their refresh lineup you wont see any new cards from AMD until Q4.

  • Where's the bus bandwidth guy? We miss you!

    Thanks for the deal OP.

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    I find it very egregious that they appear to be selling their obviously "ex mining" cards as "Ex-demo"
    .. yeah sure… like you need 20 "demo" 6800 xts in your shop.

    So basically when gaymers like me could have been buying a 6800 they greedily kept 100's of cards to mine on. Now they desperately trying to sell them at near rrp becasue of impending next gen / mining slump / eth split / amd refresh … basically all of the above.

    as a pure gaymer and someone who finds mining a total waste and quite honestly pathetic, all the wasted electricity (enough wasted to power small countries) and all that hash rate that could be used to fight disease like on [email protected] - from 2020 - 2022 if all that wasted gpu mining was spent on protein analysis for covid they could have cracked a vaccine months before they did - just as a 'fun' example.

    So, just so you know their "ex-demo" stock will all have been opened and used in mining rigs - possibly for even as long as over a year. as this is the most logical resason.

    • … So is there a hidden meaning behind the word Gaymer? Orrr is this the new cool way of saying Gamer…lol

      Not that there's anything wrong with that…

      • +1

        LoL, no hidden meaning its the Chad version of Gamer.

        A definition: Take one Chad, add 24 years as a PC masterrace undervolting liquid nitrogen overclocking menace to society and you have a Gaymer, its basically a play on that term.

        A gaymer is the one and only true baddass gpu shopper, not a guy who says what processor should i buy ? not a guy who says is this dell going to play fortnight for me ? not the guy who tries to gayme on a laptop either.

        Its the chad in every one of you that can only be fully realised when they've accoplished 15+ years as a hardcore pc overclocking undevolting nude modding r/pcmasterrace beast.

        • … I'm old lolll

    • Have had horrible experience with an ex-demo monitor I bought from PLE. Wouldn't touch their ex-demo GPUs.

  • got an ex-demo 6700xt from PLE last week for $650 and the box wasnt even opened - im guessing ex-demo means was in the display cabnet for a year or something
    if you are after a bargain keep an eye on their ex demo stock

    • No 3 year warranty unless I'm mistaken. Insane to buy a gpu with 1 year warranty given their failure rate. Just scroll on ebay in the parts/not working section. There's like 5 broken evga 10 series on there every week (amongst the usual broken gigabyte/asus models)

  • All the upvotes are from people happy it's not $450 lol. Trying to defend the value of their cards after not hodling

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